Sunday, October 26, 2008

1,117 Lies and Smears About Obama, Refuted

I. McCain Campaign Lies

[These are lies told by John McCain, Sarah Palin, the McCain campaign, and Republican officials working on his behalf.]

LIE: “Either do the math or go with your gut, Barack Obama is going to raise your taxes.”(Sarah Palin, October 6, 2008, Clearwater, FL)
TRUTH: Palin's gut and her math are both wrong.

LIE: “Unlike Barack Obama, John McCain will not support cutting off funding for troops in the war zone.”(Sarah Palin, October 30, 2008, Cape Girardeau, Missouri)
TRUTH: McCain made the same vote as Obama to oppose a war funding bill (McCain did so because it included a timeline for withdrawal, Obama did so because it didn't).

LIE: “He is hiding his real agenda of redistributing your hard-earned money.”(Sarah Palin, Des Moines, Iowa, October 25, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is not “hiding” his “real agenda”; Obama has never called for redistribution of wealth.

LIE: “In a radio interview that was revealed today, he said that quote, 'one of the tragedies of the civil rights movement is that it didn't bring about a redistribution of wealth in our society.'”(John McCain, October 27, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama did not say he wanted to bring about a “redistribution of wealth.”

LIE: “He's planned his first address to the nation.”(John McCain, October 27, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama hasn't planned his inaugural address.

LIE: Obama canceled a visit with troops in Europe because "the Pentagon wouldn't allow him to bring cameras."(McCain ad)
TRUTH: NBC's Andrea Mitchell stated, "The McCain commercial on this subject is completely wrong, factually wrong."(

LIE: “Barack Obama has worked closely with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, whose organization bombed the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, a judge's home, and killed Americans."(McCain robocall, October 2008)
TRUTH: Obama did not work closely with Ayers.

LIE: “He’s built his whole career doling out tax money, first as a Chicago politician.”(Sarah Palin, October 6, 2008, Clearwater, FL)
TRUTH: Every politician doles out tax money, including Sarah Palin.

LIE: Obama was "Helping his friends with your tax dollars" and procured a $75,000 grant for "a relative.” "That’s your money Obama’s using. That’s unethical."(McCain radio ad,
TRUTH: The grants did not pay a relative. The grants went to the Blue Gargoyle, a highly respected organization in Obama's district that happened to be run by a rabbi who is the first cousin once removed of Michelle Obama. "State Sen. Obama joined other legislators in securing funding for a well-established social services agency in his district that provided job training, employment counseling, and alternative education programs to approximately 1,200 Chicago residents each year," campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said.(

LIE: "Barack Obama Thinks Terrorists Just Need a Good Talking To."(John McCain mailer)
TRUTH: “It is a complete distortion to claim, as the McCain mailer does, that Obama thinks that 'terrorists just need a good talking to.' The addition of the word "just" has the effect of reducing Obama's policy toward the leaders of rogue states with merely talking with them, which is obviously not the case.”(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 22, 2008,

LIE: "Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes on some in order to give checks to others is not a tax cut; it's just another government giveaway."(John McCain, Concord, NC, October 18, 2008)
TRUTH: “the McCain claim his rival's current plan will force 'folks like Joe' to subsidize welfare checks to non-tax-payers does not stand up to serious scrutiny. The McCain campaign has erected a bogus straw man argument with its claim that Obama has promised 'to cut income taxes for 95 percent of Americans.'"(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 20, 2008,

LIE: Obama "said [William Ayers] was just a guy in the neighborhood. He wasn't just a guy in the neighborhood. We need to know the full extent of that relationship." (John McCain, Fox News Sunday, Oct. 19, 2008)
TRUTH: “Surreptitiously inserting the "just" word into a quote can transform a bland statement into a falsehood or a dangerous policy position. The sentence 'He is just a guy in my neighborhood' has an altogether different meaning from 'He is a guy in my neighborhood.'...Obama conceded that he had a casual relationship with Ayers, a truthful statement. Had he said what McCain says he said -- 'He's just a guy in the neighborhood' -- and left it at that, that would have been an untruthful statement.”(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 22, 2008,

LIE: “Obama's blind ambition. When convenient, he worked with terrorist Bill Ayers. When discovered, he lied. Obama. Blind ambition. Bad judgment."(McCain campaign video, October 10, 2008)
TRUTH: “The McCain campaign is distorting the Obama-Ayers relationship, and exaggerating their closeness. There is no evidence that Obama has 'lied' about his dealings with Ayers.”(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 10, 2008, “We find McCain's accusation that Obama 'lied' to be groundless. New details have recently come to light, but nothing Obama said previously has been shown to be false.”(, October 10, 2008,

LIE: Obama “proposed a New American Jobs tax credit. That would be a $3,000 tax credit per new job in the United States over the next two years. This is going to be a very expensive proposal that's going to cost about $170 billion had it been in place in 2007." (McCain economics adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin, conference call, Oct. 13, 2008)
TRUTH: The cost of the Obama proposal would be about $20 billion per year.(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 14, 2008,

LIE: "Senator Obama's secret that you don't know is that his tax increases will increase taxes on 50 percent of small business revenue." (Nashville Presidential Debate, October 8, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's tax proposals will not increase tax on 50% of small business revenue.

LIE: “McCain also claimed that Obama will fine small businesses who fail to provide health insurance for their employees.”(Nashville Presidential Debate, October 8, 2008)
TRUTH: “This is not the case. The Obama health care plan specifically exempts small businesses.”(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 8, 2008,

LIE: "Under Barack Obama's plan, the government would spend a trillion dollars more, even after the bailout. A trillion dollars. Who pays? You do. New taxes. New spending. New debt. Barack Obama's plan: It will make the problem worse."(Republican National Committee Ad, September 30, 2008)
TRUTH: “The non-partisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget calculates that Obama has promised a total of $990 billion in new spending over his first four-year term. At the same time, he has also proposed spending cuts that amount to around $989 billion, so the net cost roughly balances out.”(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 1, 2008,

LIE: “To withhold medical intervention for a baby who is born alive as a result of a botched abortion and to allow that child to die without the medical intervention that that child deserves, it's appalling to me and I think it should concern voters."(Sarah Palin, interview with Christian Broadcasting Network, Oct. 21, 2008)
TRUTH: “it is unfair to accuse Obama of supporting the withdrawal of medical treatment from babies born as the result of a botched abortion. He has never adopted such an 'extreme' position.”(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 24, 2008,

LIE: “In a previously uncovered interview from September 6, 2001, Barack Obama expressed his regret that the Supreme Court hadn't been more 'radical' and described as a 'tragedy' the Court's refusal to take up 'the issues of redistribution of wealth.' No wonder he wants to appoint judges that legislate from the bench."(McCain economics adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin, October 27, 2008)
TRUTH: “Obama says pretty much the opposite of what the McCain camp says he said. Contrary to the spin put on his remarks by McCain economics adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin, he does not express "regret" that the Supreme Court has not been more 'radical.' Nor does he describe the Court's refusal to take up economic redistribution questions as a 'tragedy.'”(Washington Post Fact Checker, October 27, 2008,

LIE: Obama "promised to double taxes on every American with a dividend or an investment."(John McCain)
TRUTH: “This too is false: Mr. Obama has said he favors raising the capital gains tax rate from its present 15 percent to somewhere between 20 and 28 percent, and that 'my guess would be it would be significantly lower than that' 28 percent ceiling. More importantly, however, Mr. Obama's planned increase would apply only to couples making $250,000 a year or more.”(Larry Rohter, New York Times, October 6, 2008,

LIE: "He has said his goal is a single payer system where government is in charge of health care and bureaucrats stand between you and your doctor.”(John McCain)
TRUTH: “Each of those statements is misleading or distorts Mr. Obama's position in one way or another. First of all, Mr. Obama does not say his 'goal' is a single-payer system, under which one entity would handle all health care insurance for the population.”(Larry Rohter, New York Times, October 6, 2008,

LIE: "He has said his goal is a single payer system where government is in charge of health care and bureaucrats stand between you and your doctor.”
TRUTH: "McCain's statement that Mr. Obama would allow 'bureaucrats to stand between you and your doctor' is misleading. That statement implies that the government would have a role in individuals or families choosing a doctor, which is not correct. With the possible exception of Medicaid and SCHIP, Mr. Obama's health care plan would allow people to retain physician choice."(Larry Rohter, New York Times, October 6, 2008,

LIE: Obama "promised higher taxes on electricity."(John McCain)
TRUTH: “This is apparently a reference to Mr. Obama's support for a cap-and-trade system to reduce carbon emissions. But Mr. McCain has also endorsed the same concept, albeit with less detail, which would impose new levies on the consumption of coal, gas and oil in order to encourage a shift to clean and renewable sources of energy. So by that definition, Mr. McCain too wants higher taxes on electricity."(Larry Rohter, New York Times, October 6, 2008,

LIE: "as recently as September of last year," Obama "said that subprime loans had been, quote ‘a good idea.'"(John McCain, October 6, 2008)
TRUTH: "that quote is taken out of context and reverses the intent of Mr. Obama's remarks, which were clearly meant primarily as a criticism of practices on Wall Street."(Larry Rohter, New York Times, October 6, 2008,

LIE: McCain Campaign: "In Senator Obama's world, lobbyists can raise money..."(McCain press release, May 21, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's campaign does not let lobbyists bundle donations. "Among some of the leading Democratic and Republican candidates, the plans for disclosure are still unformed even as the bundlers are being recruited. Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) will provide that information on his campaign Web site; he's also not taking checks, or bundles, from lobbyists."(Washington Post, February 5, 2007; )

LIE: "Barack Obama must disavow his comments equating American forces in Afghanistan to war criminals."(Rear Admiral Tom Lynch, USN (Ret.), October 6, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never suggested that American soldiers in Afghanistan had committed war crimes. Obama said, "We've got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there." Declaring that air raids kill civilians is a simple, accurate statement of fact, not an accusation of war crimes.

LIE: "For a guy who's already authored two memoirs, he's not exactly an open book."(John McCain, October 6, 2008)
TRUTH: There is no secret agenda for Obama, as McCain implies.

LIE: Greg Craig is a ''paid lobbyist...on the roll'' of the Obama campaign.(Nancy Pfotenhauer, McCain advisor, May 19, 2008)
TRUTH: Not true.( )

LIE: Obama was “disrespectful” to Palin.(McCain TV ad)
TRUTH: "A McCain-Palin TV ad accuses Obama of being "disrespectful" of Palin, but it distorts quotes to make the case."(

LIE: “A McCain-Palin ad has calling Obama's attacks on Palin 'completely false' and 'misleading.'”(
TRUTH: “That's what we said, but it wasn't about Obama.”(

LIE: "A McCain-Palin campaign ad claims Obama's 'one accomplishment' in the area of education was 'legislation to teach "comprehensive sex education" to kindergarteners.'"
TRUTH: "But the claim is simply false. Obama was neither a cosponsor nor a sponsor of the sex education bill, which never got past 'go' in the Senate. So it was not an 'accomplishment' at all. Furthermore, Obama can properly claim a number of real accomplishments."

LIE: "this is a man who has authored two memoirs but not a single major law or even a reform, not even in the state Senate."(Sarah Palin, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "Palin's accusation that Obama hasn't authored 'a single major law or even a reform' in the U.S. Senate or the Illinois Senate is simply not a fair assessment."(, September 4, 2008,

LIE: Regarding Russia and Georgia, Obama’s “first instinct was to create a moral equivalency — that ‘both sides’ should ‘show restraint.’”(Rudy Giuliani, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "Giuliani distorted the time line and substance of Obama's statements about the conflict between Russia and Georgia."(, September 4, 2008,

LIE: "America needs more energy; our opponent is against producing it."(Sarah Palin, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "Obama's not against producing more energy."(, September 4, 2008,

LIE: "Victory in Iraq is finally in sight, and he wants to forfeit.”(Sarah Palin, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: Obama wants to withdraw most troops from Iraq, but that’s not forfeit. There is no opposition military force in Iraq who would win if the US withdrew; the debate is whether terror violence would increase or decrease if the US withdrew.

LIE: “Al Qaida terrorists still plot to inflict catastrophic harm on America, and he's worried that someone won't read them their rights."(Sarah Palin, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "Obama isn't worried, as Palin said, 'that someone won't read them their rights' when it comes to suspected terrorists who are detained by the U.S. He does, however, support the right of detainees to challenge their imprisonment in federal court. That's the same position the Supreme Court took."(, September 4, 2008,

LIE: Obama plans "painful tax increases on working American families."(McCain ad)
TRUTH: "The ad is plain wrong about higher taxes on working families. In fact, Obama's economic plan would produce a tax cut for the majority of American households, with middle-income earners benefiting most."(

LIE: "In the Senate, during the three-and-a-half years that Senator Obama has been a member, he has not reached across party lines to get accomplish anything significant."(Joe Lieberman, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "Obama has teamed with GOP Sens. Tom Coburn and Richard Lugar to pass laws enhancing government transparency and curtailing the proliferation of nuclear and conventional weapons."(, September 3, 2008,

LIE: "You don't lift an economic downturn by imposing one of the largest tax increases in American history."(Fred Thompson, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "But as increases go, Obama's package is hardly a history-maker. It would raise taxes for families with incomes above $250,000. Most people would see a cut."(, September 3, 2008,

LIE: Obama was "voting to cut off funding for our American troops on the battlefield."(Joe Lieberman, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "Obama's only vote against a war-funding bill came after Bush vetoed a version of the bill Obama had supported – and McCain urged the veto."(, September 3, 2008,

LIE: Obama's health care plan would "force small businesses to cut jobs."(John McCain, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "In fact, the plan exempts small businesses."(, September 5, 2008,

LIE: Obama's health care plan would “force families into a government run health care system where a bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor.”(John McCain, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "Those who have insurance now could keep the coverage they have."(, September 5, 2008,

LIE: "instead of freeing ourselves from a dangerous dependence on foreign oil, both parties and Senator Obama passed another corporate welfare bill for oil companies."(John McCain, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: "In fact, the bill Obama voted for raised taxes on oil companies by $300 million over 11 years while providing $5.8 billion in subsidies for renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels."(, September 5, 2008,

LIE: McCain said Obama would "close" markets to trade.
TRUTH: "In fact, Obama, though he once said he wanted to "renegotiate" the North American Free Trade Agreement, now says he simply wants to try to strengthen environmental and labor provisions in it."(, September 5, 2008,

LIE: “He has been judged the most liberal senator.”(John McCain, Meet the Press, October 26, 2008)
TRUTH: "The National Journal rated him the 16th most liberal in his first year and the 10th most liberal in his second. It rated his votes 'most liberal' only in 2007, when he was busy campaigning and missed one-third of the votes on which the rating is based. According to another analysis, this one of bill sponsorship by the independent site, Obama is a "rank-and-file Democrat." That's a step below the ranking of "far-left." According to the American Conservative Union’s lifetime rankings, Obama is the 16th most liberal senator currently in office.( Obama is the 27th most liberal senator according to Progressive Punch's analysis of his Washington career voting record (and a mushy-moderate 45th when the chips were down). VoteView ranks him 11th. Americans for Democratic Action gave Obama a 75 percent score in 2007 (putting him in a four-way tie for 42nd most liberal senator) and a 95 percent score in 2006 (putting him in an eight-way tie for 13th place).”(

LIE: Chicago power broker Tony Rezko got "political favors" including "$14 million from taxpayers."(McCain ad)
TRUTH: "there's no evidence of any connection to the Obama home purchase. The $14 million was to build apartments for low-income seniors. Obama wrote a letter supporting the 'worthy' project, but both men say Rezko didn't ask for the letter. It's untrue that Rezko got '$14 million from taxpayers' for himself, as the ad seems to be saying."(

LIE: “Education Week says Obama 'hasn't made a significant mark on education.' That he's 'elusive' on accountability. 'A staunch defender of the existing public school monopoly.' Obama's one accomplishment? Legislation to teach 'comprehensive sex education' to kindergarteners. Learning about sex before learning to read? Barack Obama.”(McCain ad)
TRUTH: “the claim is simply false, and it dates back to Alan Keyes' failed race against Obama for an open Senate seat in 2004. Obama, contrary to the ad's insinuation, does not support explicit sex education for kindergarteners. And the bill, which would have allowed only "age appropriate" material and a no-questions-asked opt-out policy for parents, was not his accomplishment to claim in any case, since he was not even a cosponsor – and the bill never left the state Senate.”(

LIE: "Obama says Iran is a ‘tiny' country, ‘doesn't pose a serious threat.' Terrorism, destroying Israel, those aren't ‘serious threats'?"(McCain ad)
TRUTH: Obama actually said: "Iran, Cuba, Venezuela – these countries are tiny compared to the Soviet Union. They don't pose a serious threat to us the way the Soviet Union posed a threat to us. And yet we were willing to talk to the Soviet Union at the time when they were saying we're going to wipe you off the planet."(

LIE: "Obama's new taxes could break your family budget."(McCain ad, August 15, 2008)
TRUTH: The average family will do far better under Obama's plan than McCain's plan.

LIE: “Fidel Castro thinks he is 'the most advanced candidate.'"(McCain ad)
TRUTH: "In fact, the quote comes from an article by Castro that was largely critical of Obama."

LIE: "Who can you thank for rising prices at the pump? [Chant: Obama, Obama.]"(McCain ad) TRUTH: "McCain ad says Obama's the guy to thank for emptying our wallets at the filling station. We say that's ridiculous. The ad also tells us that gas prices are high because 'some in Washington are still saying no to drilling in America.' Not true."(

LIE: "During just three years in the U.S. Senate, Barack Obama has already voted 94 times for higher taxes."(Tucker Bounds, spokesman for Sen. John McCain's campaign, June 9, 2008 press release)
TRUTH: "We find that their count is padded....their count is inflated and misleading...After looking at every one of the 94 votes that the RNC includes in its tally, we find: Twenty-three were for measures that would have produced no tax increase at all; they were against proposed tax cuts; Seven of the votes were in favor of measures that would have lowered taxes for many, while raising them on a relative few, either corporations or affluent individuals; Eleven votes the GOP is counting would have increased taxes on those making more than $1 million a year – in order to fund programs such as Head Start and school nutrition programs, or veterans' health care. The GOP sometimes counted two, three and even four votes on the same measure. We found their tally included a total of 17 votes on seven measures, effectively padding their total by 10. The majority of the 94 votes – 53 of them, including some mentioned above – were on budget measures, not tax bills, and would not have resulted in any tax change. Four other votes were non-binding motions related to conference report negotiations."(

LIE: An ad from the Republican National Committee claims Barack Obama proposes "no new solutions" for the energy and climate crises.
TRUTH: “In fact, the Illinois senator has proposed $150 billion in spending over 10 years for biofuels, plug-in hybrids, low-emission coal plants and the rapid commercialization of other new, clean energy technologies.”(

LIE: An ad from the Republican National Committee recycles the misleading claim that Obama has said 'no' to nuclear.
TRUTH: “Obama said he is open to nuclear if it is clean and safe.”(

LIE: “When she [Sarah Palin] was in government, he was a community organizer.”(John McCain, August 30, 2008, Fox News Sunday)
TRUTH: “Palin was a sports reporter when Obama was organizing.”(

LIE: “Senator Obama was voting 'present' 130 times in the state legislature, on every tough issue whatever it was, while she was taking them on."(John McCain, August 30, 2008, Fox News Sunday)
TRUTH: By voting present and explaining his vote, Obama was taking on tough issues rather than avoiding them by quietly voting with the majority.

LIE: "Obama's taxes mean ‘higher prices at the pump.'"(McCain ad)
TRUTH: Obama's taxes are on oil company profits, not gasoline. "The Obama campaign says this fails to note Obama's call to use the windfall profits tax to support a $1,000 emergency energy rebate to help offset the high cost of gas at the pump as well as the expected rise in home heating costs this winter."(

LIE: Obama is "more to the left of the announced Socialist in the United States Senate, Bernie Sanders of Vermont."(John McCain, July 17, 2008 interview with the Kansas City Star)
TRUTH: Obama is not to the left of Bernie Sanders.(

LIE: "Sen. Obama declined to cast some of those tough votes. He voted for and even sponsored amendments that were intended to kill the legislation, amendments that Sen. Kennedy and I voted against."(John McCain July 14, 2008, appearance at the National Council of La Raza convention)
TRUTH: "The system would have apportioned green cards based on the nation's economic needs and moved away from the existing system, which rewards family ties. A coalition of 40 immigrant rights groups, including La Raza, endorsed Obama's measure, saying the new system would discriminate in favor of immigrants with higher educations and training in specialty occupations. However, the Senate rejected Obama's amendment, 42-55."

LIE: "Barack Obama said he would debate 'anywhere, anytime' but has rejected joint town hall meetings."(John McCain, July 8, 2008 press release)
TRUTH: The Obama campaign proposed a town hall meeting and a debate in addition to the three planned debates. The McCain campaign declined.
(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,

LIE: “Despite Pledging To Withdraw American Troops From Iraq Immediately, Barack Obama Now Says He Would 'Refine' His Policy After Listening To The Commanders On The Ground.”(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama said he would refine the exact plans on withdraing troops, not continue the war forever.

LIE: "Despite Pledging To Accept Public Financing, Barack Obama Has Reversed His Position And Opted Out Of The System."(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never pledged to accept public financing unconditionally.

LIE: "Barack Obama Is Backtracking On His Support For Unilaterally Renegotiating NAFTA."(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never called for unilaterally renogotiating NAFTA. He said "we should use the hammer of a potential opt-out as leverage to ensure that we actually get labor and environmental standards that are enforced."(Sen. Barack Obama, MSNBC Democrat Presidential Debate, Cleveland, OH, 2/26/08)

LIE: "Barack Obama Is Considering Reducing Corporate Taxes Despite Having Called Corporate Tax Cuts 'The Exact Wrong Prescription For America.'"(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama said that he would consider a compromise deal to raise the effective corporate tax rate, by reducing corporate tax breaks, even if it meant lowering the nominal tax rate. But Obama opposed McCain's plan for "$300 billion worth of corporate tax cuts."

LIES: "Barack Obama Has Shifted From Opposing Welfare Reform To Celebrating Welfare Reform In A Television Ad."(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama supported welfare reform, but saw many problems in the 1996 federal legislation. Obama noted in 1997, "I am not a defender of the status quo with respect to welfare. Having said that, I probably would not have supported the federal legislation, because I think it had some problems."

LIE: "Obama Adviser Said Obama Was Not Opposed To An Individual Health Care Mandate Despite His Opposition During The Primary."(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has consistently said that he wants to try health care reform initially without a mandate, but if too many people are exploiting the system, he would consider a reform that might include a mandate.

LIE: "Barack Obama Disagreed With The Supreme Court Decision Striking Down The Use Of The Death Penalty For A Convicted Child Rapist Although In The Past He Opposed The Death Penalty."(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama said, “I have said repeatedly that I think that the death penalty should be applied in very narrow circumstances, for the most egregious of crimes.”

LIE: "Barack Obama Has Backtracked From His Earlier Commitment To Meet With The Leaders Of State Sponsors Of Terror 'Without Precondition.'"(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has consistently said that he would meet without preconditions, but not that there would be no conditions. “Preconditions” refers to the disastrous Bush Administration approach of demanding policy changes before negotiations are considered.

LIE: "After Saying Jerusalem Should Be 'Undivided,' Barack Obama Has Since Backtracked."(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,
TRUTH: After his remarks were misinterpreted, Obama clarified that he was talking about Jerusalem being undivided in the sense of not having a wall built within it, but affirmed that political divisions must be negotiated.

LIE: "Barack Obama Is Against The California Ballot Measure Banning Gay Marriage Despite His Assertion That Marriage Is Between A Man And A Woman."(McCain campaign press release, July 8, 2008,

LIE: "Barack Obama Says That 'Mental Distress' Should Not Be Reason For A Late Term Abortion Which Contradicts His Past Extreme Pro-Abortion Views."
TRUTH: Obama's mainstream position on abortion rights includes the belief that the government cannot ban abortions that endanger a woman's health, but he believes that "mental distress" is too vague to qualify as a threat to a woman's health.

LIE: "Since announcing his campaign in 2007, the central premise of Barack Obama's candidacy was his commitment to begin withdrawing American troops from Iraq immediately. Today, Barack Obama reversed that position proving once again that his words do not matter. He has now adopted John McCain's position that we cannot risk the progress we have made in Iraq by beginning to withdraw our troops immediately without concern for conditions on the ground."(Brian Rogers, a McCain spokesman,,
TRUTH: Obama did not reverse his position, and did not adopt McCain's position.

LIE: "Senator Obama is the chairman of an important subcommittee that has the oversight of what's going on in Afghanistan. He has not held one single hearing on Afghanistan, where young Americans are in harm's way as we speak."(John McCain, May 28, 2008)
TRUTH: "Obama is the chairman of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee's 11-member Subcommittee on European Affairs. That subcommittee doesn't have direct oversight of Afghanistan, as the McCain statement suggests."(

LIE: "We must apply the full force of law to prevent business dealings with Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps. I was pleased to join Senators Lieberman and Kyl in backing an amendment calling for the designation of the Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization responsible for killing American troops in Iraq. Over three quarters of the Senate supported this obvious step, but not Senator Obama. He opposed this resolution because its support for countering Iranian influence in Iraq was, he said, a 'wrong message not only to the world, but also to the region.'"(John McCain, June 2, 2008)
TRUTH: "McCain misrepresents Obama's stand on naming Revolutionary Guard as terrorists. McCain claims that Obama's opposition means that he also opposed calling the IRGC terrorists. We find otherwise."(

LIE: "Obama was notably silent" on legislation for more oversight of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.(McCain campaign ad)
TRUTH: "The bill made it out of committee in the Senate but was never brought up for consideration. At that time, Republicans had a majority in the Senate and controlled the agenda. Democrats never got the chance to vote against it or to mount a filibuster to block it. By the time McCain signed on to the legislation, it was too late to prevent the crisis anyway. McCain added his name on May 25, 2006, when the housing bubble had already nearly peaked."(, Oct. 1, 2008,

LIE: "Obama-Biden and their liberal allies oppose clean coal."(McCain campaign ad)
TRUTH: "Obama's energy plan, which he began promoting well over a year ago, calls for investing in "low emissions coal plants" and creating "5 'first-of-a-kind' commercial scale coal-fired plants with carbon capture and sequestration." His position in support of clean coal has been clear."(, Sept. 30, 2008,

LIE: "Senator Obama has shifted on a number of occasions. He has voted in the United States Senate to increase taxes on people who make as low as $42,000 a year."(John McCain, Sept. 26, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: "The resolution actually would not have altered taxes without additional legislation. It called generally for allowing most of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts to expire. McCain is referring to the provision that would have allowed the 25 percent tax bracket to return to 28 percent. The tax plan Obama now proposes, however, would not raise the rate on that tax bracket."(, Sept. 27, 2008,

LIE: “There is the Republican Guard in Iran, which Senator Kyl had an amendment in order to declare them a sponsor of terror. Senator Obama said that would be provocative.”(John McCain, Sept. 26, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: “Obama said, 'Well, let me just correct something very quickly. I believe the Republican Guard of Iran is a terrorist organization. I've consistently said so. What Senator McCain refers to is a measure in the Senate that would try to broaden the mandate inside of Iraq. To deal with Iran.' Obama has in fact said that the IRGC should be named a terrorist group. He was a cosponsor of the Iran Counter-Proliferation Act, which, among other things, named the IRGC a terrorist organization."(, Sept. 27, 2008,

LIE: "I was interested in Senator Obama's reaction to the Russian aggression against Georgia. His first statement was, "Both sides ought to show restraint." Again, a little bit of naivete there. He doesn't understand that Russia committed serious aggression against Georgia."(John McCain, Sept. 26, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: Obama wasn't naive. His reaction was exactly the same as the Bush Administration, and he later condemned Russia once more facts came out.(, Sept. 27, 2008,

LIE: "Senator Obama says he's for nuclear, but he's against reprocessing and he's against storing."(John McCain, Sept. 26, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: Obama noted, "I just have to correct the record here. I have never said that I object to nuclear waste. What I've said is that we have to store it safely."(Sept. 26, 2008 debate)

LIE: "I will keep taxes low and cut them where I can. My opponent will raise them."(John McCain,
TRUTH: Obama will lower taxes more for more Americans than McCain.

LIE: “Will we enact the largest single tax increase since the Second World War as my opponent proposes, or will we keep taxes low — low for families and employers?"(John McCain, June 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not proposing a tax increase. The Bush tax cuts on the wealthy are expiring. Obama wants to let them expire, and use the money to sharply cut taxes on the middle class and the working poor. McCain wants to make the massive tax cuts for the wealthy permanent.

LIE: “They [Clinton and Obama] have never to my knowledge been involved in legislation nor hearings nor engagement on this issue [climate change]."(John McCain, May 13, 2008, North Bend, Washington)
TRUTH: They were "co-sponsors of emissions-reducing legislation he introduced with Sen. Joseph Lieberman last year. Both Clinton and Obama were among those who signed on to the Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act. Obama co-sponsored an even more ambitious plan called the Global Warming Pollution Reduction Act. If passed, it would require an 80 percent reduction to 2000 levels over the same time frame. Obama was the chief sponsor in 2007 of a bill to establish a Climate Change Education Program; that in 2007 he sponsored the Health Care for Hybrids Act, which offered government-subsidized health care to automakers in exchange for investing in alternative energy/efficiency technology; that in 2005, he sponsored an amendment to fund research to improve high-mileage plug-in hybrid cars; and that in 2007, he sponsored the Fuel Economy Reform Act, which would require an average fuel economy standard of 27.5 miles per gallon for all automobiles manufactured by 2013, and increasingly better gas mileage in subsequent years. McCain grossly misrepresented his opponents' record. We rate his statement False."(

LIE: Obama "has no experience or background at all in national security affairs."(John McCain, MSNBC's Morning Joe, April 3, 2008)
TRUTH: "In his three years in the Senate, Obama has dealt with substantial issues such as nuclear proliferation as a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and also participated in debates on the Senate floor and within the Democratic caucus on the war strategy, proposed timetables for troop withdrawals and the U.S. response to the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hezbollah. That national security experience might not match up to McCain's lengthy resume, but it's arguably more than George W. Bush brought to the White House after he was elected president in 2000. One of Obama's biggest legislative accomplishments in the national security arena came in 2006 when he helped write an exemption to the 1954 Atomic Energy Act allowing the United States to export to India civilian nuclear power technology, including nuclear fuel and reactors. The move was seen as cementing relations with an emerging power without endangering longstanding non-proliferation policies....But to say he has absolutely no national security background or experience is an overstatement. For this reason we rule McCain's statement to be False."(

LIE: "he suggested bombing Pakistan without their permission."(John McCain, February 20, 2008, Columbus, Ohio) (
TRUTH: "Obama said, "If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will." it is a serious distortion to say Obama wants to "attack Pakistan," as President Bush did, and an even more serious one that he supports "bombing Pakistan," as McCain did."

LIE: Obama wants to implement "$863-billion in new government programs — a 23 percent increase in the size of government."(McCain radio ad,
TRUTH: $865.3-billion. PolitiFact examined a similar list compiled by the Republican National Committee in February, and found some reasons to quibble.

LIE: "Barack Obama has never really had to make decisions that are accountable."(Rudy Giuliani, Meet the Press, Sept. 14, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has been an elected official accountable to voters for 12 years, longer than Giuliani was.

LIE: In Alaska, "that whole investigation is being run by Obama supporters."(Rudy Giuliani, Meet the Press, Sept. 14, 2008)

LIE: “Obama rewards his friends with your tax dollars....Allison Davis, twenty million....That's unethical. Congressional liberals promise to raise your taxes to reward their friends with wasteful pork.”(ad from the McCain-Palin campaign and the Republican National Committee, October 2008)
TRUTH: “The ad claims that real estate developer Allison Davis received $20 million of taxpayer money thanks to Obama. But that's false. Davis didn't get any of this money. The ad cites a story from The Washington Times, but the article says that 'city housing authorities confirmed' that the 'grant money won't go to Mr. Davis or his company.'"(, October 27, 2008,

LIE: “Obama rewards his friends with your tax dollars....Kenny Smith, one hundred thousand. That's unethical. Congressional liberals promise to raise your taxes to reward their friends with wasteful pork.”(ad from the McCain-Palin campaign and the Republican National Committee, October 2008)
TRUTH: “Obama worked to get Kenny Smith a $100,000 grant to build a park, which Smith later failed to complete. Smith has since caught the attention of the state attorney general. But, according to reports, Obama isn't under investigation for helping Smith get the grant....This claim holds more water than the rest, but it's still a leaky vessel.”(, October 27, 2008,

LIE: "(Obama's) plan will force small business to cut jobs, reduce wages and force families into a government-run health care system where a bureaucrat stands between you and your doctor."(John McCain, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: “The claim that 'small businesses' would have to 'cut jobs, reduce wages,' runs counter to Obama's actual proposal. Obama's plan would require businesses to contribute to the cost of insurance for employees or pay some unspecified amount into a new public plan. But his proposal specifically says, 'Small businesses will be exempt from this requirement.' And it offers additional help to small businesses that want to provide health care in the form of a refundable tax credit of up to half the cost of premiums....Furthermore, Obama's plan wouldn't 'force' families into a 'government-run health care system.'”(,

LIE: "Instead of freeing ourselves from a dangerous dependence on foreign oil, both parties and Senator Obama passed another corporate welfare bill for oil companies."(John McCain, Republican National Convention)
TRUTH: “It's true that Obama voted for the 2005 bill. He said he favored the $5.8 billion (over 11 years) that it contained in tax incentives for renewable energy, energy efficiency and alternative fuels. McCain voted against it on the grounds that the $2.6 billion it contained for oil and gas incentives was too much, even though the bill also took away $2.9 billion from the industry, for a net tax increase of $300 million. Describing such a complex measure as 'corporate welfare' is misleading.(,

LIE: "He also wants to sit down unconditionally for a presidential meeting with Raul Castro -- an unconditional meeting." McCain said.
TRUTH: Obama has never said he would meet unconditionally with hostile leaders. He said he would meet "without preconditions," which is an entirely different term.

LIE: Obama "won't put an American flag lapel pin on his coat."(Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, February 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama often wears a flag pin.

LIE: Obama "would not say the Pledge of Allegiance."(Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA), HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, February 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has never refused to say the Pledge.

LIE: "Additionally, his middle name does matter. It matters because they read a meaning into that in the rest of the world. That has a special meaning to them. They will be dancing in the streets because of his middle name. They will be dancing in the streets because of who his father was..."(Rep. Steve King (R-IA), March 8. 2008, Spencer Daily Reporter,
TRUTH: Obama's middle name does not cause dancing in the streets.

LIE: "Senator Obama's profoundly wrong on energy. He has a position that's anti-drilling. He has a position that is frankly ludicrous. If you saw him yesterday, he suggested if we all inflated our tires, that we would solve the problem."(Newt Gingrich, July 31, 2008, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes,
TRUTH: Obama is not anti-drilling, and he never suggested that inflating tires would solve the problem; he suggested that inflating tires would do more than the Republican plan to help the problem.

LIE: Obama “and my opponent Biden are pushing for this global tax that would require America to pay tax to the U.N."(Christine O'Donnell, Republican candidate for Biden's Senate seat, Fox News' The Live Desk, May 7, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no global tax. It is a complete fantasy.

LIE: "Reagan didn't talk with (Soviet leader Leonid) Brezhnev or his two successors until (Mikhail) Gorbachev was ready to change his position. Reagan didn't do what Jimmy Carter did. Carter went over and kissed Brezhnev, remember?" --John McCain, Miami Town Hall meeting, May 20, 2008.
TRUTH: "McCain is distorting history when he suggests that Barack Obama is bucking American presidential tradition in expressing a willingness to meet with the leaders of countries hostile to the United States. Brezhnev was dying by the time that Ronald Reagan became president in 1980, so the two never got a chance to exchange a Jimmy Carter like embrace. Reagan complained that Brezhnev's successors--Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko--'kept dying on me' before he got a chance to meet them. It took Reagan only eight months to organize a meeting with the hale and hearty Mikhail Gorbachev after he succeeded Chernenko in March 1985. The two men met in Geneva in November that year. Contrary to what McCain said, this meeting took place well before Gorbachev began to introduce significant reforms in the Soviet Union."(

LIE: "It's just a fact that Hamas, apparently their North American spokesperson, is endorsing Senator Obama. People can make their own judgment from that."(John McCain, conference call with bloggers, April 25, 2008)
TRUTH: "What Senator McCain has said repeatedly is that these candidates cannot be held accountable for all the views of people who endorse them or people who befriend them...When somebody endorses you or befriends you, they're embracing your views, the candidates' views, not the other way around."(McCain senior adviser Charlie Black, interview with MSNBC, March 14, 2008)

LIE: Obama "voted against funds for American troops in harm's way."(John McCain)
TRUTH: “McCain himself has voted against legislation to fund the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq....Obama has voted in the past to provide funds for troops stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.(,

LIE: "In the Senate, Barack Obama has voted in lockstep with President George W. Bush nearly half the time..."(McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds)
TRUTH: Voting against President Bush more than half the time is the precise opposite of voting "in lockstep," which would require voting with him 90% or 95% of the time.

LIE: Obama voted for an energy bill that "gave close to $3 billion in new giveaways to Big Oil" and "voted for the Bush energy bill in 2005, which gave tax breaks to Big Oil."
TRUTH: a February 27, 2007, Congressional Research Service report found that although the bill "included several oil and gas tax incentives, providing about $2.6 billion of tax cuts for the oil and gas industry," it also "provided for $2.9 billion of tax increases on the oil and gas industry, for a net tax increase on the industry of nearly $300 million over 11 years" "In the Senate, Barack Obama has voted in lockstep with President George W. Bush nearly half the time, including the Bush-Cheney Energy bill which gave close to $3 billion in new giveaways to Big Oil - a terrible policy that John McCain opposed," said McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds. "The truth is Barack Obama's plan is a job-killing machine that ignores the struggling economy and raises taxes on family savings, Social Security and small businesses.(

LIE: "My friends, we've seen this movie before. It was called 'HillaryCare' back in 1993, and we're not going to do it again. We're not going to have the government take over the health care system in America."(John McCain)
TRUTH: "most outside observers agree it is far from a government takeover of the health care system."(Laura Meckler, Wall Street Journal blog, July 17, 2008,

LIE: “if you are one of the 23 million small business owners in America who files as an individual rate payer, Senator Obama is going to raise your tax rates."(John McCain)
TRUTH: "In fact, Obama has proposed rolling back President Bush's tax cuts only on 'people who are making 250,000 dollars a year or more'; according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, only 481,000 small businesses fall into the tax brackets that would be affected by those increases."(

LIE: "Barack Obama? For conservation, but he just says no to lower gas taxes. No to nuclear. No to more production. No new solutions. Barack Obama: Just the party line."(McCain ad, July 7, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama doesn't say no to nuclear or more production.(

LIE: "Unlike Barack Obama, John McCain believes in keeping his word to the American people, and he will undergo public financing for the general election.”(McCain campaign)
TRUTH: Obama never broke his word; McCain did break his word by using the promise of seeking public funds to secure a loan and then illegally reversing himself.(

LIE: "John McCain didn't borrow money from a guy going to jail to build his house, so if we're going to start talking about associations, that's fine, we'll do that."(Lindsey Graham, June 8, 2008, ABC's This Week)
TRUTH: Obama did not borrow money from Tony Rezko, or anyone else going to jail, to buy his house.(

LIE: "obviously having somebody like Tony Rezko as a close associate, fundraiser, and the guy who financed your house, that's a real problem when the person is a -- now apparently a convicted felon."(Mitt Romney, June 5, 2008, Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends)
TRUTH: Rezko had nothing to do with Obama's financing of his home.(

LIE: McCain adviser Mark Salter asserted in a memo that Obama's "losing his bearings" comment was a "not particularly clever way of raising John McCain's age as an issue."(
TRUTH: Obama was criticizing McCain for losing his ethical bearings, not accusing him of mental difficulties: "for him to toss out comments like that, I think, is an example of him losing his bearings as he pursues this nomination. We don't need name-calling in this debate."(

LIE: “It's another significant difference between myself and Senator Obama. I am not going to dictate that the government decide what your health care is going to be."(John McCain, quoted in May 29, 2008 Associated Press article)
TRUTH: The Obama campaign states that Obama's "plan will not tell you which doctors to see or what treatments to get. Under the Obama health care plan, you will be able to keep your doctor and your health insurance if you want. No government bureaucrat will second-guess decisions about your care."(

LIE: "Senator Obama obviously has no national security experience, and therefore that's reflected in his judgment on a number of those issues."(John McCain, May 5, 2008 AP article)
TRUTH: Obama has more national security experience than four out of the last five presidents. Obama worked on the "Lugar-Obama nonproliferation initiative,” and introduced legislation such as The Nuclear Weapons Threat Reduction Act of 2007 (S.1977), which would "provide for sustained United States leadership in a cooperative global effort to prevent nuclear terrorism, reduce global nuclear arsenals, stop the spread of nuclear weapons and related material and technology, and support the responsible and peaceful use of nuclear technology."(

LIE: "Senator Obama does not have the experience to make the right judgment as to how to deal with terrorist organizations, obviously. Otherwise, he would never approve of such a meeting."(John McCain, April 16, 2008, Fox News Channel's Your World)
TRUTH: Obama never approved of the meeting between Jimmy Carter and Hamas officials. (

LIE: "Senator Obama, in the last few days, said he wanted a, quote, 'strike force,' a strike force in Iraq. I really would be interested, Joe, in hearing what exactly what that means, after he has continuously said he would withdraw immediately or yesterday or whatever it is."(John McCain, April 3, 2008, MSNBC's Morning Joe)
TRUTH: “As far back as at least October 2007, Obama has been advocating 'to have a strike force to go after al-Qaida in Iraq or to engage in other counterterrorist activities.'"(

LIE: "I believe the role of government is to help the truly needy. ... Reforms should focus on improving transparency and accountability in our capital markets. ... What is not necessary is a multibillion-dollar bailout for big banks and speculators, as Senators Clinton and Obama have proposed."(John McCain, March 27, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama did not propose "a multibillion-dollar bailout" for "speculators." Later, McCain did propose just such a bailout for big banks.(

LIE: Obama is "talking about raising taxes across the board."(Steve Schmidt, a senior adviser to Sen. John McCain's campaign, March 28, 2008, MSNBC's Morning Joe)
TRUTH: Obama proposed lowering taxes for most Americans.(

LIE: "McCain has taken to taunting his Democratic presidential rival, offering to escort first-term Sen. Barack Obama on a visit to Iraq and chiding him for never receiving a briefing from Gen. David Petraeus, commander of U.S. forces in the country. "(AP, June 24) TRUTH: "Obama has twice questioned Petraeus on the situation in Iraq during hearings held by the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations on September 11, 2007, and April 8, 2008."

LIE: "Who advises him? The Post says it's Franklin Raines, for 'advice on mortgage and housing policy.' Shocking. Under Raines, Fannie Mae committed 'extensive financial fraud.' Raines made millions. Fannie Mae collapsed. Taxpayers? Stuck with the bill."(McCain video, September 18, 2008)
TRUTH: "The McCain campaign is clearly exaggerating wildly in attempting to depict Franklin Raines as a close adviser to Obama on 'housing and mortgage policy.' If we are to believe Raines, he did have a couple of telephone conversations with someone in the Obama campaign. But that hardly makes him an adviser to the candidate himself -- and certainly not in the way depicted in the McCain video release."(Michael Dobbs, Washington Post Factchecker, Sept. 19,

LIE: "I will continue the practice, begun by President Clinton, of appointing a U.S. Special Envoy for Northern Ireland. I know Senator Obama has questioned whether that appointment is needed. I would urge him to reconsider." (John McCain's September 22, 2008 speech at the Irish-American Presidential Forum,
TRUTH: The Obama campaign stated in a September 18, 2008 press release that "if he [Obama] becomes president, he will appoint a senior envoy to Ireland who will build on the groundbreaking achievements of the Clinton Administration and help bring the historic process to final fruition."(

LIE: "Obama and his liberal Congressional allies want a massive government, billions in spending increases, wasteful pork. And, we would pay -- painful income taxes, skyrocketing taxes on life savings, electricity and home heating oil."(McCain ad)
TRUTH: "The ad claims Obama will raise taxes on electricity. He hasn't proposed any such tax. Obama does support a cap-and-trade policy that would raise the costs of electricity, but so does McCain. It falsely claims he would tax home heating oil. Actually, Obama proposed a rebate of up to $1,000 per family to defray increased heating oil costs, funded by what he calls a windfall profits tax on oil companies."(, Sept 18, 2008)

LIE: "While Fannie and Freddie were working to keep Congress away from their house of cards, Senator Obama was taking their money. He got more, in fact, than any other member of Congress, except for the Democratic chairmen of the committee that oversees them."(McCain ad)
TRUTH: "The New York Times looked at contributions from Fannie and Freddie's boards of directors and lobbyists, who are technically not employees. That analysis found Fannie and Freddie-related contributors gave $116,000 to John McCain and his related committees, compared with $16,000 to Obama and his related committees."(,

LIE: Obama was "born of the corrupt Chicago political machine."(McCain ad)
TRUTH: "We have lots of prominent politicians in Illinois who were 'born of the corrupt Chicago political machine,' as the new John McCain campaign commercial so ominously puts it...Barack Obama isn't one of them....Obama wasn't from the Machine. He was a smart young independent who had won a state Senate seat in Hyde Park, a neighborhood that doesn't tolerate the old regular party organization. He ran in a crowded Democratic primary field for the U.S. Senate -- without the mayor's backing -- and won."(Mark Brown, Chicago Sun-Times, September 25, 2008,,CST-NWS-brown25.article)

LIE: "A McCain-Palin ad claims Obama has been 'mum' on the economic crisis."(McCain ad, Sept. 23)
TRUTH: "Obama has in fact made several statements about the crisis on Wall Street in recent days, delivering his most specific remarks on how government regulations should be changed on Sept. 22, a day before this ad was released."(, Sept. 24,

LIE: "A McCain-Palin ad says that Obama was 'born of the corrupt Chicago political machine' and implies that the candidate himself is corrupt by association with four local political figures."
TRUTH: "But the ad's implication and many of its supporting details are false." (, Sept. 23, 2008,

LIE: "Mullen suggests" Sen. Obama's "plan is dangerous for America."(John McCain, Sept. 26 debate)
TRUTH: "Misleading. Mullen reacted to a question about a hypothetical military move in Iraq — a troop withdrawal timeline. He did not say such a move would imperil the United States and gave no indication that he was talking about Obama's position."(CNN Political Ticker, Sept. 27, 2008,

LIE: "Senator Obama said the surge could not work, said it would increase sectarian violence, said it was doomed to failure."(John McCain, Sept. 26, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: Obama said, "Even those who support the escalation have acknowledged that 20,000, 30,000, even 40,000 more troops placed temporarily in places like Baghdad are not going to make a long-term difference.”(March 19, 2007, interview on CNN's "Larry King Live,"

LIE: "He has voted in the United States Senate to increase the taxes on people who make as low as $42,000."(John McCain, Sept. 26, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: "McCain is referring to a June 5, 2008, vote on a resolution (Senate Concurrent Resolution 70) meant to outline the Senate's budget priorities through 2013, but the measure had no practical effect. Obama and running mate Sen. Joe Biden voted "yes" on the resolution. McCain did not vote. According to a CNN review of the resolution, it assumes that most of the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts pushed by President Bush will expire in that time. That's what McCain calls a tax increase. However, the Democrats offered their own cuts in the 48-page resolution, which called for several tax cuts and breaks, including rolling back the alternative-minimum tax and the so-called "marriage penalty."...Verdict: Misleading."(CNN Political Ticker, Sept. 27, 2008,

LIE: “Raines, has been advising Senator Obama on housing policy even after Fannie Mae was found to have committed quote 'extensive financial fraud' under his leadership."(John McCain, September 19, 2008, Green Bay)
TRUTH: “In a statement released by the campaign, Raines says he is 'not an advisor to Barack Obama, nor have I provided his campaign with advice on housing or economic matters.'...Raines, however, appears to have had limited contact, at most, with the campaign."( )

LIE: "Sen. Obama has declined to put forth a plan of his own."(John McCain, September 22, 2008, Scranton)
TRUTH: "Misleading. Obama has voiced specific ideas about the bailout plan and the level of detail he has proposed is not dramatically different than McCain."(

LIE: "He said he won't raise taxes for most people, but he's voted 94 times in his short Senate career for tax increases and against tax cuts."(John McCain, September 19, 2008, Green Bay)
TRUTH: "Misleading. McCain's summary ignores the fact that some of the votes were for measures to lower taxes for many Americans, while increasing them for a much smaller number of taxpayers. A nonpartisan examination also finds that the 94 total includes multiple votes on the same measures and budget votes that would not directly lead to higher taxes."( By this same flawed approach, John McCain has voted to increase taxes 477 times.(

LIE: “My opponent is against nuclear power.”(John McCain)
TRUTH: Obama's plan says, "Nuclear power represents more than 70 percent of our non-carbon generated electricity. It is unlikely that we can meet our aggressive climate goals if we eliminate nuclear power as an option."(

LIE: Obama "profited from this system of abuse and scandal. While Fannie and Freddie were working to keep Congress away from their house of cards, Senator Obama was taking their money. He got more, in fact, than any other member of Congress, except for the Democratic chairman of the committee that oversees them."(John McCain, September 19, 2008, Green Bay)
TRUTH: "Misleading. Donations don't come from companies."( Fannie and Freddie employees gave $126,349 to Obama and $21,550 to McCain. But the problem with Fannie and Freddie wasn't the low-level employees who were just doing their jobs. The problem was the people running the organizations. The New York Times examined a separate list of the "directors, officers, and lobbyists for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac" and found McCain receiving $169,000, while Obama received only $16,000. If you combine the two lists, McCain has outraised Obama $190,550 to $142,349. As a percentage of their total fundraising, McCain has raised 2.7 times as much from people connected to Fannie and Freddie as Obama has.(

LIE: "But, again, Senator Obama has shifted on a number of occasions. He has voted in the United States Senate to increase taxes on people who make as low as $42,000 a year."(John McCain, Sept. 26 debate)
TRUTH: Obama never voted to increase taxes on people making $42,000 a year.

LIE: "By the way, Senator Obama, it's a 'flak' jacket, not a 'flack' jacket."(John McCain, May 25, 2007,
TRUTH: "Flack" is listed in numerous dictionaries as an accepted alternate spelling. In any case, Barack Obama is not personally responsible for the spelling in his campaign's press releases.

LIE: "No To Innovation. No To The Electric Car."(McCain ad)
TRUTH: "In fact, Obama has said his energy plan will lead to more electric cars. In a speech on June 16, Obama said his proposal to invest $150-billion in energy programs would lead to new jobs 'that will be created when plug-in hybrids or electric cars start rolling off the assembly line here in Michigan.' So McCain is way, way off with these charges. It's not that he's just missing nuances or exaggerating; he has completely distorted Obama's positions, falsely claiming that Obama opposes research and innovation on the most significant political issue of the summer."(

LIE: "The [Wall Street] Journal reports Obama 'air-dropped a mini-army of 30 lawyers, investigators and opposition researchers' into Alaska to dig dirt on Governor Palin. As Obama drops in the polls, he will try to destroy her."(McCain "Fact Check" Ad, September 10, 2008)
TRUTH: "the McCain campaign has strung together a series of media quotes to create a fundamentally dishonest ad. The ad creates the erroneous impression that Obama was behind the false attacks on Palin. It repeats an unsubstantiated claim by a conservative commentator as if it is proven fact. The overall result is an untruthful, misleading ad"

LIE: Obama "just got back from vacation on a private beach in Hawaii."(John McCain)
TRUTH: Obama was not on a private beach.(

LIE: "Also not mentioned is the $400,000 from big oil contributors that Barack Obama has already pocketed in this election."(McCain campaign spokesman Tucker Bounds)
TRUTH: “But Falcone did not point out that, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, while Obama received $394,465 from the oil & gas industry, McCain received more than triple that amount: approximately $1.3 million.”(

LIE: Obama wants "to meet unconditionally in his first year at the presidential level with Iranian leaders."(John McCain, May 21, 2008 statement)
TRUTH: "while Obama has cited support for no preconditions, he is careful to avoid the word 'unconditional.'"(

LIE: “This year, the Obama-Biden campaign broke their pledge to accept public financing during the general election.” (Republican National Committee email, October 15, 2008)
TRUTH: The Obama-Biden campaign never made a pledge to take public financing.

LIE: “Now it turns out they padded their coffers with contributions from 'mystery' donors that don't exist (as reported by Newsweek).”(Republican National Committee email, October 15, 2008)
TRUTH: The Newsweek article never suggested that Obama's campaign had “padded their coffers.” A few isolated examples of illegal contributions, which are an insignificant part of Obama's total, did not “pad” the coffers. To the contrary, because the illicit contributions must be returned, they actually cost the Obama campaign time and money.(

LIE: Obama and Biden “will soon be trying to pad their totals at ballot boxes across the country with votes from voters that do not exist.”(Republican National Committee email, October 15, 2008)
TRUTH: There is no evidence at all of a plan to have non-existent voters vote in the election.

LIE: “Given the ties between Obama and ACORN and the money that his campaign has sent them and the job that he had with them in the past, Obama has a responsibility to rein in ACORN and prove that he's willing to fight voter fraud.”(Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh show, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has no control over ACORN, and ACORN has not committed voter fraud. Dan Satterberg, the Republican prosecuting attorney in Washington, where the first ACORN case was prosecuted, said that a “joint federal and state investigation has determined that this scheme was not intended to permit illegal voting.”(, By contrast, McCain and Palin have never spoken out against the massive voter suppression by Republican Party officials in this and past elections.

LIE: “We need to know the full extent of Sen. Obama's relationship with ACORN, who is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy.”(John McCain)
TRUTH: We already know the full extent of Obama's relationship with ACORN, which isn't much. There is no proven voter fraud by ACORN. One of the greatest frauds in voter history was the illegal purging of legitimate voters by Republican officials in Florida in 2000, which McCain has never criticized.

LIE: “Obama started out with Saul Alinsky.”(Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.), Andrea Mitchell’s MSNBC show)
TRUTH: Alinsky died when Obama was 10 years old.

LIE: Alinsky was “one of his teachers, you might say.”(Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), MSNBC’s “Hardball”)
TRUTH: Alinsky was not one of Obama’s teachers. Alinsky’s organizing techniques (not his ideology) influenced Obama, but Obama disagreed with much of Alinsky’s approach.

LIE: “Admiral Mullen suggests that Senator Obama’s plan is dangerous for America.”(John McCain, September 27, 2008 debate,
TRUTH: Mullen actually said about setting a time line, “I think the consequences could be very dangerous in that regard. I’m convinced at this point in time that coming — making reductions based on conditions on the ground are very important.” noted, “The context for the Wallace / Mullen interview was about Iraq’s security, not America’s....McCain’s statement doesn’t hold up.”(

LIE: “I have never asked for a single earmark pork-barrel project for my state of Arizona. Senator Obama, has asked for $932 million in earmarks, literally $1 million for every day that he’s been in office.”(John McCain, September 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama had been in office 1352 days when McCain said this, so it's less than $1 million per day.

LIE: "He voted against redistricting a district that would support Latinos."(Ramiro Gonzalez, McCain web documentary “Where’s Obama?”,
TRUTH: Obama actually objected to gerrymandering districts to protect incumbents: “when you look at the map, it is hard to suggest that this would be the ideal configuration to provide representation for the average constituent.”

LIE: “Barack Obama says that Ayers was just someone in the neighborhood. But that's less than truthful.”(Sarah Palin)
TRUTH: Obama never said that Ayers was “just” someone in his neighborhood.

LIE: Obama's "vote to not fund my son when he was serving sent a cold chill through my body."(Cindy McCain)
TRUTH: Obama's vote would not have cut off funding to soldiers, and John McCain also voted against funding in a bill that included a timetable for withdrawal.

LIE: "If you're a small-business person and you don't insure your employees, Sen. Obama will fine you."(John McCain, October 7, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: As Obama noted, "Small businesses are not going to have a mandate. What we're going to give you is a 50 percent tax credit to help provide health care for those that you need."(

LIE: "If you're a small business person and you don't insure your employees, Sen. Obama will fine you. Will fine you."(John McCain)
TRUTH: “that's false.”(

LIE: "The point is, Senator Obama said he was just a guy in the neighborhood. We need to know that’s not true."(John McCain, October 9, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never said that. Obama actually said, “This is a guy who lives in my neighborhood, who's a professor of English in Chicago who I know and who I have not received some official endorsement from. He's not somebody who I exchange ideas from on a regular basis. And the notion that somehow as a consequence of me knowing somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8 years old, somehow reflects on me and my values doesn't make much sense.”(

LIE: “He was friends with a terrorist and his wife.”(John McCain, October 21, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was not friends with Ayers.

LIE: “That's one of the tenets of socialism.”(John McCain, October 19, 2008)
TRUTH: “Spreading the wealth” is not socialism.

LIE: “Hired in 1992, Barack Obama began 'fighting alongside ACORN on issues...even before [he] was an elected official' when he coordinated Project Vote (an ACORN affiliate) and registered 150,000 new voters.”(McCain campaign mailer, October 2008,
TRUTH: Project Vote was not an ACORN affiliate under Obama, and Obama was not working for ACORN.

LIE: “Barack Obama was a lawyer for ACORN.”(McCain campaign mailer, October 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was not a lawyer for ACORN; he did file a lawsuit on behalf of ACORN and other groups to force the state of Illinois to follow federal law allowing voter registration.

LIE: “Obama and ACORN, aided by legislation passed in 1977, promote and push for bad loans to those without jobs and without any source of income.”(, October 2008)
TRUTH: ACORN never pushed for bad loans to be given to the jobless, and the loans they advocated for had nothing to do with the economic crisis. Obama had nothing to do with ACORN's advocacy on housing. The case cited by the McCain campaign involving Obama as a lawyer was a job discrimination case (

LIE: Obama “may have anti-American values.”(Rep. Michele Bachmann, MSNBC)
TRUTH: Obama is not anti-American.

LIE: "When we were to have the first serious vote, the new, one of his base, a liberal left organization, ran a full page ad in The New York Times that said, "General Petraeus, or General Betray us?" In the Senate we made a motion to condemn that, to condemn that attack on an honorable man, and you know what Senator Obama did? He was there in the Senate and he refused to vote. That is not leadership.”(John McCain, September 2008 interview with Univision,
TRUTH: What’s not leadership is voting for pointless bills that attack the free speech of Americans who criticize the government.

LIE: “It should be concerning to all that [Obama] reportedly urged that the democratically-elected Iraqi government listen to him rather than the U.S. administration in power."(McCain senior foreign policy adviser Randy Scheunemann)
TRUTH: ABC News reported, "Attendees of the meeting back Obama's account, including not just Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., but Hagel, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffers from both parties. Officials of the Bush administration who were briefed on the meeting by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad also support Obama's account and dispute the Post story and McCain attack."(

LIE: "Obama promised to take public financing for his campaign, until he broke his promise."(Rudy Giuliani, Republican National Convention speech)
TRUTH: Obama never promised to take public financing.

LIE: "Obama was against wiretapping before he voted for it."(Rudy Giuliani, Republican National Convention speech)
TRUTH: Obama supported a compromise bill that prohibited the Bush Administration's illicit wiretapping. His only switch was a tactical compromise to support the bill even though it included telecom immunity, which he continues to oppose. But he has never changed his position on wiretapping.

LIE: "When speaking to a pro-Israeli group, Obama favored an undivided Jerusalem... Well, he favored an undivided Jerusalem... until he changed his mind."(Rudy Giuliani, Republican National Convention speech)
TRUTH: Obama didn't change his mind. After his remarks were misinterpreted, Obama clarified that he was talking about Jerusalem being undivided in the sense of not having a wall built within it, but affirmed that political divisions must be negotiated.

LIE: Obama “taught members of Acorn to commit voter registration fraud.”(Pennsylvania Republican Party’s “Victory 2008” committee email, October 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never taught ACORN members about voter registration.

LIE: Obama was “associated with a known terrorist, William Ayers, who thought the terrorists didn’t do enough on 9/11.” Obama described Ayers as “just a guy in the neighborhood....If a known terrorist lived in your neighborhood, would he just be a guy in your neighborhood, or would you be calling the FBI to have him removed?”(Pennsylvania Republican Party’s “Victory 2008” committee email, October 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers condemned the 9/11 attacks. Obama never called Ayers “just” a guy in his neighborhood. And the FBI has no power to remove people from their homes, especially when they have already had charges against them dismissed.(

LIE: “No one will delay the World Series with an infomercial when I'm president.”(John McCain, October 28, 2008)
TRUTH: The World Series game was delayed no more than 15 minutes by Obama's speech, which Fox was free to reject. If McCain plans to give orders to private media companies, he would be violating the First Amendment.(

LIE: “Obama rewards his friends with your tax dollars. Tony Rezko, fourteen million....That's unethical. Congressional liberals promise to raise your taxes to reward their friends with wasteful pork.”(ad from the McCain-Palin campaign and the Republican National Committee, October 2008)
TRUTH: “The ad also claims that Tony Rezko got 'fourteen million,' because of Obama. But he didn't. A 2007 report from The Chicago Sun-Times is the source, but the article goes over territory we've addressed before: that Obama wrote letters to state officials supporting a low-income senior housing complex Rezko was trying to have built. Both men say Rezko did not solicit the letters. The Sun-Times quoted Obama spokesman Bill Burton as saying Obama didn't write the letters as a favor but 'in the interests of the people in the community who have benefited from the project.' Regardless, the ad is wrong to imply Rezko pocketed millions. The project cost $14 million of taxpayer money. But, as we've reported, Rezko and his partner, who was Allison Davis, received $855,000 in fees. It's not peanuts, but it's not $14 million either.”(, October 27, 2008,

II. Rush Limbaugh's Lies

[Radio show host Rush Limbaugh's lies are important for the volume of his lies and the size of his audience. Even this list of Limbaugh's lies is incomplete, and it doesn't include the vast number of lies and smears told on other talk radio shows.]

LIE: Obama is “using the tools of hypnosis” and “neurolinguistic programming.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is not hypnotizing anyone.

LIE: "you won't find a Senate bill with his name on it."(Rush Limbaugh, January 7, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was the primary sponsor of the ''Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act of 2005" (S.2125) in the 109th Congress, signed into law by President Bush on December 22, 2006. The bill sought to "promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo."(

LIE: "He had hackers" break into Palin's email account. "This is the real Barack Obama."(Rush Limbaugh, September 18, 2008)
TRUTH: The hacker had nothing to do with Obama and was not ordered by Obama to hack Palin’s email.

LIE: Referring to Louis Farrakhan: “These are the people who are his mentors.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 10, 2008)
TRUTH: Farrakhan was not a mentor to Obama in any way.

LIE: “You know, there are stories out there that Obama may not have written his books.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 10, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama wrote his books.

LIE: “she ended up not being charged for it, but the Obama people got the money.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 29, 2008)
TRUTH: The money fraudulently given to the Obama campaign in this case was returned; Obama did not get the money.

LIE: Obama was “celebrating a Jew-hater.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Columbia University professor Rashid Khalidi is not a Jew-hater.

LIE: Obama is “somebody who will not tell them [voters] anything about himself.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has written two books and his website ( includes extensive information about himself and his proposals.

LIE: “Obama seven years ago sees America as comparable to Nazi Germany.”(October 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was talking about America during World War II, and the policies of racial segregation and bigotry that did resemble Nazi Germany in some ways.

LIE: Ayers is “probably now the ghostwriter of Obama's book.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 14, 2008)
TRUTH: Ayers had nothing to do with Obama's book.

LIE: “Obama cannot in good faith uphold the Constitution because he opposes it.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama does not oppose the Constitution.

LIE: “You've got a guy saying he does not believe in the U.S. Constitution.”(Rush Limbaugh, Mancow Muller show, WLS, October 27, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama believes in the U.S. Constitution.

LIE: “What he wants is an anti-Bill of Rights....He wants to take from constitutional rights.....destroy the Bill of Rights, that's what Obama wants.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 28, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama supports the Bill of Rights.

LIE: “He doesn't like the Constitution. He thinks it was flawed.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 28, 2008)
TRUTH: The Constitution was flawed, most notably by allowing slavery. But Obama does like it, and in fact taught Constitutional laws.

LIE: “This is nothing short of a condemnation of the Constitution.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 27, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was criticizing the civil rights movement for relying too much on a legal strategy, not criticizing the Constitution.

LIE: “I don't see how he can take the oath of office....He has rejected the Constitution.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 27, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has never rejected the Constitution.

LIE: “He clearly wants the Constitution changed so that the state and federal governments can do something to you....he's upset that there are negative liberties in the Constitution....He's an angry, angry radical. He wants the courts to change this because the Constitution is too immovable.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 28, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never says anything like this. He never calls for changing the Constitution. He's not upset about the negative liberties in the Constitution. He doesn't want the courts to change this.(

LIE: “His contempt for the United States Constitution is very clear.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 28, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama does not have contempt for the Constitution.

LIE: “Professor Obama calls it a charter of negative liberties....there's nothing negative about this whatsoever unless you're a socialist obsessed with race.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 27, 2008)
TRUTH: The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. “Negative” is not an insult, it's a common description (widely espoused by conservatives) of how the Constitution restricts government action.

LIE: “Would he ask us to have Constitution-burning parties?”(Rush Limbaugh, October 27, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has never suggested burning the Constitution.

LIE: “Given the job he had with ACORN in the past, Obama has a responsibility to rein in ACORN.”(Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh show, October 14, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never had a job with ACORN, and he has no responsibility to control a nonprofit group (which is doing nothing wrong) that is entirely separate from him.

LIE: “That's Obama's economic plan—to equalize wealth.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 16, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is proposing slightly higher taxes on the highest income earners. He has never proposed equalizing wealth.

LIE: “you can be confident that the Obama campaign is cheating.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 16, 2008)
TRUTH: The Obama campaign isn't cheating, and Limbaugh offers no evidence.

LIE: “He organized to keep the ROTC out of school.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 13, 2008)
TRUTH: There's no evidence (or any allegation) that Obama ever did that.

LIE: “More and more people who have read Obama's books and Ayers' books.
“Ayers makes a lot of nautical references, and so does Obama....Obama didn't even write these books; Ayers did.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 15, 2008)

LIE: “Ayers is still a buddy. They still pal around.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 15, 2008)
TRUTH: Ayers was never a buddy, and Obama does not currently “pal around” with him.

LIE: The Obama campaign engaged in a "brutal sleaze and smear tactic" against Stanley Kurtz.
(Rush Limbaugh, August 28, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no “brutal” tactic in urging people to call a radio station and question Kurtz's lies about Obama.

LIE: Rush Limbaugh said he had heard a rumor that a tape exists of Michelle Obama using the word 'Whitey' from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ.(Rush Limbaugh, May 30, 2008)
TRUTH: "No such tape exists. Michelle Obama has not spoken from the pulpit at Trinity and has not used that word."(

LIE: “Obama has two autobiographies which I refuse to believe he wrote.”(Rush Limbaugh, September 16, 2008)
TRUTH: It's perfectly clear that Obama wrote his books. Since the books are all about his life, which numerous press accounts confirm that Obama lived, Limbaugh's belief that “he hasn't lived a life long enough” to write two books is insane.

LIE: Obama's books were “written to hide and disguise who Obama is.”(Rush Limbaugh, September 16, 2008)
TRUTH: As anyone who has read Dreams From My Father knows, it's not the sort of book someone would write to “hide” their past. In fact, Obama has gotten more media scrutiny about his past than any other politician in American history, precisely because he wrote about it in so much detail.

LIE: “Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, the mentors of Barack Obama.”(Rush Limbaugh, September 16, 2008)
TRUTH: Even the worst of the “guilt by association” critics of Obama don't imagine that Ayers and Dohrn were his “mentors.”

LIE: Obama "believes and favors infanticide. Not just abortion, but infanticide."(Rush Limbaugh, September 3, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he doesn't.

LIE: Obama "believes in infanticide."(Rush Limbaugh, August 19, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he doesn't.

LIE: "Obama lobbied for infanticide."(Rush Limbaugh, August 20, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he didn't.

LIE: “Obama was all for infanticide. It's the only way you can put it."(Rush Limbaugh, August 20, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he wasn't

LIE: "Talk about how many babies have died because of Obama's support for infanticide."(Rush Limbaugh, August 20, 2008,
TRUTH: Zero.

LIE: Obama "really admires" China's one-child policy. "He's for infanticide. It is not an overstatement to say so."(Rush Limbaugh, August 21, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he doesn't.

LIE: Obama is "an infanticide nominee."(Rush Limbaugh, August 25, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he isn't.

LIE: "So, here's a party trying to present itself as a newly-found faith party -- that they understand people's values -- and their nominee believes in infanticide."(Rush Limbaugh, August 26, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he doesn't.

LIE: "His desire to hold high public office has required this confused man to lie about his sometimes bizarre judgments such as supporting infanticide."(Rush Limbaugh, August 28, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he hasn't.

LIE: Obama "supports infanticide" and "supports the killing of babies born alive as the result of botched abortions."(Rush Limbaugh, September 2, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he doesn't.

LIE: Obama "believes and favors infanticide. Not just abortion, but infanticide....This guy approves of abortion in the fourth trimester."(Rush Limbaugh, September 2, 2008,
TRUTH: No, he doesn't.

LIE: "How come Barry can't send his half brother a $20 bill and almost double the guy's annual income?"(Rush Limbaugh, August 22, 2008)
TRUTH: George Obama said on the August 22 edition of CNN's The Situation Room: "I was brought up well. I live well even now. The magazines, they exaggerated everything."(

LIE: “The Messiah got all kinds of sweetheart deals with Rezko, and who knows who else."(Rush Limbaugh, August 21, 2008)
TRUTH: There was no sweetheart deal with Rezko for Obama's house. Obama did not receive "all kinds of sweetheart deals with Rezko," and Limbaugh did not offer any evidence for anything he said.

LIE: Obama voted to "allow doctors and patients to murder babies."(Rush Limbaugh, August 15, 2008)
TRUTH: No, he didn't.

LIE: "When the Pentagon said you can't bring the cameras, that's when the Obama people said they're not going. Then they try to lay this off on the Pentagon, and -- but the bottom line is, they were not allowed to bring cameras and that's why they canceled it."(Rush Limbaugh, July 25, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not cancel the event because of not being allowed to bring in cameras.

LIE: “He is behaving like a segregationist from the 1950s....he is running ads in the south highlighting the white side of his family.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is running ads about his family, which includes whites, across the country. Running ads about your family is not segregationism.

LIE: “He is a pathological liar.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's commercials saying McCain wants to overturn Roe v. Wade are not lies, pathological or otherwise.

LIE: “he is inciting racism”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is not inciting racism.

LIE: “His thugs are in Alaska, looking for dirt on Sarah Palin and hacking into her email accounts.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's campaign did not send any “thugs” to Alaska to investigate Palin, and had nothing to do with her email account.

LIE: “He's now encouraging thug behavior on the part of his supporters.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama actually told his supporters, “I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face. And if they tell you that, 'Well, we're not sure where he stands on guns.' I want you to say, 'He believes in the Second Amendment.' If they tell you, 'Well, he's going to raise your taxes,' you say, 'No, he's not, he's going lower them.' You are my ambassadors."(

LIE: Obama has "never reached across the aisle as a senator in legislation."(Rush Limbaugh, March 27, 2008)
TRUTH: “Obama was a key co-sponsor of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (S.2590) with the bill's primary sponsor, Republican Sen. Tom Coburn (OK). In a press release upon Senate passage of the bill, Coburn himself referred to the legislation as the 'Coburn-Obama Bill.' Obama also worked with Republican Sen. Richard Lugar (IN) to produce the 'Lugar-Obama proliferation and threat reduction initiative,' which President Bush signed into law on January 11, 2007, and which received funding on June 28 of that year.”(Media Matters, March 28, 2008,

LIE: “Here's a little excerpt from the Corruption Chronicles Judicial Watch blog. 'Evidence seized during a Colombian military raid on the Marxist terrorist group known as Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia' -- its Spanish acronym is FARC -- 'reveals that the group's top commandos are receiving aid from President Hugo Chavez and that they see,' quote, 'more help coming next year if Barack Obama becomes president.' 'One of the electronic emails says that gringo associates of FARC were scheduling a sit-down with Obama to lobby him since the associates believe Obama will be the next president.'”(Rush Limbaugh,
TRUTH: The letter actually says, “The gringos will ask for an appointment with the minister to request that he communicate to us his interest in discussing these topics. They say that the new president of their country will be Obama and that they are interested in your compatriots. Obama will not support Plan Colombia nor sign the TLC. We responded that we are interested in relations with all governments on equal terms, and that in the case of the United States this requires a public pronouncement expressing their interest in talking with FARC, given their continual war with us.” Obama had nothing to do with it.(

LIE: “Penny Pritzker, Obama's chief economic advisor”(Rush Limbaugh, September 26, 2008)
TRUTH: Pritzker is the head of Obama's campaign finance committee, not his chief economic advisor.

LIE: "Penny hosting a reception for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the Grand Hyatt hotel in New York."(Rush Limbaugh, September 19, 2008)
TRUTH: Pritzker had nothing to do with the reception. Some organizations paid the Hyatt hotel to rent a room there, but the Pritzker family, even though it owns the Hyatt chain, is not responsible for every room rental.

LIE: “Franklin Raines...will be in Obama's cabinet.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has not announced his cabinet, but it's impossible to imagine that Raines would be part of it.

LIE: “You don't go to Berlin and tell a bunch of people at a beer garden that your country is imperfect.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama did not speak at a beer garden.

LIE: “Obama's a Chicago street thug.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is not a Chicago street thug.

LIE: “Obama stutters like that because he has to rein in his extreme leftism...he has to stop himself from saying 'America sucks.'”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama doesn't stutter, and he's not an extreme leftist.

LIE: In response to Obama on al-Qaeda in Iraq, Rush Limbaugh declared: “That's manifestly not true.”(Feb. 28, 2008)
TRUTH: “Numerous sources have determined that the group Al Qaeda in Iraq did not exist prior to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.”(Media Matters, Feb. 29, 2008,

LIE: “We have uncovered -- we have dug deep and we have found something Obama has done. It is called Senate Bill 2433, the Global Poverty Act of 2007. ..The legislation would commit the United States to spending 0.7 percent of GDP on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal 13-year total of $845 billion above what we already spend on foreign aid."(Rush Limbaugh, February 12, 2008,
TRUTH: The legislation does not commit the US to any spending.

LIE: “When his teleprompter breaks down, or when he doesn't have a teleprompter, all this flowery, vapid speech filled with hope -- it vanishes. And he reverts into the typical liberal: angry, full of rage, ripping Bush, ripping Rove, ripping Exxon Mobil -- every, every standard Democrat talking point.”(Rush Limbaugh, February 12, 2008,
TRUTH: Attacking Bush and Rove is part of Obama's prepared speeches.

LIE: “He's got a Jew-hater among his colleagues, Rashid Khalidi...he is a committed Jew-hater.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 22, 2008)
TRUTH: Khalidi is not a Jew-hater.

LIE: "you won't find a Senate bill with his name on it."(Rush Limbaugh, January 7, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was the primary sponsor of a bill in the 109th Congress (S.2125) to "promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo," which was signed into law by President Bush on December 22, 2006.(

LIE: "He's talking about there's a quiet riot brewing in America today because Bush doesn't care, because Bush isn't doing enough. This guy was inciting, he was inciting riots. ... And to talk about a quiet riot that is brewing out there it is dangerous, it is reckless."(Rush Limbaugh show, June 6, 2007,
TRUTH: Talking about a “quiet riot” is not inciting riots.

LIE: Obama "probably didn’t get out of Harvard without affirmative action."(Rush Limbaugh show, May 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama graduated from Harvard Law School magna cum laude, which means he was in the top 10% of his class at one of the top law schools in the country. Presumably, Limbaugh thinks that racial preferences got Obama all of those top grades to earn Magna Cum Laude status.

LIE: Biden and Obama were among those who opposed designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard as a terrorist organization.”(Rush Limbaugh show, October 1, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama supported designated the group as a terrorist organization, but not the part of the bill urging the expansion of the war in Iraq.

LIE: “Enormous sums are coming from foreigners”(Rush Limbaugh, October 1, 2008)
TRUTH: Foreigners are a tiny proportion of the donors to the Obama campaign, and their money is refunded.

LIE: "Well, we've got another tape from -- I get these guys confused -- Usama bin Laden. Another tape says he's going to invade Pakistan and declare war on Pakistan and Musharraf, which, ladies and gentlemen, puts him on the same page with a Democrat presidential candidate -- that would be Barack 'Uss-Obama.'"(Rush Limbaugh, September 20, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama said, "If we have actionable intelligence about high-value terrorist targets and President Musharraf won't act, we will." In no way does that amount to declaring war on Pakistan.

LIE: "If you read his books and listen to his audio reading of the book, you don't hear the same Barack Obama as the Barack Obama who goes out and speaks. I would like for him to be given a test on his own book."(Rush Limbaugh, October 2008)
TRUTH: Obama clearly wrote his own book.

LIE: “they want the federal government to take over the health-care system lock, stock, and barrel.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 2, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama does not want the federal government to take over the health-care system.

LIE: Limbaugh asserted that Obama "has never held a real job in this country," defining "real job" as "one that requires you to get up every morning, go to work, make a profit for yourself or for your employer." Limbaugh then added: "He has been paid by foundations and the taxpayer most of his life to promote a socialist agenda that'll destroy everything that you have worked for."(Rush Limbaugh, October 2, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has worked for several corporations, including a couple of law firms, a research firm, and numerous summer jobs. In fact, Obama has worked in the private sector much more than John McCain. In addition, Obama has worked for several nonprofits, including the University of Chicago, which are also “real jobs.”

LIE: Obama "has authored a bill ... that would require you, the hardworking people of this country, to pony up $85 billion per year to give to other countries to fight global poverty through the United Nations," (Rush Limbaugh, October 2, 2008,
TRUTH: The $85 billion figure is completely fake. Nothing in the bill says anything about it.

LIE: "I would ask those of you who have served in the military or are serving in the military, can you name anything -- anything Obama has done prior to running for president to show his support for you? Did he speak to veterans groups? Did he do interviews with veteran- and military-related media? Did he visit military hospitals and shake hands with the wounded? No."(Rush Limbaugh, October 2, 2008,
TRUTH: “In fact, in addition to serving on the Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs since 2005, as Media Matters has documented, Obama has also spoken to veterans groups and visited military bases overseas before the start of his presidential campaign.”(

LIE: Obama "didn't start putting his hand over his heart during the national anthem until a few months ago."(Rush Limbaugh, October 2, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has often put his hand over his heart during the national anthem.(

LIE: “every small business is far larger than $250,000 in receipts...99% of small business is going to get a huge tax increase....There's no way Obama is even close to the truth on this.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 13, 2008)
TRUTH: Limbaugh is mistaking the maximum receipts to qualify as a small business with the average, which is much lower. He also mixes up gross receipts with profits (which are much lower, and which reflect the income that is taxed). According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, “only 1.9 percent of filers with any small-business income are projected to face either of the top two income tax rates in 2009.”(

LIE: “You are not African American, Mr. Obama. You do not share the heritage of this country that African American implies.”(Rush Limbaugh, December 11, 2006)
TRUTH: Obama is an African-American.

LIE: “So are we to conclude here that he didn’t define himself as black, that the way he looks does? Well, if you didn’t decide it, then how did it happen? . . . Well, renounce it, then! If it’s not something you want to be, if you didn’t decide it, renounce it, become white! . . . If you don’t like it, you can switch. Well, that’s the way I see it. He’s got 50-50 in there. Say, ‘No, I’m white.’”(Rush Limbaugh, February 14, 2007)
TRUTH: Black people can’t become white by means of declaration.

LIE: "Almost all of his beliefs are founded in race and anger and racial division."(Rush Limbaugh, October 24, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's beliefs are founded in racial unity, not anger.

LIE: "This guy is a pure unadulterated socialist."(Rush Limbaugh, October 24, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is not a socialist.

LIE: "Do you know he has not one shred of African-American blood?...He's Arab. You know, he's from Africa. He's from Arab parts of Africa....he's not African-American. The last thing that he is is African-American."(Rush Limbaugh, September 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Kenya is not part of Arab-influence Northern Africa. Even if it were, there is no contradiction between being Arab and being African. But Obama's father was African, not Arab, and Obama is African-American because he is black.

LIE: "you can't criticize the little black man-child."(Rush Limbaugh, August 20, 2008)
TRUTH: As Rush Limbaugh proves, you can criticize Obama, and even attack him using racist language.

SMEAR: “Halfrican American.”(Rush Limbaugh, January 24, 2007,

SMEAR: “If he's got fire in his hands, what has he got in his pants?”(Rush Limbaugh, Jan. 18, 2007,

SMEAR: “he's a half-minority.”(Rush Limbaugh, Jan. 16, 2007,

SMEAR: "If Barack Obama were Caucasian, they would have taken this guy out on the basis of pure ignorance long ago."(Rush Limbaugh, May 14, 2008)

SMEAR: Obama is a “man-child.”(Rush Limbaugh, October 1, 2008)

SMEAR: “he's black but not authentically” (“Barack the Magic Negro” song, repeatedly played on the Rush Limbaugh show)

SMEAR: “It is clear that Senator Obama has disowned his white half, that he's decided he's got to go all in on the black side."(Rush Limbaugh, March 21, 2008,

SMEAR: “Barack Obama is a fraud.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)

SMEAR: Obama is “a half minority.”(Rush Limbaugh, January 16, 2007)

SMEAR: “He is nothing more than a Chicago thug community organizer.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)

SMEAR: Obama “is inflaming racial hatred.”(Rush Limbaugh, Sept. 18, 2008)

III. General Lies about Obama

[a compendium of lies about Obama from various sources]

LIE: “The U.S. has just experienced another stock market crash, and Barack Obama, the candidate now favored to be the next president, is in favor of what amounts to a new Wagner Act. If the mislabeled 'Employee Free Choice Act,' becomes law, it will likely have a similar effect on the economy as the original Wagner Act, transforming what could have been a recovery into a lengthy, deep recession, or worse. The bill would greatly facilitate organization in workplaces by effectively eliminating secret ballot elections, allowing unions to become exclusive bargaining agents when a majority of the workers sign a card indicating they want a union -- before they've heard a word from their employer about the potential downside of unionization.”(Mark Mix, Wall Street Journal, October 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Unions don't cause recessions, card check doesn't eliminate secret ballots (unless a majority of workers want it to), and employers are still free to denounce unions.

LIE: “Obama will tax Wall Street firms that caused the crisis at 35 percent, while many small businesses pay 62 percent.”(Right ad, October 2008)
TRUTH: “the 62 percent number is just plain wrong. No business – of any size whatsoever – would get hit with such a rate. And 'many small businesses' wouldn't face a rate anywhere close to that. Most, in fact, wouldn't see their taxes go up at all. The ad compares taxes for corporations and small businesses based on the assumption that some small-business owners file their taxes as individuals, not corporations. But the overwhelming majority of small-business owners that do so wouldn't face a tax increase under Obama's plan, because it proposes no tax hikes for anyone earning less than $200,000 a year, or $250,000 for married couples.”(, October 24, 2008,

LIE: “Barack Obama voted to make you the criminal. It's a true story and it gets worse. Obama voted four times to deny citizens the right of self-protection even in their home.”(National Rifle Association ad, October 2008)
TRUTH: “It would be fair to characterize Obama as voting to uphold enforcement of local gun bans, even in cases where the banned weapons were used in self-defense. But the NRA goes too far when it claims that he voted 'to deny citizens the right of self-protection' generally. He did no such thing.”(, October 23, 2008,

LIE: “For the first time in history, US voters are being asked to choose between continuing the Republic or bending to the will of a totalitarian Communist candidate.”(Sher Zieve, Renew America, October 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not a totalitarian Communist candidate.

LIE: “Evidence appears to be mounting that strongly indicates Democrat Presidential candidate Barack Hussein Obama is not a natural-born United States citizen, which is required of all who run for the presidency of the USA. Attorney Philip J. Berg filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama and the DNC (Democrat National Committee) on 15 September 2008. Neither Obama nor the DNC have responded to the suit — indicating that they admit the charges brought by Berg are accurate. Even after the filing of the Berg suit, Obama and his campaign have still refused to present a proper certified birth certificate showing that he is a natural-born US citizen. By said lack of response, candidate Obama is admitting that he is not.”
TRUTH: Obama is a natural-born citizen, and he has released his birth certificate long ago. Refusing to respond to a frivolous lawsuit is not an admission that it is correct.

LIE: "Now I learn that Barack Obama supports a huge new tax on my guns and ammo."(Karl Rusch, National Rifle Association "Hunter" video, September 22, 2008)
TRUTH: “The claim that he favors 'a huge new tax on guns and ammo' rests on a confusingly worded 9-year-old newspaper article that has little relevance for Obama's platform as a presidential candidate. The NRA misfires on this one.”(Washington Post Fact Checker, September 23, 2008,

LIE: “Evidence continues to mount that Barack Obama had substantial help from Bill Ayers in the creation of his 1995 book....The revelation by radical Islamicist Rashid Khalidi that Ayers made his 'dining room table' available for neighborhood writers who needed help.”(Jack Cashill, American Thinker, October 17, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not get help from Ayers to write the book. Ayers did not offer his dining room table to any neighborhood writers, and Obama didn't need a table because he had an office at the University of Chicago Law School.

LIE: “his remarks can only be interpreted to mean one thing: economic reparations for slavery.”(Paul Sperry,, October 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's 2001 remarks about "major redistributive change" have nothing to do with reparations for slavery.

LIE: “Senator Obama was a community organizer for ACORN.”(Barbara West, WFT TV reporter, September 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was not a community organizer for ACORN.

LIE: “Barack Obama will want to turn America into a socialist country, much like Sweden.”(Barbara West, WFT TV reporter, September 2008,
TRUTH: Barack Obama is not trying to turn America into Sweden, and Sweden is not a socialist country.

LIE: “In the Senate, he has been a benefactor for ACORN.”(Barbara West, WFT TV reporter, September 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was not a benefactor for ACORN in the Senate.

LIE: “If Barack Obama didn't know who Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers were when he was 8, he clearly did when he was at Occidental in 1980 and gave a public speech at an Occidental event sponsored by the Students for Economic Democracy. Obama had to have known who Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn were for the past twenty five years and there is possibly proof of that relationship in his hidden academic records.”(Zee Towner, American Thinker, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: Students for Economic Democracy was co-founded by Tom Hayden, who was sharply critical of Ayers, Dohrn, and the Weather Movement. There's no reason why Obama would know anything about Ayers and Dohrn in 1980. Academic records would never have any “proof” of Obama knowing anything about Ayers and Dohrn.

LIE: “One of Obama's first career jobs was with ACORN.”(James Simpson, American Thinker, October 18, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never had a job with ACORN.

LIE: “In 1992, Obama ran Chicago's office of Project Vote, an ACORN subsidiary which was credited with registering 150,000 voters in a successful effort to elect Democrat Carol Moseley Braun to the U.S. Senate....How many of those votes were fraudulent we will never know but Moseley-Braun was a one-term Senator, shot down by allegations of corruption.”(James Simpson, American Thinker, October 18, 2008,
TRUTH: There's no evidence of any fraudulent votes, and Obama had no connection to the criticisms of Moseley-Braun, who was not corrupt.

LIE: "That former terrorists are working with Marxist groups to elect Barack Obama is beyond doubt."(Trevor Louden, New Zeal blog,
TRUTH: Obama has no control over the people who support him. The fact that Al-Qaeda supports McCain is equally meaningless.

LIE: "The freshman Democratic senator received a discount. He locked in an interest rate of 5.625 percent on the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage, below the average for such loans at the time in Chicago. The loan was unusually large, known in banker lingo as a 'super super jumbo.' Obama paid no origination fee or discount points, as some consumers do to reduce their interest rates. Compared with the average terms offered at the time in Chicago, Obama's rate could have saved him more than $300 per month."(Washington Post, 7/2/08)
TRUTH: "Obama did not get special treatment and received his rate just like any other customer. His rate is consistent with rates for others with his financial profile."(,

LIE: After Obama's "scalding speech" in Detroit, the audience was "stunned into silence after greeting him with a standing ovation."(Newsweek, May 11, 2007)
TRUTH: Obama's speech was received with massive applause.

LIE: Obama is "certainly a racist" by virtue of belonging to Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ, which it says "will accept only black parishoners" and espouses a commitment to Africa.
TRUTH: "a white theology professor says he's been ‘welcomed enthusiastically' at the church, as have other non-blacks."(,

LIE: "Notice too, what color you will need to be if you should want to join Obama's church..._ B-L-A-C-K!!!"(
TRUTH: Obama's former church does not exclude whites: "a white theology professor says he's been ‘welcomed enthusiastically' at the church, as have other non-blacks."(

LIE: "possibly a covert worshiper of the Muslim faith, even today."(
TRUTH: Obama is a Christian.

LIE: "Obama's middle name is Mohammed."(
TRUTH: Obama's middle name is Hussein.

LIE: "Certainly a racist, as plainly defined by the stated position of his church!"(
TRUTH: His former church is not racist.

LIE: His father was "Barack Hussein Obama, Sr., a black MUSLIM from Nyangoma-Kogel, Kenya."(
TRUTH: Obama's father was an atheist, not a Muslim.

LIE: "His mother then married Lolo Soetoro, a RADICAL Muslim from Indonesia."(
TRUTH: Obama's stepfather was a nominal Muslim, not a radical.

LIE: "Obama was enrolled in a Wahabi school in Jakarta."(
TRUTH: Obama enrolled in a Catholic school and a public school in Indonesia.

LIE: "keep in mind that when he was sworn into office he DID NOT use the Holy Bible, but instead the Koran."(
TRUTH: Obama was sworn into office on the Bible.

LIE: "Barack Hussein Obama will NOT recite the Pledge of Allegiance nor will he show any reverence for our flag. While others place their hands over their hearts, Obama turns his back to the flag and slouches."(
TRUTH: Obama does recite the Pledge.

LIE: "New government taxes proposed on homes that are more than 2400 square feet."("NEW TAXES BEING PROPOSED BY OBAMA” email,
TRUTH: Obama has never proposed any taxes based on the size of homes.

LIE: "New gasoline taxes (as if gas weren't high enough already)."("NEW TAXES BEING PROPOSED BY OBAMA” email,
TRUTH: Obama has never proposed any new gasoline taxes.

LIE: "New taxes on natural resources consumption (heating gas, water, electricity)."("NEW TAXES BEING PROPOSED BY OBAMA” email,
TRUTH: Obama has not proposed any taxes on heating gas, water, or electricity.

LIE: "New taxes on retirement accounts and last but not least...."("NEW TAXES BEING PROPOSED BY OBAMA” email,
TRUTH: Obama has not proposed special taxes on retirement accounts.

LIE: "New taxes to pay for socialized medicine so we can receive the same level of medical care as other third-world countries!!!"("NEW TAXES BEING PROPOSED BY OBAMA” email,
TRUTH: Obama is not proposing socialized medicine.

LIE: Obama "holds both American and Kenyan (since 1963) citizenship."(Rocky Mountain News, August 6, 2008,
TRUTH: The Kenyan Constitution prohibits dual citizenship, and Obama was never a Kenyan citizen and never lived in Kenya. Obama is an American citizen only.

LIE: "I watched in horror as Barack Obama made the statement with pride...'we are no longer a Christian nation.'"(email,
TRUTH: What Obama actually said: "Whatever we once were, we are no longer a Christian nation – at least, not just. We are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, and a Hindu nation, and a nation of nonbelievers."

LIE: Obama was "seeming to downplay the current role of Christianity in the United States of America."(Sean Hannity, Fox News Channel, June 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was not downplaying Christianity, he was correctly noting that America is not exclusively Christian.

LIE: The 200,000 people in Germany to hear Obama speak came for free food and beer and music rather than Obama.(
TRUTH: There was no free food and beer, and bands that played were not publicized. The crowd stayed and grew to hear Obama after the last band had finished, indicating why they were there.

LIE: “This came to me in an e-mail subject 'Idiot Quote of the Century': 'My friends, we live in the greatest nation in the history of the world. I hope you'll join with me as we try to change it.'-- Barack Obama.”(email,
TRUTH: It's a faked quote.

LIE: Misleading quote: From Audacity of Hope: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction."(
TRUTH: Obama was writing about protecting civil liberties, not standing with Muslims in general.

LIE: "'As I've said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides,' Obama said. 'There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression. And the anthem it self conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all. It should be swapped for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song “I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing.” If that were our anthem, then I might salute it.'"(,
TRUTH: It's a faked quote.

LIE: "Obama is the single most liberal senator in the entire U.S. Senate."(Ken Blackwell, New York Sun, February 14, 2008,
TRUTH: One flawed measure of one year's voting record on selected items by National Journal does not show Obama is the “most liberal” senator. According to measurements, in 2007 Obama was the 11th most liberal senator, and McCain was the 8th most conservative senator. In the 109th Congress, Obama was the 21st most liberal senator, and McCain was the 2nd most conservative senator. So by this measure, McCain is far more ideologically extreme than Obama.

LIE: "Over the summer, Mr. Obama talked about invading Pakistan, a nation armed with nuclear weapons; meeting without preconditions with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who vows to destroy Israel and create another Holocaust; and Kim Jong Il, who is murdering and starving his people, but emphasized that the nuclear option was off the table against terrorists — something no president has ever taken off the table since we created nuclear weapons in the 1940s."(Ken Blackwell, New York Sun, February 14, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama never talked about invading Pakistan, and no one imagines that nuclear weapons should be used against terrorists.

LIE: "He is pro-partial birth abortion, and promises to appoint Supreme Court justices who will rule any restriction on it unconstitutional.”(Ken Blackwell, New York Sun, February 14, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama has never promised to appoint Supreme Court justices who think any restriction on abortion is unconstitutional. Obama himself doesn't believe that.

LIE: "He espouses the abortion views of Margaret Sanger, one of the early advocates of racial cleansing."(Ken Blackwell, New York Sun, February 14, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama has never praised Sanger or expressed her views. Associating Obama with racial cleansing is a pure smear. It's like saying that someone espouses the political views of George Washington, one of the advocates of slavery.

LIE: "In Illinois, he refused to vote against a statewide ban — ban — on all handguns in the state."(Ken Blackwell, New York Sun, February 14, 2008,,
TRUTH: According to the Associated Press, “His legislative record in Illinois shows strong support for gun restrictions, such as limiting handgun purchases to one a month, but no attempts to ban them.”(Associated Press, December 23, 2007,

LIE: "Sen. Obama consistently and falsely claims that he was a law professor."(, March 25, 2008)
TRUTH: Anyone who teaches a college class is broadly considered a professor, and is typically called a professor by students. Calling Obama a "law professor" is a description of his job category, not his official title. The University of Chicago Law School has even listed him among its professors.(,

LIE: On Social Security, Obama "play[ed] along with this new round of scare-mongering and devalue one of the great progressive victories of the Bush years."(Paul Krugman, New York Times, Nov. 16, 2007,
TRUTH: By talking about a "crisis" and offering a solution, Obama has the potential to help bring the most dramatic improvement to our Social Security system in its history. Nothing about his comments devalued Social Security.(

LIE: "He promises more taxes on small business, seniors, your life savings, your family," according to a television ad.(
TRUTH: "the claim is true if you happen to be a small business, a senior or a family making more than $250,000 a year, or $200,000 for a single person. Otherwise, it's generally not the case. In fact, Obama advocates eliminating income taxes for seniors with incomes less than $50,000."

LIE: “Barack Obama had an underage, gay affair with a pedophile.”(
TRUTH: It's a complete lie.

LIE: “Obama was interested in South Africa divestment in the early 80's....A major focal point of the anti-apartheid movement in the fall of 1981 was the Springboks rugby tour - they were an integrated South African rugby team on a 'goodwill' tour of the US, creating controversy and drawing protests everywhere. Some of the protests were violent, including one at John F. Kennedy Airport (from whence the team departed, I believe), and bombs were exploded.”(
TRUTH: It's absurd to claim that Obama was involved in terrorism because he opposed apartheid in South Africa.

LIE: “Obama funded extremist Afrocentrists who shared Wright’s anti-Americanism.”(Stanley Kurtz, National Review, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not personally fund these programs; he was part of the board that made funding decisions. Kurtz himself admits that the programs funded were “harmless,” and it would have been unprofessional for anyone to ban all people with Afrocentrist viewpoints from seeking grants.

LIE: “he had a close friendship with an attractive African-American female employee” in 2004.(
TRUTH: The UK Daily Mail describes this as a “shadowy smear campaign” that is “falsely” claiming an affair. Everyone involved denies there is anything to this story.(

LIE: “He has said in the last week that he really liked the ideas of the Republicans over the last 10 to 15 years, and we can give you the exact quote. ... They were ideas like privatizing Social Security, like moving back from a balanced budget and a surplus to deficit and debt.”(Hillary Clinton, January 21, 2008 debate)
TRUTH: “Not true. The entire 49-minute interview to which she refers contains no endorsement of private Social Security accounts or deficit spending, and Obama specifically scorned GOP calls for tax cuts.”(, January 22, 2008,

LIE: "Did Obama snub U.S. troops in Afghanistan to shoot baskets for publicity pictures?"(email)
TRUTH: "This is another viral e-mail falsehood. The author now says it's not true; the Army says it's not true; and video and photos show Obama shaking hands with troops and eating breakfast with them as well."(

LIE: "Supporters, armed with the campaign's non-responsive talking points, dutifully flooded the program with calls and emails, protesting Kurtz's appearance and attempting to shout him down."(Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review, October 1, 2008,
TRUTH: Callers to a radio show can't "shout" down a guest or a host. It never happened.

LIE: Obama was "weak on the war on gangs" when he voted in 2001 against a bill to make gang killers automatically eligible for the death penalty.( email)
TRUTH: "The author of that very bill says the ad is a 'tasteless and reprehensible misrepresentation' of Obama's stand and 'completely mischaracterizes' his position on criminals."(

LIE: Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. natural-born citizen.(
TRUTH: Hawaii is part of the United States.

LIE: “Obama under ‘friends of Obama’ gave almost a million dollars to the opposition campaign who just happened to be his cousin, Raila Odinga, who is a socialist trained in east Germany.”(Celeste Davis email, April 2008,
TRUTH: Odinga is not Obama’s cousin, and never gave any money to Odinga.(

LIE: "Obama and Raila speak daily."(Celeste Davis email, April 2008,
TRUTH: “Although the Obama campaign acknowledged that Senator Obama spoke to Raila Odinga by telephone ‘for about five minutes’ in January 2008 (he also made a public appearance with Odinga during a trip to Kenya in August 2006), we could find nothing substantiating the claim that’"Obama and Raila speak daily.’"(
LIE: "Obama IS a Muslim and he IS a racist and this is a fulfillment of the 911 threat that was just the beginning."(Celeste Davis email, April 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not a Muslim and is not a racist.

LIE: “His true name is Barak Hussein Muhammed Obama. Won't that sound sweet to our enemies as they swear him in on the Koran!”(Celeste Davis email, April 2008,
TRUTH: Obama’s name does not include Muhammed.

LIE: "It became clear that these donations were very likely coming from sources other than American voters. This was discussed at length within the campaign and the decision was made that none of these donations violated campaign financing laws."(email falsely attributed to Maureen Dowd column,
TRUTH: All of the Obama campaign money has come from American donors, as is required by law. The few attempts by foreign citizens to donate money are stopped or returned.

LIE: "I read that Obama will not release his birth certificate. Have heard rumors it's because he is listed as white. Or that because he isn't a U.S. born citizen."(
TRUTH: Obama has released his birth certificate.

LIE: "the Klu [sic] Klux Klan has endorsed Barack Obama."(
TRUTH: The Ku Klux Klan has not endorsed Obama. Duh.

LIE: Obama is the anti-Christ.(
TRUTH: There is no such thing as the anti-Christ, and Obama isn't him.

LIE: Photo of Obama holding phone upside down.(
TRUTH: It's a manipulated photo.

LIE: Obama "says he will deal with street level drug dealing as minimum wage affair."(
TRUTH: Not true. It doesn't even make any sense.

LIE: During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Barack Obama said, "a strong government hand is needed to assure that wealth is distributed more equitably."(
TRUTH: Faked quote.

LIE: Native Americans dubbed Obama "Walking Eagle" to mock him.(
TRUTH: Not true.

LIE: An ABC News report falsified support for Obama among solders.(
TRUTH: The support for Obama was real, but anecdotal, of course.

LIE: Bill Cosby attacked Obama for his links to Rev. Wright.(
TRUTH: Not real.

LIE: Obama's campaign is being funded by Hugo Chavez.(
TRUTH: Hugo Chavez isn't allowed to fund Obama's campaign.

LIE: "When word broke that Obama's supporters in Houston work under a banner glorifying Che, the campaign's reaction was to brush it off as an issue involving volunteers, not the official campaign. After two days of controversy, the campaign issued a statement calling the flag 'inappropriate' and saying its display 'does not reflect Senator Obama's views.'"(Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe,
TRUTH: In reality, the flag was not in an Obama campaign office, and Obama's campaign strongly condemned it as "offensive."

LIE: "Calling a very prominent female governor of one of our states a ‘pig' is not exactly what we want to see.”(Jane Swift,
TRUTH: Obama did not call Palin a pig.

LIE: Obama's introduction to Islam came via his father.(
TRUTH: Obama was two when he parents divorced, and he barely ever saw his father, who was not a Muslim.

LIE: George Will denounced Barack Obama as an "elitist" and then claimed that Obama had tried to "commiserate" with Iowans about high food prices by citing the price of Arugula at Whole Foods. Will observed mockingly that there are no Whole Foods stores in Iowa.
TRUTH: Obama was commiserating with Iowa farmers about the fact that consumers pay high prices while farmers don't receive much of the revenues.(

LIE: "Barack Obama Could Not Have Won the Democratic Nomination Without ABC, CBS and NBC."(
TRUTH: The press in the primary focused far more on “scandals” about Obama than about Hillary Clinton.(

LIE: "the national media have unfairly tipped the scales in Obama's direction."(
TRUTH: The national media have favored McCain substantially more than Obama.(

LIE: "One seemingly consistent theme running throughout Barack Obama's career is his comfort with aligning himself with people who are anti-Israel advocates."(Ed Lasky,, January 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama does not align himself with anti-Israel advocates.

LIE: "terrorists worldwide would indeed be emboldened by an Obama election."(Aaron Klein, World Net Daily, March 11, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama would be a disaster for global terrorists because he would undermine the massive recruiter made possible by George W. Bush.

LIE: "Was he ever a Muslim? Almost certainly yes."(Editorial, the Forward, January 30, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was never a Muslim.

LIE: Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981 to be part of jihad: "Millions of Afghan refugees were living in Pakistan, while the Afghan Mujahedeen operated from bases inside Pakistan in their war with the Soviets. One of the leaders that based his operation in Quetta, Pakistan was Usama Bin Laden...There would be only a few reasons a young Westerner of the Muslim faith would travel to Pakistan in 1981: To Participate in Jihad, which is the duty of every ‘True Believer‘. For religious education in a Wahabbi sect, Saudi funded, Madrassa. In order to purchase drugs from the drug marketplace."(
TRUTH: Obama went to Pakistan with a college friend to visit that friend's family. There's not the slightest evidence for anything in this charge.

LIE: "Was Barack Obama ever a Muslim? He says no, but the Associated Press found records that showed Obama was in school as a Muslim living in Indonesia and the Obama campaign can't explain why. Maybe it doesn't matter if Obama were a Muslim back then, but it does matter if he's not telling the truth about it now."(, June 2008)
TRUTH: “At the Catholic school, he was required to participate in Catholic rituals and pray four times a day yet no one has ever claimed that this made Obama a Catholic....they make no attempt to weigh the evidence fairly....a mixture of half-truth, innuendo, and dramatic headlines."(Washington Post Fact Checker,

LIE: Barack Obama has been attacked for not having an American Flag on his campaign airplane.
TRUTH: Barack Obama does indeed have an American flag displayed on the outside of this campaign airplane. He painted over a flag-themed corporate logo that had been on the tail.(

LIE: "Israel is a critical American ally and a beacon of democracy in the Middle East, not a 'constant sore' as Barack Obama claims. Obama's latest remark, and his commitment to 'opening a dialogue' with sponsors of terrorism, echoes past statements by Jimmy Carter who once called Israel an 'apartheid state.' It's another sign that Obama is part of the broken Washington Americans are rejecting."(House Republican leader John Boehner, press release, May 12, 2008)
TRUTH: "a fair-minded reading of Obama's remarks shows that his comment has been taken completely out of context." Obama was talking about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as a "constant sore" in the Middle East, not Israel itself.(Washington Post Fact Checker, Jeffrey Goldberg, who conducted the interview with Obama being quoted, called Boehner "mendacious, duplicitous, gross, and comically refutable."(

LIE: In a YouTube video, Larry "Sinclair charges Obama smoked crack cocaine in the limo while Sinclair snorted powdered cocaine provided by the legislator. He says the two met in an upscale Chicago lounge before leaving in Sinclair's limousine where the drug use and sex took place for the first time."(
TRUTH: Larry Sinclair is a convicted felon with absolutely no evidence for his bizarre accusations, and a lie detector test he took "indicates deception." Sinclair has a "27-year criminal record, with a specialty in crimes involving deceit" in multiple states under numerous aliases, having spent more than half of that span in jail.( Sinclair also says he has a brain tumor.( There are various inconsistencies in his insane story that even conservative websites have debunked.
(,, such as the fact that on November 8, 1999, when Sinclair originally claimed to have a sexual encounter with Obama in Gurnee, IL, Sinclair was actually under arrest in Colorado for violating his probation.(

LIE: "Barack Obama violated the stated intention of his 2006 Official Government Visa to Africa by publicly propagandizing for his cousin, Railla Odinga against the US democratic ally of Kenya."(
TRUTH: Obama did not propagandize for anyone, and did not violate his visa.

LIE: "Senator Barack Obama used the office of IL Senator to facilitate the vote rigging in Chicago as chairman of the Illinois Senate Health and Human Services Committee."(Petition to Impeach Barack Obama from the Senate, September 22, 2008,
TRUTH: There was no vote rigging in Chicago, and it had nothing to do with Obama's role as chair of a committee.

LIE: "On May 31, 2003, Senate Bill 1332 passed and specified that the ‘Board shall be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate.' The legislation reduced the number of members from 15 to 9, paving the way for the appointment of a five-bloc majority to rig the votes....Obama was the inside guy in the senate who pushed through the legislation."(Petition to Impeach Barack Obama from the Senate, September 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was not "the inside guy." Obama was not a co-sponsor of this routine legislation to save money by reducing the size of the board. The governor had always appointed the members of the board.(

LIE: "Senator Barack Obama has maintained regular contact with known criminals such as Antoin (Tony) Rezko and other criminal elements in Chicago and Illinois."
(Petition to Impeach Barack Obama from the Senate, September 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's only contact with Rezko came before he was indicted or convicted of a crime.

LIE: "Senator Barack Obama has consistently lied about his contact with convicted criminal Tony Rezko."(Petition to Impeach Barack Obama from the Senate, September 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has not lied about his contact with Rezko.

LIE: "When later questioned about his records during his term in the IL Senate, Mr. Obama gave evasive answers or refused to supply records."(Petition to Impeach Barack Obama from the Senate, September 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama doesn't have historic records of his time in the Illinois Senate because it wasn't common for former state senators to maintain all of the records.

LIE: "Barack Obama is truly a phenomenon of our time-- a presidential candidate who cannot cite a single serious accomplishment in his entire career"(Thomas Sowell,, September 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has numerous accomplishments detailed on his website and elsewhere.(

LIE: "To find anything comparable to crowds' euphoric reactions to Obama, you would have to go back to old newsreels of German crowds in the 1930s, with their adulation of their fuehrer, Adolf Hitler. With hindsight, we can look back on those people with pity, knowing now how many of them would be led to their deaths by the man they idolized."(Thomas Sowell,, September 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Actually, the euphoric reactions of crowds are similar to Robert Kennedy and John F. Kennedy and other cases where people are enthusiastic about a candidate. Associating all crowds for political events with Hitler is a grotesque insult.

LIE: "this absolute racist Obama...I'm the only person in America who has read Obama's autobiography, and all he has a racial hair-trigger, he's a complete loon. All he talks about is constantly being offended....He's a dimestore Mein Kampf...It is absolute racialist."(Ann Coulter, April 2008, Fox News Channel's Hannity and Colmes,
TRUTH: Obama is not a racist; Ann Coulter is a racist who declared in 2007 before a cheering crowd at the leading conservative conference in the country that Bill Clinton should called the first black president because he's "half white, half trash."(

LIE: Barack Obama has been in a sex video while he was in the Ukraine
TRUTH: It's a lie, and a computer virus.(

LIE: "He refuses to answer questions about Columbia and New York -- which, in this media age, serves only to raise more of them. Why not release his Columbia transcript? Why has his senior essay gone missing?" (Wall Street Journal editorial,
TRUTH: Neither Obama nor McCain have released their college transcripts, not that it matters. Obama simply doesn't remember a lot of the people he met there, because he didn't focus on it in his first book. The New York Times spoke with the advisor for his senior essay, who gave him an "A" grade and praised him strongly. At Columbia, senior essays are not retained in the library, and Obama lost his copy long ago, as many students do, so there's no conspiracy at all.(

LIE: "On the Fact Check section of Obama's website, the campaign asserted the Born Alive Infants Protection Act was unnecessary because the same provisions were provided in the Illinois Abortion Law of 1975. The 1975 law specifies medical care should be given to infants who, before being aborted, are considered viable - by the very doctor aborting them. "
TRUTH: The 1975 law explicitly declares that any infant born alive must receive medical care; the issue of viability addresses having an additional doctor in the room, but it doesn't change the legal status of the infant after being born.(

LIE: The Republican Jewish Coalition called Jewish voters in Florida and asked if they "would be influenced if she learned that Obama had donated money to the Palestine Liberation Organization. The caller also asked how she would vote if she learned that someone on the Illinois senator's staff had close ties to Palestine."(AP, Sept. 16, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama never donated any money to the PLO. Obama doesn't have any staffers with "close ties" to Palestine.

LIE: Obama voted "present" 60 percent of the time during his two years in the United States Senate.(Let Freedom Ring ad,
TRUTH: You cannot vote "present" in the United States Senate.

LIE: Obama took contributions from Hamas.(,
TRUTH: Some businessmen from Gaza illegally tried to buy some Obama T-shirts, hoping to resell them in Gaza. Their contributions were returned, but due to a technical error the refunds weren't reported to the FEC initially.(

LIE: "His pastor believed this was an inside job. I bet you a buck, man to man, that Obama believes this was an inside job. And when he makes this ridiculous statement -- 'Let us remember that the terrorists responsible for 9-11 are still at large' -- what is he really saying there?"(Brian Sussman, KSFO's The Lee Rodgers Show, September 11, 2008,
TRUTH: Rev. Wright never said that 9-11 was an inside job. Obama does not believe 9-11 was an inside job. Obama mentions that Osama bin Laden is still at large because the Bush Administration failed to catch him and the war in Iraq distracted America from that mission.

LIE: "No one is called Hussein unless he is Muslim. So it is very clear that Barack Hussein Obama is definitely a Muslim."(Walid Shoebat, G. Gordon Liddy radio show, September 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Religion is determined by belief, not name. There are numerous people with Hussein in their names who are not Muslims.

LIE: "In Islam, in the law of Sharia of Islam, the Prophet of Islam said ... whoever leaves the Islamic faith is to be killed. So what part of killing people don't understand? He is not called to be killed by the Muslims. Why do they support him? I haven't heard a really serious testimony of his Christian conversion. A Muslim who converts to Christianity, the first thing he does is denounces Islam. Has Barack Hussein Obama denounced Islam as a false religion?"(Walid Shoebat, G. Gordon Liddy radio show, September 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama details his conversion from atheism to Christianity in his memoir. Obama never was a Muslim.

LIE: "Does Barack Obama owe his meteoric rise to an Israeli-hating adviser to a Saudi billionaire? Why did a race-baiting mentor to the Black Panthers favor this yet unknown community organizer?"(Investor's Business Daily editorial, September 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Khalid al-Mansour has never met Obama, and did not help him get into Harvard Law School or fund his education.( The family of the source of this story, an elderly man named Percy Sutton, issued a statement, "The information Mr. Percy Sutton imparted on March 25 in a NY1 News interview regarding his connection to Barack Obama is inaccurate."(

LIE: "the plan that Barack Obama has called for, and that's increased taxes -- and that's taxes across the board on the American people without exception."(Senator Richard Burr, September 2, 2008, MSNBC Live)
TRUTH: Obama has called for lowering taxes on the overwhelming majority of Americans.(

LIE: "he's running for the president of the United -- presidency of the United States, when -- you know, a four-year job, when he's never held a job that long in his life."( CNN contributor Alex Castellanos, August 28, 2008)
TRUTH: "Obama taught at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992-2004,served in the Illinois senate from 1997-2004, and held positions as associate and of counsel at the law firm of Miner, Barnhill & Galland (known as Davis, Miner, Barnhill & Galland when Obama joined) from 1993-2002."(

LIE: "we still don't have a birth certificate for Obama. There are claims that he was actually born in Kenya....If it's so important an issue that the campaign, if they had a real birth certificate from Hawaii, the campaign would put it out, not rely on a phony thing Photoshopped by Daily Kos."(G. Gordon Liddy, August 26, 2008,
TRUTH: We have a real birth certificate for Obama, and the one posted by his campaign is not photoshopped.

LIE: "I can only imagine how the world will embrace the leader of the free world when he introduces other foreign leaders with, 'give it up for my man Vladimir.' Giving 'props' for joining us in a treaty. Or the first lady Michelle talking about 'my man' the 'daddy of my babies' when referring to the president. ... The use of ghetto slang during the primaries and even today may be a clear indication just how the Obamas intend to 'roll' if given the privileged seat in the Oval Office...I can see it now. Air Force One decked out with '22s' and spinners. Maybe even a set of hydraulics. Watching the hip-hop president in the Oval Office with his baseball cap on backward coping a gansta lean in the big chair. Should be really pimp, don't you think?"(Craig R. Smith, World Net Daily, August 25, 2008,
TRUTH: This racist attack on Obama is false because Obama has not used "ghetto slang."

LIE: "The worst thing that can happen is everybody has to pay double and triple the taxes, and that's what Obama is looking to do."(Donald Trump, Fox News' Fox & Friends, August 27, 2008,
TRUTH: Not even Donald Trump will have to pay double and triple taxes. No one imagines that "everybody" would have to pay twice as much in taxes under an Obama presidency. Only an idiot would say that.
LIE: "There's the story now afloat that an Obama half brother is living in grim poverty in Kenya, scratching out a bare living on a dollar a month while the senator lives in luxury on $5 million a year.”(Wesley Pruden, Washington Times, August 26, 2008)
TRUTH: Barack Obama doesn't make $5 million a year. He made $4 million in 2007 due to royalties from his books, but that isn’t typical of his income. Obama’s half-brother declared, "It seems there are people who want to destroy me and my family. They say I live on a dollar a month, but this is all lies by people who don't want my brother to win."(

LIE: “he said that if the bill passed and a 9-month-old fetus survived this late-term abortion and was deemed to be a person who had a right to live and a right to medical care, that the law would forbid abortions to take place, which is just, you know, medically false.”(Sean Hannity radio show, August 15, 2008)
TRUTH: There was a legitimate concern that vague language about personhood might be used in a legal challenge to abortion rights.(

LIE: “what would you call a guy who openly complained about 'white folks' greed'?”(Sean Hannity radio show, August 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was quoting Jeremiah Wright in his book, not expressing his own view.

LIE: "I never hear the inspiring -- where is the inspiring rhetoric about how great this country is? I never hear him talk about that."(Sean Hannity, Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, August 7, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama regularly talks about the greatness of America, such as in his July 24 speech in Berlin, Germany: "But I also know how much I love America."(

SMEAR: Obama "is a steaming, hot pile of crap wedged between two pieces of bread. That is what Barack Obama is. He is a steamy crap sandwich. He is a fraud."(Guest host Chris Krok, Fox News Radio's The John Gibson Show, August 7, 2008,

LIE: "I think saying that you are a citizen of the world, talking to 200,000 Germans is very dangerous because the average American does not want to elect a president of the world to use up America in order to make the rest of the world feel good."(Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity radio show, August 6, 2008)
TRUTH: “In fact, Obama referred to himself in the Berlin speech as 'a citizen -- a proud citizen of the United States, and a fellow citizen of the world,' as Media Matters for America has noted. Moreover, Obama is not the first U.S. public official to refer to himself as a 'citizen of the world' in front of an international audience. President Reagan did so in a June 17, 1982, speech to the United Nations General Assembly, in which he said, "I speak today as both a citizen of the United States and of the world.'”(

LIE: "Bill Clinton says that Barack Obama may not be ready to be president."(Sean Hannity, Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, August 7, 2008)
TRUTH: Clinton said, "you could argue that no one is ever ready to be president...I mean, I certainly learned a lot about the job in my first year. You could argue that even if you've been vice president for eight years, that no one can ever be fully ready for the pressures of the office. And that everyone learns something, and something different." Clinton praised Obama, saying, "He's shown a keen strategic sense in his ability to run an effective campaign. He clearly can inspire and motivate people and energize them, which is a very important part of being a president. And he's smart as a whip, so there's nothing he can't learn."(

LIE: McCain “opposes tax increases and Obama favors them."(Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal column, August 7, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama supports tax cuts for most Americans.(

LIE: "The thing that I do find about Barack Obama is that -- and I think America is starting to catch on to this -- this guy really is a Marxist. He believes in the redistribution of wealth."(Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News, August 4, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is not a Marxist.(

LIE: Obama "seems to be something of an endorsement of the idea of 'reparations for slavery,' which is usually taken to mean cash payments."(Wall Street Journal's James Taranto, July 30, 2008,
TRUTH: “when specifically asked at the convention whether he supported 'offering reparations to various groups,' Obama replied that 'the best reparations we can provide are good schools in the inner city and jobs for people who are unemployed.'"(

LIE: "everything was well orchestrated, all the timing -- you know, for example, even the release of the note that he put at the Western Wall, that was all leaked to the press, and that was a big deal as well." (Sean Hannity radio show, July 30, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's note was taken, and never was leaked to the press by his campaign.(

LIE: On Obama’s transition team plans: “this is very early, and it plays into this notion that the Republicans are talking about, about Obama being too arrogant, that he has sort of a sense of inevitability that has set in there."(U.S. News & World Report's Kenneth Walsh, MSNBC Live, July 24, 2008)
TRUTH: McCain also had a transition team, and all recent presidents planned for a White House transition months before the election.(

LIE: "I'd love to give a speech in Germany to -- a political speech or a speech that maybe the German people would be interested in, but I'd much prefer to do it as president of the United States, rather than as a candidate for the office of presidency."(John McCain)
TRUTH: “On June 20, McCain spoke to the Economic Club of Toronto in Ottawa, Canada, on a trip paid for by his presidential campaign.”(

LIE: "Seventy-five-thousand people at an outdoor sports palace, well, that's something the Fuehrer would have done. And I think whoever is advising Senator Obama to do this is bringing up all kinds of very unfortunate images from the past."(Ben Stein, CNN Headline News’ Glenn Beck show, July 23, 2008)
TRUTH: Large crowds are not a sign of Nazism.(://

LIE: "President Bush, John McCain, the Joint Chiefs, France, Britain, other countries, you know, they've -- they're out there. They're already have been saying that we need more troops in Afghanistan. They've been saying it for weeks and months. Obama didn't come up with this idea. He's in Afghanistan for two hours and he comes out, 'We need more troops on the ground. I can tell, I'm here, I know.'"(Sean Hannity radio show, July 22, 2008)
TRUTH: Bush, McCain, and others had ignored Afghanistan while Obama has been calling for more troops there for more than the past year.(

LIE: "While campaigning in public for a speedy withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, Sen. Barack Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a draw-down of the American military presence."(Amir Taheri, New York Post, September 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama favored the Status of Forces Agreement, but wanted Congress to be involved in negotiations on the Strategic Framework Agreement. The fundamental lie here is Taheri's implication that US troops could not be reduced without the agreement.

LIE: "the Obamas . . . plan to herd American youth into government-funded reeducation camps where they'll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of 'social change.'"( Investor's Business Daily Editorial, September 4, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is proposing a "Universal Voluntary Public Service" that doesn't exist now, so all of the complaints about "camps" and "brainwashing" are entirely made up.

LIE: "despite this major difference with Senator McCain on the surge itself, there's been a blurring of lines on foreign policy generally. He [Obama] agrees now with McCain on more troops for Afghanistan."(George Stephanopoulos , ABC’s World News, July 21, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama, not McCain, was the first to call for more troops for Afghanistan.(

LIE: Obama’s 2008 trip was his "first trip to the Middle East"(anchor Gregg Jarrett, Fox News Channel's America's Election HQ, July 19, 2008) or "his first trip to the war zones."(Robin Robert, ABC’s Good Morning America, July 18, 2008)
TRUTH: “Obama made a January 2006 Middle East trip that included stops in Iraq, Israel, and Jordan.”(

LIE: "The bottom line is you have a Democratic nominee, presumptive nominee, who has the least foreign policy experience of recent presidential candidates, of anyone except Jimmy Carter, and he's got to prove himself."(Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC Live, July 17, 2008,
TRUTH: With four years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and visits to 17 countries, Obama has more foreign policy experience than four out of the last five presidents (Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush).

LIE: "if he says he's not affiliated with Muslims and is not a Muslim, why was his 'day off' on the first day of Ramadan?"(Carol Jewell, letter in Columbus Dispatch, Sept. 18, 2008,
TRUTH: The first day of Ramadan (Sept. 1) also happened to be Labor Day, and the first day of the Republican National Convention. In reality, Obama was scheduled to speak at Detroit's Labor Day parade and go to a barbecue in Monroe, Michigan.

LIE: "His dangerous views on Israel have just been endorsed by Pat Buchanan."(ad by Republican Jewish Coalition,
TRUTH: The ad cites Buchanan agreeing with Obama's views on talking to Iran and expressing concern for the Palestinian people. In reality, Buchanan supports McCain, and Sarah Palin was a state chair for Buchanan’s presidential campaign and attended a fundraiser for him.

LIE: host John McLaughlin said: "Question: Does it frost Jackson, Jesse Jackson, that someone like Obama, who fits the stereotype blacks once labeled as an Oreo -- a black on the outside, a white on the inside -- that an Oreo should be the beneficiary of the long civil rights struggle which Jesse Jackson spent his lifetime fighting for?"(John McLaughlin, The McLaughlin Group, July 11, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not an "oreo"; Jackson's resentment is against any black leader taking his place.

LIE: Sen. Barack Obama was "out telling people to have their children not learn languages -- foreign languages, but specifically, while discussing the issue of illegal immigration, tells them they've got to learn Spanish."(Lou Dobbs, CNN, July 11, 2008)
TRUTH: "In fact, Obama was responding to a question about education and bilingualism, not 'illegal immigration,' and while Obama did reference 'immigrants,' at no point in his July 8 remarks did he mention 'illegal immigration.'"(

LIE: Obama's proposal "for rescinding the Bush tax cuts" would result in "families of four that make $50,000 a year ... paying another $2,000 in taxes a year."(Sean Hannity radio show, July 9, 2008)
TRUTH: Not even remotely true. Obama’s proposal would cut taxes more for families making $50,000 a year.(

LIE: Obama "wants you to be sure your child can speak fluent illegal alien."(G. Gordon Liddy radio show, July 9, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was talking about all foreign languages, and the Spanish language is not “illegal alien.”(

LIE: "He makes himself out to be born in Kansas, Kansas values. He's in Hawaii."(Juan Williams, Fox News Sunday, July 6, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never claimed to be from Kansas. Obama stated: "I was raised by a single mom and my grandparents. We didn't have much money, but they taught me values straight from the Kansas heartland where they grew up."(

LIE: Obama's "bio ad says he was raised with 'values straight from the Kansas heartland,' though he grew up in Hawaii."(Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal, July 3, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama’s family was from Kansas.

LIE: "FARC seems to have an inside line to Obama's campaign."(Investor's Business Daily editorial,
TRUTH: “However, the letter offers no indication whatsoever that Reyes or FARC had any ‘contacts’ with the Obama campaign.”(

LIE: "Obama Got Discount on Home Loan."(Washington Post, July 2, 2008,
TRUTH: As a bank official noted, "the rates offered to Obama were 'consistent with internal Northern Trust rates at that time.'"(

LIE: "Now, the Daily Kos, which is a blog, a leftist blog, published a certificate of live birth -- purportedly from Hawaii. Giving a date but having the serial number redacted, blocked out. And, from what we're told, heavily Photoshopped. ... It's not a birth certificate. It's something that is issued after there has been a birth -- and supposedly attests to the fact that, well, yes, there was a birth in the past and it was on such and such a day, but it's not a birth certificate such as you and I have."(G. Gordon Liddy radio show, September 17, 2008)
TRUTH: It’s a real birth certificate.(

LIE: "according to the Tax Policy Center, Obama's combination of spending and tax cuts would add $3.4 trillion to the national debt by the year 2018.”(anchor Contessa Brewer, MSNBC Live, September 17, 2008)
TRUTH: 'The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that the federal budget will run a cumulative deficit of $2.3 trillion over the 2009-2018 period under current law (see Summary Table 1).3 If federal spending evolves as CBO predicts, the proposed tax cuts would add to those deficits and substantially increase the national debt. Senator Obama's plan as described by his economic advisers would increase the ten-year cumulative deficit by about $3.6 trillion to $5.9 trillion; Senator McCain's plan would boost it by $5.1 trillion to nearly $7.4 trillion. Adding to their plans proposals made in stump speeches but not confirmed by campaign advisors would lower the cumulative deficit over the decade slightly to $5.4 trillion for Obama and raise it to almost $11 trillion for McCain."(

LIE: "Obama lifted his campaign line 'Yes, we can' from the recent presidential campaign of the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad."(Monica Crowley, The Laura Ingraham Show, June 27, 2008)
TRUTH: "In fact, Obama reportedly used the phrase 'Yes, we can' during his 2004 Senate campaign -- a full year before Ahmadinejad was elected in 2005. Moreover, Ahmadinejad's slogan during his presidential campaign, according to Time, was 'We can do it' -- not 'We can,' as Crowley claimed. According to a June 28, 2005, article, Ahmadinejad's campaign 'motto' was, 'It's possible and we can do it.'"(

LIE: "When Barack Obama declined to join John McCain's invitation to appear at a series of joint town hall meetings, he not only went back on an earlier indication that he would do that ... he also contradicted what he wrote in his book." Hume then quoted from Obama's book The Audacity of Hope: "'One of my favorite tasks of being a senator is hosting town hall meetings. I held 39 of them in my first year in the Senate.' Obama said they are like, quote, 'A dip in a cool stream. I feel cleansed afterward, glad for the work I have chosen.'"(Brit Hume, Fox News Channel's Special Report, June 25, 2008)
TRUTH: Town hall meetings, where you listen to the public, are fundamentally different from town hall-style debates. Obama was not “changing positions.” Obama offered to have an additional town hall debate, which McCain rejected.(

SMEAR: "probably the last football game we'll ever get to see before the United States gets blown up by the Islamists under Obama."(Hugh Hewitt radio show, June 25, 2008,

LIE: “He was a friend of Edward Said when he was at Columbia.”(Fox News Channel America’s Newsroom, October 29, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was not a friend of Said, and Said was a highly respected professor.

LIE: "Barack Obama is not black African, he is Arab African. And yet, this guy is campaigning as black and painting anybody who dares to criticize him as a racist. I mean, that is -- it is the biggest con I think I've ever seen."(Monica Crowley, The Laura Ingraham Show, June 23, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama is black, and his father was African, not Arab.(

LIE: "Sen. Obama is actually Arab-American" and "Mr. Obama is not legally African-American."(Kenneth E. Lamb, Feb. 14, 2008 blog,,
TRUTH: Obama is African-American, it is insane to say that he is "not legally African-American," whatever that means.

LIE: "For Sen. Obama, telling the truth means he will give up all the accolades about being the first African-American president of the Harvard Law Review, an accolade that relies on a sleight-of-hand in job titling that changed the name of the top job from Editor to President."(Kenneth E. Lamb, Feb. 14, 2008 blog,,
TRUTH: The Harvard Law Review has traditionally referred to the editor-in-chief as "president," and the title does not change the accolade.

LIE: Obama's half brother had told The Jerusalem Post that Obama had a "Muslim background."(Birt Hume, Fox News' Special Report, June 16, 2008)
TRUTH: Barack Obama does not have a “Muslim background.” The Jerusalem Post and Hume retracted the false story.(

LIE: "if you have an IRA or a 401(k), which a lot of middle Americans do, and you go to retire or, you know, use that money, you're going to pay almost double the rate in taxation."(Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, CNN's Late Edition, June 22, 2008)
TRUTH: "In fact, most distributions from 401(k) and IRA accounts are taxed as regular income, not as capital gains. Additionally,...Obama has said he would not raise the capital gains tax rate on individuals with income of less than $250,000."(

LIE: Obama "literally signed his name, 'I'll accept public financing,' and now, for whatever reason, he has broken his word....Here's the question: 'If you are nominated for president in 2008 and your major opponents agree to forego private funding in the general election campaign, will you participate in the presidential public financing system?' Obama: 'Yes, I have been a longtime advocate for public financing of campaigns combined with free television and radio time as a way to reduce the influence of moneyed special interests,' November 2007. Wasn't worth the paper written on."( Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Meet the Press, June 22, 2008)
TRUTH: "Graham only quoted the beginning of Obama's answer, in which he concluded: "If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election."(

LIE: "no ... national 527 with an eye on the presidential election has emerged yet on the Republican side, and there doesn't appear to be significant impetus to form one given McCain's commitment to campaign finance reform....The thinking goes that even if a pro-GOP 527 helped McCain win the White House, there would be more anger than thanks from the new president due to his distaste for groups like that."(Chris Cillizza, Washington Post, June 19, 2008)
TRUTH: The 527 group Vets for Freedom had already been operating, and numerous 527 groups have started up without any opposition from McCain.(

LIE: The Tax Policy Center "said that Obama might add more to the deficit -- because it's unclear how he's going to pay for these -- than McCain would add to the deficit."(Mara Liasson, Fox News Sunday, June 15, 2008)
TRUTH: "In fact, the Tax Policy Center found the opposite of what Liasson claimed."(

LIE: Obama is "in favor of a bill to fingerprint every American in this country and have a national fingerprint database."(Tom DeLay, The Sean Hannity Show, June 9, 2008)
TRUTH: “Contrary to rumors on right-wing sites, a bill Obama co-sponsored, the S.A.F.E. Mortgage Licensing Act of 2008, would not ‘fingerprint every American in this country.’ Rather, it requires people who apply for ‘licensing and registration as a State-licensed loan originator’ to submit fingerprints to ‘to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and any governmental agency or entity authorized to receive such information for a State and national criminal history background check.’"(

LIE: "people that have incomes in the hundreds and the low hundreds of thousands, people that have incomes in the five digits, that's crazy to increase their capital gains tax."(Ben Stein, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, June 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama’s plan would not increase taxes for households making less than $250,000.(

LIE: “Obama may have come up with a creative way to solve the housing recession: Let everyone buy property at a discount the way he did from Tony Rezko....”(Wall Street Journal editorial, June 11, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not buy property at a discount from Rezko.

LIE: "The arrogant one, the one with big ears, the man who has accomplished nothing, the Afro-Leninist – Obama."(Michael Savage show, June 6, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not an "Afro-Leninist," whatever that racist term is intended to mean.

LIE: "Under a Barack Hussein Obama administration, you will wind up with higher taxes."(Steve Doocy, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, June 9, 2008,
TRUTH: Most Americans, and even most Fox News viewers, will wind up with lower taxes under an Obama administration.

LIE: "Did Obama know at the time that Rezko was saving him 300 grand on the purchase of his home?"(Sean Hannity show, June 5, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not save $300,000 on his home because of Rezko. He bought his home for slightly less than the listed price after negotiating the deal, which is common in real estate transactions.

LIE: "Did he know that he'd get that extra strip of land, considering they bought it on the same day?”(Sean Hannity show, June 5, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not have any prior agreement to buy the extra strip of land from Rezko.

LIE: "Did Obama or could have Obama afforded his home without Rezko's help?"(Sean Hannity show, June 5, 2008,
TRUTH: Rezko did not help reduce the price of the home.

LIE: "Obama originally said he couldn't afford to purchase that parcel of land that Rezko's wife purchased and that the house itself was already a stretch. But yet he really wanted that extra property, and he got it because the Rezkos parceled it off and sold it to him at a cheap price."(Sean Hannity show, June 5, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama couldn't afford the entire parcel of land. He bought one-sixth of Rezko's land for one-sixth of the price Rezko paid.

LIE: Obama had "never met with General Petraeus."(Pete Hegseth, Vets For Freedom, Fox News Channel's Your World, May 29, 2008)
TRUTH: "In fact, as recently as April 8, Obama questioned Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker at a Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing on Iraq."(

LIE: "Obama, while asserting that 'nobody is pro-abortion,' has said that if his two daughters 'make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby.'"(Robert Novak, May 26, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was talking about sex education about contraception, not abortion. The mistake he was referring to was sexual activity.(

LIE: Obama said, “A strong government hand is needed to assure that wealth is distributed more equitably.”(Cincinnati Enquirer editorial, October 26, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never said this, and the newspaper retracted the claim.(

SMEAR: "Is Obama a Manchurian candidate to normal Americans who love their country?"(Ann Coulter, CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck, April 30, 2008,

SMEAR: Obama "secretly agrees with the Weathermen and the Reverend Wright faction."(Ann Coulter, CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck, April 30, 2008,

LIE: "What you have is a pattern of weakness, a pattern of a man who hasn't been able to stand up against tough situations. I mean, just this past weekend, Neil, in Chicago, we saw six people killed and over 31 injured. People were stabbed. This is, you know, like Baghdad. And he was the state senator there, and he didn't do anything to clean it up, and I think it's a legitimate issue."(Floyd Brown, Fox News' Your World, April 23, 2008,
TRUTH: A state senator in Illinois cannot be held responsible for increasing crime in Chicago four years after he left state office. In reality, the crime rate in Chicago declined every single year that Obama was a state senator.(

LIE: "And since he's been in the United States Senate, he has voted present more often than any other member of the Senate. If this guy's so courageous, why won't he take a stand on the obvious stuff?"(Tony Snow, The Radio Factor, March 28, 2008)
TRUTH: "According to The Washington Post congressional vote database, Obama has never voted present during his time in the U.S. Senate, unlike other senators."(

LIE: Karl Rove purported to cite a "list of exaggerations" by Sen. Barack Obama: "'I was a law school professor.' No, you were an instructor."(Karl Rove, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, March 31, 2008,
TRUTH: "It is perfectly normal academic usage for senior law lecturers (and even moonlighting hacks) to refer to themselves as ‘professor.’"(

LIE: "Here is a guy who basically said that, while he was in Reverend Wright's church, he embraces Louis Farrakhan."(Ken Blackwell, CNN Headline News’ Glenn Beck, March 19, 2008)
TRUTH: “in a February 25 speech, Obama stated that he has been ‘a consistent denunciator of Louis Farrakhan.’"(Media Matters, March 20, 2008,

LIE: "for the first time, Obama admitted what he previously had denied: that he was present when Wright had made some of his outrageous comments."(Roger Simon, the Politico, March 19, 2008)
TRUTH: “In fact, Obama did not admit during his March 18 speech ‘what he previously had denied’; he did not reverse himself during the speech on the issue of whether he had been present when Wright made specific comments that have received widespread attention and sparked the controversy to which he was responding. Rather, Obama said during the speech that he had been in church when Wright made ‘remarks that could be considered controversial.’"(Media Matters,
March 20, 2008,

LIE: "I think he was hand-picked by some very powerful forces both within and outside the United State of America to drag this country into a hell that it has not seen since the Civil War of the middle of the 19th century."(Michael Savage radio show, March 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was not hand-picked by “powerful forces” to lead America into “hell.”

LIE: “There are even questions raised about who got Barack Obama accepted to Harvard.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 26, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was accepted into Harvard because he was an excellent student, as he proved by earning Magna Cum Laude status and becoming president of the Harvard Law Review.

LIE: “He would never pass the basic background check because of his past associations.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 26, 2008)
TRUTH: How does Sean Hannity know this? In fact, there is no reason why distant associations with controversial people would disqualify Obama during a background check.

LIE: “He has received less critical examination of his background and history than any other presidential candidate in history.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 26, 2008)
TRUTH: In reality, Obama has received more critical scrutiny of his background and history than any presidential candidate in history. While John McCain’s close associations with G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North, and the Contras were entirely ignored by the press, Obama received relentless attention for his distant connections to William Ayers and other leftists.

LIE: "One cannot credibly talk of love of country while simultaneously dodging the word and concept of patriotism. And, I would argue, one cannot sufficiently love one's country if you are afraid to say so out loud."(Jonah Goldberg, Los Angeles Times, March 11, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has repeatedly talked about patriotism and love of country for many years.

LIE: "Obama as well did buy a piece of property that Rezko helped him get at a very discounted price."(Susan Roesgen, March 6, 2008, CNN's The Situation Room,
TRUTH: Obama did not buy his home at a “very discounted price,” and Rezko did not help him with the price of the home.

LIE: Rove also said on Fox & Friends, "at the heart of his campaign are two arguments: that he'll work across party lines with Republicans and Democrats to achieve big things. Well, he has not done that in his three years in the Senate."(Karl Rove, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, March 5, 2008)
TRUTH: “In fact, Obama and Republican Sen. Tom Coburn (OK) co-sponsored the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006, (also known as Coburn-Obama) to create an Internet database that allows the public to track federal spending. While signing the bill into law on September 26, 2006, President Bush recognized Obama's involvement, saying, ‘I want to thank the bill sponsors, Tom Coburn from Oklahoma, Tom Carper from Delaware, and Barack Obama from Illinois.’"(Media Matters, March 5, 2008,

LIE: After saying that Jerusalem should be undivided, “Obama apparently changed his mind.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 26, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama meant that there should not be a wall dividing Jerusalem, which was misinterpreted to be about the political division of Jerusalem.

LIE: "It's a difference between what Senator Obama said in 2004, when he ran for the Senate and said we need more trade agreements like NAFTA....he flipped in order to get votes in Ohio."(Karl Rove, March 5, 2008, Fox News' Fox & Friends)
TRUTH: “Rove cited no specific 2004 comments by Obama or news stories about Obama; in fact, Obama's statement on Fox & Friends echoed his position on trade as reported in a September 27, 2004, Chicago Tribune article: "Obama agrees that new trade agreements need to be brokered; though he said those new agreements should promote basic worker rights and environmental protections.’...Several other reports in 2004 quoted Obama saying new trade agreements should promote worker rights and environmental protections, including: * A July 17, 2004, Economist article that reported Obama ‘wants to “review” NAFTA to check it includes safeguards for American workers, as well as the environment.’ * An August 2, 2004, Washington Times article that said, ‘Mr. Obama is a critic of NAFTA and has said that the United States should “retool trade agreements to include protections for American workers and the global environment.”’ * An October 31, 2004, Chicago Sun-Times article that said of Obama's trade policy: ‘Opposes tariffs, saying foreign countries might retaliate in kind against U.S. exports; would renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement to protect workers and the environment.’"(Media Matters, March 5, 2008,

LIE: "After sales of Obama's books netted him a fair amount of money, he went out and purchased a sizable home on the South Side. Adjacent piece of property was picked up by Tony Rezko and later transferred at a discounted price to Senator Obama."(Reporter Steve Brown, Fox News Channel’s The Live Desk, March 4, 2008,
TRUTH: The property was not sold to Obama at a discounted price.

LIE: "But let's face it. He doesn't have foreign policy experience.”(Frank Luntz, Fox News Channel’s America’s Election HQ, March 2, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has more foreign policy experience than four out of the last five presidents when they were elected, and has visited 17 countries during his term in the Senate.

SMEAR: “he's almost a bigger pussy than she is."(Don Imus, Imus in the Morning, April 17, 2008,

LIE: “Now we have an unknown stealth candidate who went to a madrassas in Indonesia and, in fact, was a Muslim,”(Michael Savage show, April 3, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not attend a madrassa and was not a Muslim.

LIE: "'I was a law school professor.' No, you were an instructor."(Karl Rove, Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes, March 31, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was listed in the University of Chicago law school's list of professors.

LIE: Obama "promised never" to reject public financing.(Dennis Byrne column, Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama did promise to "pursue" an agreement with McCain that included restrictions on party spending where McCain has a clear advantage. But Obama never made an unconditional promise to take public funding.(

LIE: Obama's campaign was "disingenuous" for writing in a fundraising email, "we are at a disadvantage." (Dennis Byrne column, Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2008)
TRUTH: The Obama campaign email is correct that Obama began the general election campaign at a disadvantage. At the time according to, the Republican National Committee had more than $53.5 million cash on hand, while the Democratic National Committee (DNC) had less than $4 million.
LIE: Obama's campaign was "shading the truth" because "it implies that all the money comes from small contributions of $5, $10 or $20."(Dennis Byrne column, Chicago Tribune, July 7, 2008)
TRUTH: The Obama campaign has never implied that all of his money comes from donations of $20 or less.

LIE: "September 23 broadcast of his Minneapolis radio show, Chris Baker repeatedly referred to Sen. Barack Obama as "Nicolae Carpathia," the Antichrist character in the Left Behind series"(Media Matters, Sept. 24,
TRUTH: Obama is not the Antichrist.

LIE: Former Fannie Mae CEO Franklin Raines is a “chief economic adviser" to Sen. Barack Obama. (Sean Hannity, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, September 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Raines is not a “chief economic adviser” to Obama.

LIE: "Penny Pritzker is part of a very wealthy, ultra-left-wing Chicago family....She is the head of Barack Obama's campaign finance committee, and, you know, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is in New York this week. He's going to make a speech to the U.N. Head of the main terrorist nation in the world. Guess who is throwing a fancy reception for him? I believe it's at one of the Hyatt hotels in New York. Penny Pritzker. Yes, big reception for big terrorist, being thrown, paid for by the chairperson of the Obama campaign's finance committee. No, I'm not making it up."(Lee Rodgers, KSFO's The Lee Rodgers Show, Sept. 23, 2008)
TRUTH: Yes, he is making it up. Pritzker has nothing to do with the reception, which is being organized by some groups who rented a room at a Hyatt hotel. Just because the Pritzker family owns Hyatt hotels does not mean they're responsible for every event held at a Hyatt hotel.

LIE: "She's not a woman who needs 300 foreign policy advisers to tell her that the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a terrorist group. She doesn't need changing political winds to tell her that, as Obama did."(Fox News analyst Mary Katharine Ham, September 22, 2008, Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor)
TRUTH: "Obama has consistently supported designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, having co-sponsored a bill in 2007 expressing the sense of the Congress that "[t]he Secretary of State should designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a Foreign Terrorist Organization" and "the Secretary of the Treasury should place the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists."(Media Matters, Sept. 23, 2008,

LIE: "Obama has tried in private to persuade Iraqi leaders to delay an agreement on a drawdown of the American military presence."(Amir Taheri, New York Post)
TRUTH: ABC News reported, "Attendees of the meeting back Obama's account, including not just Sen. Jack Reed, D-R.I., but Hagel, and Senate Foreign Relations Committee staffers from both parties. Officials of the Bush administration who were briefed on the meeting by the U.S. embassy in Baghdad also support Obama's account and dispute the Post story and McCain attack."(

LIE: Ad declared, "Concerned about Barack Obama? You should be." (picture of Pat Buchanan giving thumbs up, above unrelated photo of Obama)
TRUTH: In reality, Buchanan has not endorsed Obama and has said about him, "He is coming out of the left. He doesn't understand Middle America. He's like the guys in the Harvard faculty lounge. They don't know anything about their country."(

LIE: "Obama's father was hardly a simple goat herder, but rather the holder of a Masters degree from Harvard who became a prominent, politically-connected economist when he returned to Kenya."(Michael Medved,, September 18, 2008,,_biden_working_class_origins)
TRUTH: Obama’s father herded goats when he was growing up; Obama never claimed he did so after returning to Kenya.

LIE: "Obama tells similarly misleading tales of his own background of purported hardship and poverty. His struggling single mom also held advanced degrees - including a Masteers and a PhD in anthropology from the University of Hawaii. Her periods of financial hardship related to her pursuit of graduate studies and her many years of field work in 'rural development' in remote sections of Indonesia."(Michael Medved,, September 18, 2008,,_biden_working_class_origins)
TRUTH: Simply because Obama’s mother experienced poverty as a graduate student does not change the facts.

LIE: "even Obama's endlessly repeated description of his parents as 'a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas' is less than accurate. While indeed born in Wichita, his mother and her parents left Kansas at the end of World War II (before her sixth birthday) and she grew up in Texas, California and, most significantly, on Mercer Island, Washington-a stylish and woodsy suburb of Seattle."(Michael Medved,, September 18, 2008,,_biden_working_class_origins)
TRUTH: Obama has "a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas" and that's completely accurate.

LIE: "Oddly, Senator Obama loves to cite his grandmother's brief experience as 'Rosie the Riveter' in a defense plant during the war but never publicly discusses her three decades as a banking executive in Washington state and Hawaii."(Michael Medved,, September 18, 2008,,_biden_working_class_origins)
TRUTH: In Dreams from My Father, Obama wrote that his grandmother was "a trailblazer of sorts, the first woman vice-president of a local bank." The Los Angeles Times reported on Sept. 4, 2008, "Obama talked at length about his grandmother, who he said had worked her way up from the secretarial pool to become a vice president at a bank after World War II."(,0,1756823.story)

LIE: "NOW is the time to let socialist politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Barack Hussein Obama know that Americans will not 'go gentle into that good night' of servitude and subjugation to tyrannical oppression."( email, Sept 17)
TRUTH: Obama is not a socialist, and he has announced no plans for "subjugation to tyrannical oppression."

LIE: "Was he talking about Public Allies when he stated in his acceptance speech; "If you commit to serving your community we will make sure you can afford a college education"? Is that why Public Allies is often called 'Obama's Brownshirts.' This organization is a snake coiled in the heart of America, waiting to strike. Congress MUST de-fund it immediately!"( email, Sept 11)
TRUTH: He wasn't talking about Public Allies. No one but far-right lunatics would call the nonprofit group "Obama's Brownshirts."

LIE: "when Obama institutes his National Service Corps modeled on Public Allies...undoubtedly America's small towns will change and turn into ugly little klatches of left-wing conformity....When folks go to church on Sunday, will a gang of Public Allies burst through the door, disrupt the service and shout obscenities at the preacher?"( email, Sept. 11)

LIE: "Would the mad billionaire George Soros run wild in an Obama White House?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)

LIE: "two plots being hatched by George Soros and David Geffen to steal the White House for Obama"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: There are no plots to steal the White House for Obama.

LIE: "By his own account, Obama would consider it a priority to meet at once with every evil thug out there — without precondition."( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never said that he would make it a priority to meet foreign leaders critical of the US, nor did he say he would meet "at once" with them.

LIE: "Why are so many Islamofascists who are sworn to the destruction of America also actively campaigning for Obama?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: They aren’t. In fact, Al Qaeda endorsed McCain.

LIE: "What special rights would Muslims demand, and receive, from Obama?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Muslims are not demanding any special rights, and Obama is not advocating any.

LIE: "After refusing to condemn for calling General Petraeus a war criminal, how could Obama be an effective Commander-in-Chief?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: never called Petraeus a war criminal. Effectiveness as a Commander-in-Chief probably does not depend upon supporting useless resolutions condemning Americans for exercising their free speech.

LIE: "Would Obama put a gun to the head of an unborn child, but ban all other uses of that gun?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: No and no.

LIE: "One Obama says he will force states to allow same-sex marriages. The other Obama says states can make their own decisions. Which of these two Obama's is lying?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has never said he will force states to allow same-sex marriages.

LIE: "What did Obama promise union bosses to convince them to commit more than ONE BILLION DOLLARS to winning this election?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Unions are not committing anything close to $1 billion in this election, and putting the number in ALL CAPS DOESN'T MAKE A LIE TRUE.

LIE: "Will ObamaCare drive good doctors out of healthcare and leave us to the mercy of, well, of who?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Nothing about Obama's health care plan would drive out good doctors.

LIE: "Why Is Obama Afraid to Admit He Was Born and Raised Muslim?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Because he wasn't.

LIE: "What was Obama's father doing with communist organizers just days before the Cuban Missile Crisis?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: The notion that Obama's father, an insurance agent in Hawaii, had anything to do with the Cuban Missile Crisis is just laughable.

LIE: "What did Obama mean when he described the Muslim call to prayer as 'one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset'"?( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: He probably meant it sounded pretty.

LIE: "Does Obama's supposed conversion to Christianity make him an apostate "whose blood may be shed" by the devout nutcases in Islam?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: No. Obama would not be considered an adult Muslim by anyone, and no one is actually going around murdering apostates. Considering that Islamic extremists already want to kill the president, Obama’s childhood is unlikely to sway them at all.

LIE: "When Obama was a full-time slacker—doing drugs and drinking heavily, did it stunt his development in any way?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Doesn't seem to have permanently harmed him. I can't say the same about George W. Bush.

LIE: "With the Obamas often not on speaking terms, which of them would be sleeping on the couch in the White House?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: The Obama are always on speaking terms, and there are plenty of rooms in the White House.

LIE: "One of the Muslim schools Obama attended in Indonesia."( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never attended a “Muslim school.”

LIE: "Back when he was an Illinois Senator, why did Obama vote 'Present' a record-setting 130 times?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: No one has ever asserted that Obama set a record with his present votes.

LIE: "When Obama did vote on important issues, why did he vote the 'Democratic Socialists of America' party line every time?"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama did not vote the "Democratic Socialists of America" party line, whatever that is.

LIE: "How easily can Obama be bought? Unsealing the federal indictment against his close pal and fundraiser (and convicted felon) Tony 'the Fixer' Rezko should reveal plenty."( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: The Rezko indictment doesn't need to be unsealed because it's already public (see There is no allegation of anyone bribing Obama.

LIE: "Soros' lefty candidates have lost the last two elections, and he's pissing mad. He has $7 billion to spend to get it right this time! He is reportedly planning to sack the U.S. economy, make himself billions richer, and put Obama in the White House marching to his mad tune."( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: George Soros doesn’t have the power to destroy the US economy, and if he did, the Republicans beat him to it.

LIE: "And out on the left coast, Obama has a powerful ally in billionaire Hollywood mogul David Geffen. Nobody knows how to spin a yarn better than Hollywood's finest, David Geffen. And according to our source, he'll be a whirling dervish!"( email, Sept. 11, 2008)
TRUTH: David Geffen is not a whirling dervish, whatever that is.

LIE: "It's very possible that liberals like B. Hussein Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi aren't just out to SILENCE RUSH... they may actually try to force conservatives off the Internet as well!...According to FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell, 'speech limits might not stop at radio. They could even be extended to include the Internet and "government dictating content policy."'....'whoever is in charge of government is going to determine what is fair, under a so-called "Fairness Doctrine" .... So, will Web sites, will bloggers have to give equal time or equal space on their Web site...'.... It appears that Obama is ONLY against the so-called 'Fairness Doctrine' because he really wants to impose an UBER-FAIRNESS DOCTRINE! (Floyd Brown,, email, Sept. 5, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has opposed the Fairness Doctrine. The Fairness Doctrine only applies to licensed broadcast media, and it cannot under the First Amendment be extended to the internet.

LIE: "... if he was born and raised a Muslim and is now hiding that fact, this points to a major deceit, a fundamental misrepresentation about himself that has profound implications about his character and his suitability as president."(Daniel Pipes)
TRUTH: Obama was not born and raised a Muslim, so he is not deceiving anyone.

(Floyd Brown,, August 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama wasn’t a Muslim.

LIE: "Senator Barack Hussein Obama's only major legislative accomplishment as a United States Senator -- which according to some conservative leaders is potentially an $845 billion United Nations give away of your hard-earned tax dollars -- could be coming up for a stealth vote when Congress rolls back into town! Is it really possible that our federal legislators are planning to pass Barack Hussein Obama's Global Poverty Act while they think we aren't looking?"(, August 4, 2008 email,
TRUTH: This isn't Obama's only legislative accomplishment, and there is no “$845 billion” give away.

LIE: "This amounts to a tax of over $2,000 on each man, woman and child in the United States. The foreign aid budget now stands at $300 billion; the Act would add the additional expenditure to the already huge amount allocated to assist the world."(Vincent Gioia, writing in Right Side News, quoted in, August 4, 2008 email,
TRUTH: The act would not add any money to foreign aid, and there is no tax.

LIE: “By Obama's own count there are 12 million illegal aliens in the U.S. and he wants them all getting government benefits. Obama has stated he also wants to give each and everyone of them amnesty and citizenship.”(Republican National Trust PAC email, October 26, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has never said he wants to give every illegal immigrant government benefits, amnesty, and citizenship.

LIE: “Obama has several times referred to Mr. Ayers as simply ‘a guy from my neighborhood’”(New York Times, October 27, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has never said that Ayers is “simply” “a guy from my neighborhood.” Obama has noted that Ayers lives in his neighborhood, which explains why they occasionally have met on the street in recent years. But Obama alos noted that they do not regularly exchange ideas, and that he condemns Ayers’ past actions. Obama has never lied about his past connections with Ayers, and it is highly deceptive for the Times to insinuate the opposite.

LIE: "Apparently, Barack Obama's believes John McCain's war injuries disqualify him from being commander-in-chief."..'Mr. Obama, why do you attack Sen. McCain because of his disability?'"(Citizens for Open and Responsive Government TV ad)
TRUTH: McCain isn't prevented from using a computer because of his war injuries, and Obama doesn't believe that McCain is disqualified from being commander-in-chief.

LIE: "He said that his father gave him his values....he saw nothing wrong with taxing 100% of wages."(interviewee on All Things Considered, NPR, September 24, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has never said that he gave him his values, and Obama has never said he thinks it's okay to tax 100% of wages.

LIE: "United States Senator for Illinois Barack Obama in 2007 was travel to Ukraine and have sex action with many ukrainian girls!"(email)
TRUTH: The email is a computer virus. Obama isn't on the sex video.(

LIE: "if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn't be here."( ad)
TRUTH: "She's wrong. If she'd been born in Illinois, Illinois law would have protected her with or without the "born alive" legislation that Obama opposed and that this group supports."

LIE: Obama wants to "Ban use of Firearms for Home Self-Defense"(National Rifle Association ad)
TRUTH: "Obama is proposing no such ban."(, Sept. 22, 2008,

LIE: Obama wants to "Ban Rifle Ammunition Commonly Used for Hunting and Sport Shooting"(National Rifle Association ad)
TRUTH: "Obama is not proposing to ban hunting ammunition."(, Sept. 22, 2008,

LIE: Obama voted to "ban virtually all deer hunting ammunition."(NRA TV ad)
TRUTH: "What Obama voted for was a measure to ban 'armor-piercing' ammunition, which the measure's sponsor has said repeatedly would not cover hunting ammunition....The amendment applied only to handgun ammunition 'capable of penetrating body armor' and to rifle ammunition that is 'designed or marketed as having armor piercing capability.'"(, Sept. 22, 2008,

LIE: Obama wants to "Ban the Manufacture, Sale and Possession of Handguns" (National Rifle Association ad)
TRUTH: "Obama says he does not support any such handgun ban and never has."(, Sept. 22, 2008,

LIE: "Obama says he is absolutely committed to almost doubling the capital gains rate."(Newsmax email, Sept. 27, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never said that, and he is not proposing to double the capital gains tax rate.

LIE: "Obama makes no bones about his plans to go on a tax rampage. Not only would he increase the capital-gains tax rate from 15 percent to as much as 28 percent, he wants to allow the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010, which effectively raises taxes on Americans by tens of billions of dollars. He also wants to do away with the $102,000 FICA payroll tax cap, which means anyone making over $102,000 would pay an additional 7 percent in taxes on earned income. And the loan dividend tax rate George Bush implemented? Under President Obama it will be DOA!"(Newsmax email, Sept. 27, 2008)
TRUTH: None of this is true. Obama would not raise taxes on households making less than $250,000 per year.

LIE: There is “strong evidence that there may have been a cover-up in Bill Ayers' role choosing Barack Obama."(Stanley Kurtz, Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends, September 28, 2008,
TRUTH: This is a total fabrication. The email Kurtz is referring to shows absolutely no kind of "cover up." In fact, it shows exactly the opposite. In his blog, Kurtz quotes the entire email Ken Rolling wrote to CAC founders Warren Chapman and Anne Hallett and notes that Sam Dillon, Education Reporter for the New York Times, was working on an article. Rolling wrote about Dillon, "He is trying to understand how Barack got ‘picked' for the CAC board, by whom, why, etc. – I have avoided that question head-on though I believe Barack was Debbie Leff's/Joyce nomination." This is "cover up" Kurtz referred to. Kurtz writes, "Why should Rolling avoid the question of who chose Obama for the CAC board, especially with a reporter he deems friendly?" Obviously, Rolling was avoiding it because he wasn't directly involved and didn't know for sure, although his memory of secondhand information was that Ayers hadn't proposed Obama. There is not anything remotely resembling a cover-up here.

LIE: "the most important smoking gun is that Barack Obama was funding Bill Ayers' radical educational projects."(Stanley Kurtz, Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends, September 28, 2008,
TRUTH: This is false. Obama was the president of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, not its dictator. There's no evidence that Obama made any funding decisions. Moreover, it would have been completely unprofessional for anyone, including Obama, to ban Bill Ayers from receiving funding for educational projects because of alleged radical activities decades earlier which Ayers was never convicted of. Kurtz has no evidence that projects were judged based on anything other than their merits. This is a pure smear by association.

LIE: Obama’s “community organizing is a grand scheme perpetuated by none other than William Ayers.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Obama’s community organizing was not a vast conspiracy for revolution devised by Bill Ayers.

LIE: “They live half a mile from William Ayers, the unrepentant terrorist” and “Just a half a mile from those homes is Louis Farrakhan.”(Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: It’s true, of course, that Obama lives in this same neighborhood, as do tens of thousands of other people who presumably are also guilty by geographical association. The logic of this argument would be, if you live half a mile from a sex offender, then you’re a sex offender, too.

LIE: In 1995, Ayers and Dohrn “hosted a political coming out party for a young Barack Obama.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: This wasn’t a “coming-out party” for Obama.

LIE: Obama and Ayers “appeared together at various public would seem that they are more than just a little bit friendly.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Appearing on a panel as speakers is not a sign of friendship

LIE: Obama was a friend of Rashid Khalidi, “A former employee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization who openly speaks about the destruction of Israel.”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Khalidi was not an employee of the PLO, and he doesn’t urge the destruction of Israel.

LIE: In 2003, “Obama held a lavish farewell dinner for Khalidi”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Obama spoke at the event honoring Khalidi, but he didn’t hold the dinner or organize it personally.

LIE: Obama referred to the Israel/Palestine conflict as “this constant sore” and Khalidi wrote an essay referring to it as a “running sore.” Sean Hannity declared, “Coincidence? Or is Khalidi influencing Obama’s talking points?”(Sean Hannity, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: It’s extremely common for people to refer to the Palestinian/Israeli conflict as a sore.

LIE: Obama is “the least-vetted, least-known candidate ever to seek the presidency.”(Carol Platt Liebau,, October 6, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is the most vetted, most well-known candidate in presidential history. No candidate has ever received more media coverage, both positive and negative, than Obama.

LIE: “in apparent defiance of federal election law, the Obama campaign refuses to identify individual donors who have provided almost half the funds for his campaign.”(Carol Platt Liebau,, October 6, 2008,
TRUTH: Federal Election Law only requires disclosure of donors who give $200 or more to a campaign. Obama is fully complying with election laws.

LIE: “Who is Barack Obama? He says our troops in Afghanistan are 'just air-raiding villages and killing civilians.' How dishonorable.”(McCain ad,
TRUTH: American troops in Afghanistan are air-raiding villages and killing civilians. No one can dispute that fact. Obama was calling for more troops to help the soldiers in Afghanistan do more targeted raids.

LIE: “When the first or second debate between John McCain and Barak [sic] Obama took place, each of the candidates was asked the question by the moderator, what his foreign policies concerning the State of Israel would be, were he elected President of the United States. I have heard that, in giving HIS explanation of what HIS foreign policies toward Israel would be, John McCain identified the country of which he was speaking, and called it by its name. However, in HIS explanation of what HIS foreign policies with this same country would be, Barak Obama never mentioned or called the name of the State of Israel even once.”(email, October 2008,
TRUTH: Obama mentioned Israel in both debates, even though the candidates were not asked any specific questions about Israel.

LIE: “What does Obama read? Hussein Obama with a book in his hands..... He's reading 'The Post-American World' -- it's a Muslim's view of a defeated America !!”(email, October 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was reading the book written by highly-respected journalist Fareed Zakaria, and it is not “a Muslim's view of a defeated America.”

LIE: “As for the current financial crisis, does Obama bear some responsibility? In the subprime crisis, many people took out unaffordable loans, and lenders lent under government policies that encouraged them to make risky loans. As a lawyer, Obama and his firm filed a class action lawsuit against Citibank, alleging that the bank systematically shut out minority borrowers. According to The Associated Press: 'The case was settled out of court. Some class members got cash payments, and the bank agreed to help ease the way for low- and moderate-income people to apply for mortgages.'"(Larry Elder,, October 23, 2008,,_part_2?page=full&comments=true)
TRUTH: “The case was a class-action lawsuit against Citibank Federal Savings on behalf of a black Chicago woman, Selma Buycks-Roberson, who claimed she was unfairly denied a mortgage based on her race. The lawsuit sought to end the practice of redlining, a discriminatory practice by which banks, insurance companies, and other business institutions refuse or limit loans, mortgages, insurance, etc., based solely on the geographic area in which the applicant lives (a practice that commonly excludes minorities in inner-city neighborhoods, regardless of their income or ability to pay). Specifically, the lawsuit charged that Citibank 'rejected loan applications of minority applicants while approving loan applications filed by white applicants with similar financial characteristics and credit histories.'"( Ending racial discrimination had nothing to do with the current housing crisis.(

LIE: "In the primaries, Sen. Obama was famously protectionist, claiming he would rip up and renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta)."(Michael Boskin, Wall Street Journal, July 29, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never said that he would rip up NAFTA.

LIE: "the campaign refused to join the critic on the air, preferring to sic supporters onto the station's complaint line instead....shouldn't the campaign rebut these allegations in the venue where they turn up? Instead, it tries to shut them up."(Ann Woolner, Bloomberg News columnist,
TRUTH: The Obama campaign urged people to call the show, not a "complaint line," in order to express their opinions.

LIE: "How could a man like Barack Obama associate with such a dangerous radical? And even defend him?"(Republican Majority Campaign PAC email, Sept 28, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never defended Ayers' past; in fact, he condemned it.

LIE: "We MUST continue to get the word out there about Obama and his ties to terrorists like William Ayers...the man who almost single-handedly launched Barack Obama's political career."(Republican Majority Campaign PAC email, Sept 28, 2008)
TRUTH: Ayers did not "almost single-handedly" launch Obama's political career; Ayers gave him one donation, and that was all.

LIE: “Web Archives Confirm Barack Obama Was Member Of Socialist 'New Party' In 1996...The 'New Party' was a political party established by the Democratic Socialists of America (the DSA) to push forth the socialist principles of the DSA.”(
TRUTH: Obama wasn’t a member of the New Party, even though a New Party website had referred to him as a member because the New Party had endorsed him. The New Party was a progressive fusion party, not a socialist party.(Ben Smith, Politico, October 25, 2008,

LIE: "there is clear evidence that Obama and Ayers were friends all the way back in 1986."
(Republican Majority Campaign PAC email, Sept 28, 2008)
TRUTH: There is no evidence, and none is offered.

LIE: "Stanley Kurtz has been targeted by the Obama campaign for destruction for his investigation into the relationship."(
TRUTH: Nobody is targeted "for destruction" by the Obama campaign.

LIE: February 26 article in The Washington Times was headlined "Military fears 'unknown quantity'"
TRUTH: The article didn't quote any military officials, but instead a defense "industry executive" who feared Obama might cut the budget for wasteful defense spending.(

LIE: “We have a right to know if he's a so-called friendly Muslim or one who aspires to more radical teachings."(Michael Savage radio show, February 21, 2008,
TRUTH: Barack Obama is not a Muslim.

LIE: "you were responsible for $91 million in earmarks. And you have refused to say where the money went, what it's for."(John King, CNN, Feb. 21 debate)
TRUTH: As Obama noted, "No, that's not true. We've actually disclosed, John, all our earmarks."(

LIE: "So far, in the primaries, he -- McCain -- has achieved more independent voters than Obama has, so that's where it will be settled."(George Will, February 17, 2008, ABC's This Week with George Stephanopoulos)
TRUTH: "in calculations based on the exit polling from, Obama received more than 777,000 votes from independents in the nine states with open and semi-open primaries, compared with approximately 385,000 votes from independents for McCain."(Media Matters, Feb. 19, 2008,

LIE: "he's got to get away from colleges. Go visit a factory for once."(David Brooks, February 17, 2008, Chris Matthews Show)
TRUTH: Obama had visited a General Motors factory a few days before Brooks said this.(

LIE: February 10 edition of Fox Broadcasting Co.'s Fox News Sunday, Bush told host Chris Wallace: "I certainly don't know what he [Obama] believes in. The only foreign policy thing I remember he said was he's going to attack Pakistan and embrace Ahmadinejad."(George W. Bush, Fox News Sunday, February 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never said he would attack Pakistan (which Bush later did) or "embrace" Ahmadinejad.

SMEAR: "Barack's really been kind of coasting on his record, since his first big accomplishment of being born half-black.”(Ann Coulter, February 8, Young America's Foundation speech,

LIE: February 1 editorial, The Washington Times falsely claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama "argu[ed] cold-bloodedly on the Illinois Senate floor that babies who survive botched late-term abortions should not be considered 'persons' because this would be tantamount to admitting 'that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a -- a child, a 9-month old -- child that was delivered to term.' "
TRUTH: "In fact, Obama was not discussing "late-term abortions" in the remarks the editorial highlighted; as is clear from his March 30, 2001, remarks on the state Senate floor, he was asserting that the bill in question, which was not limited to late-term abortions, would in effect 'essentially bar abortions.'"(

SMEAR: "he sounds like a pothead to me."(Tucker Carlson, July 6, 2007, MSNBC's Tucker,

LIE: Obama "paid Rezko's wife a price substantially lower than market value for an adjoining parcel."(United Press International article, January 24, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama paid a fair market price, one-sixth of the original price for one-sixth of the lot.

LIE: “At the core of the Democratic front-runner's faith ... is African nativism."(Investor's Business Daily editorial, January 16, 2008,
TRUTH: African nativism, whatever that is, has nothing to do with Obama's faith.

LIE: "What saves Obama is that he's such a likable guy that even when he's admitting that he can't manage his way out of a paper bag while he's running for president of the United States, everybody likes him. I mean, it's just remarkable."(Howard Fineman, MSNBC, January 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never said he couldn't manage. Obama said, "being president is not making sure that schedules are being run properly or the paperwork is being shuffled effectively. It involves having a vision for where the country needs to go."

LIE: Obama is "a member of a black church that apparently feels it owes greater allegiance to Africa than to America."(Bert Prelutsky,, January 14, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's former church has never asserted a greater allegiance to Africa than to America.

SMEAR: "Would Obama put African tribal or family interests ahead of U.S. Interests?"(Investor's Business Daily editorial, January 16, 2008,

LIE: "Then there is the issue of his Muslim past. Obama, 47, was raised by two Muslim fathers...."(Investor's Business Daily editorial, January 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's father was not a Muslim.

LIE: “If Obama were ever Muslim, even as a youth, he would now be viewed as an apostate, which in radical Islam is punishable by death. As Mideast expert Daniel Pipes has noted, a President Obama could be the target of a fatwah.”(Investor's Business Daily editorial, January 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was not a Muslim, and would not be viewed as an apostate.

LIE: Obama has "no legislation he can point to that has his name on it."(Cal Thomas,, January 10, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was the primary sponsor of the ''Democratic Republic of the Congo Relief, Security, and Democracy Promotion Act of 2005" (S.2125) in the 109th Congress, signed into law by President Bush on December 22, 2006. The bill sought to "promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo."(

LIE: "Barack so liberal that -- he's anti-American."(Christine O'Donnell, Fox News Channel's The Live Desk, January 7, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama, and liberals, are not anti-American.

LIE: Obama could “become the first American president whose thinking was shaped by childhood in a Muslim madrassah in Islamic Indonesia.""(Lowell Ponte,, January 4, 2008,
TRUTH: "Allegations that Sen. Barack Obama was educated in a radical Muslim school known as a 'madrassa' are not accurate, according to CNN reporting.”(CNN, January 23, 2007,

LIE: "Barack Obama kind of seemed to waffle on the question about supporting driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.”(CNN Anderson Cooper, November 15, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama has consistently supported these driver's licenses as a safety measure, but he has also urged that it would not solve the immigration issue at all.

LIE: "when Barack Obama was asked about, is the surge working, he couldn't even acknowledge, hey, look, the death numbers are down."(CNN Anderson Cooper, November 15, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama did acknowledge the decline in violence but said, "the notion that somehow because we've gone from horrific violence to just intolerable levels of violence, and that somehow that justifies George Bush's strategy, is absolutely wrong, and I'm going to bring it to a halt when I'm president of the United States."(

LIE: “he is certainly revealing a relationship with his faith that heretofore had been unexpressed."(Tony Perkins, CNN, November 5, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama has publicly discussed his faith for more than a decade, and wrote about it in his book, Dreams from My Father.

LIE: Obama's policy on Iran "takes all aggression, all threats, everything serious off the table in advance."(Charles Krauthammer, Fox News Channel's Special Report, November 2, 2007)
TRUTH: Obama said, "I don't think the president of the United States takes military options off the table, but I think that we obviously have to measure costs and benefits in all the decisions that we make."(

SMEAR: "Black Ruled Nations most unstable and violent in the world.....The United States of America will be next! Why should we seal our fate by allowing a black ruler to destroy us?"(Racist fliers spread in New Jersey,

LIE: "There's no way that anyone with the middle name 'Hussein' could rise to that level of power in the United States without being the devil."(Caller to John Gibson show, October 11, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama is not the devil.

LIE: Obama campaign's effort to target young voters: "politicizing children -- there's a Khmer Rouge quality to it. I think it's scary."(Tucker Carlson, MSNBC's Tucker, October 10, 2007,
TRUTH: Asking young people to vote for Obama bears little resemblance to a totalitarian regime that killed millions in Cambodia.

LIE: "my accurate description of Barack bin al Hussein Osama O'Bomber as a 'domestic insurgent.'"(Mark Williams, October 5, 2007,,
TRUTH: Obama is not a domestic insurgent.

LIE: Obama advocates the US "abandon economic sanctions" against Iran.(New York Sun editorial, October 4, 2007)
TRUTH: “In fact, Obama introduced the Iran Sanctions Enabling Act on May 17, which would 'authorize State and local governments to direct divestiture from, and prevent investment in, companies with investments of $20,000,000 or more in Iran's energy sector.'"(Media Matters, Oct. 4, 2007,

LIE: Obama was "bashing America" and "accused soldiers of killing innocent Afghanis.”(Sean Hannity, Fox News' Hannity's America, August 19, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama said, "We've got to get the job done there and that requires us to have enough troops so that we're not just air-raiding villages and killing civilians, which is causing enormous pressure over there." No one disputes that in Afghanistan, we are conducting air raids that kill civilians.

LIE: Sean Hannity, Obama was "attacking our troops as murderers"(Sean Hannity, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, August 15, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama did not say this.

SMEAR: "Obama, he's a piece of shit, and I told him to suck on my machine gun!"(Ted Nugent, August 28, 2007, CNN Headline News' Glenn Beck,

LIE: Obama "would take away the nuclear deterrent that we've had in this country."(Sean Hannity, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, August 14, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama actually said, "I think it would be a profound mistake for us to use nuclear weapons in any circumstance involving civilians. Let me scratch that. There's been no discussion of nuclear weapons. That's not on the table."(

LIE: "Have some of Senator Barack Obama's supporters figured out how to give more than the $2,300 legal maximum to back their candidate?"(New York Times, August 7, 2007)
TRUTH: The article refers to Vote Hope, a Political Action Committee separate from the Obama campaign, which can take legal donations up to $5,000.(

LIE: "in one week, he went from saying he's going to sit down, you know, for tea, with our enemies, but then he's going to bomb our allies. I mean, he's gone from Jane Fonda to Dr. Strangelove in one week."(Mitt Romney, August 5, 2007 Republican presidential debate on ABC's This Week)
TRUTH: Romney also indicated that he agreed with Obama: "Of course America always maintains our options to do whatever we think is in the best interests of America."(

LIE: "Barack Obama clamors for age-appropriate sex education in our schools, but isn't teaching America's kindergartners about the birds and the bees anything but appropriate?"(Sean Hannity, July 20 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes,
TRUTH: Teaching kindergartners how to avoid sex predators is appropriate.

SMEAR: "He seems like kind of a wuss."(Tucker Carlson, July 2 edition of MSNBC's Tucker,

LIE: "If you're running for office, you should also say that you proudly went to a Muslim school as a youth that indoctrinated you in certain manners -- and tell us what your indoctrination was, Mr. Barack Obama. And tell us whether you believe in that indoctrination or you gave up those beliefs, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama."(Michael Savage, June 25 radio show,
TRUTH: Obama never went to a Muslim school, and was never indoctrinated.

LIE: "New revelations about campaign contributions to Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama: those contributions from an indicted businessman. The Chicago Sun-Times, reporting that Senator Obama received at least $168,000 from that businessman."(Lou Dobbs, CNN, June 18, 2007,
TRUTH: The $168,000 figure refers to all donations linked to friends or fundraisers of Rezko, not to his personal donations.

LIE: "He added there is evil in the world -- as seen in the September 11 terrorist attacks -- and said he sees it in the detention camp in Guantanamo and in the prisoner abuses at Abu Ghraib in Iraq."(Washington Times, June 5, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama did not compare 9/11 to Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib.

LIE: “Barack Obama fails to explain the details of his programs and he has the liberal mainstream media committed to hiding the truth about his plans in order to prevent independent and swing voters from derailing his presidential aspirations.”(Paul Schiffer, Save Our Republic PAC email, September 24, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's website includes extensive details for his programs, often with more details than his opponents.

SMEAR: “Barack Obama represents a greater potential threat to our nation's security, prosperity and freedom than any Presidential candidate in American history!”(Paul Schiffer, Save Our Republic PAC email, September 24, 2008)

LIE: “He has voted for a total ban on handguns, ban on the sale and transfer of all semi-auto firearms, ban on right-to-carry permits, ban on firearms kept in the home and more!”(Paul Schiffer, Save Our Republic PAC email, September 24, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never voted for a total ban on handguns.

LIE: "Obama has sided in Kenya with Raila Odinga the extreme leftist-socialist in Kenya who is a Muslim sympathizer.”(Paul Schiffer, Save Our Republic PAC email, September 24, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama did not side with Odinga.

LIE: "Under Obama your taxes will more than double!"(email,
TRUTH: No Americans will have their taxes double, and the vast majority will see their taxes reduced.

LIE: "If you have any money invested in stock market, IRA, mutual funds, college funds, life insurance, retirement accounts, or anything that pays or reinvests dividends, you will now be paying nearly 40% of the money earned on taxes if Obama becomes president."(email,
TRUTH: Not true.

LIE: Hugh Downs says, "Barack Obama will lose because he is a flake."
TRUTH: Hugh Downs never wrote this.

LIE: "Obama did legal work for Rezko that enabled him [Rezko] to get $43 million in government funding to rehab 15 buildings."(April 24, 2007, Fox News' Special Report with Brit Hume, chief Washington correspondent Jim Angle,
TRUTH: In reality, Obama only worked five hours at his law firm for community groups on projects connected to Rezko, and never worked directly for Rezko or his companies.

LIE: "Is America ready to elect a president who grew up praying in a mosque? Barack Obama has arguably the most diverse religious background of any candidate ever. He was raised in Indonesia by a Christian mother and Muslim stepfather and attended a Catholic school -- but while growing up, also studied Islam. That background sparked rumors that he had studied in a radical madrassa, or Quranic school -- rumors his campaign denied, declaring that Obama is now a practicing Christian."(Katie Couric's notebook, April 12, 2007,
TRUTH: The rumors were untrue.

LIE: Obama has "delivered no policy speeches" while campaigning "and provided few details about how he would lead the country."(Nedra Pickler, Associated Press, March 27, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama had made several speeches on policy and provided substantial details.

LIE: "Why has he sometimes said his first name is Arabic, and other times Swahili?"(Mike Allen, Politico, February 9, 2007)
TRUTH: "Barack" comes from the Swahili derivative of the Arabic word meaning "blessing."

SMEAR: "as a white guy ... You don't notice that he is black. So he might as well be white, you know what I mean?"(Glenn Beck radio show, February 12, 2007,

LIE: "The brutal truth: Obama is a 'wigger'. He's a remarkably exotic variety of the faux African-American, but a wigger nonetheless."(Steve Sailer, Janyart 2, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama is a real African-American.

SMEAR: Obama has a "Jew-hating name."(Bernard McGuirk, MSNBC's Imus in the Morning, February 2007,

SMEAR: "Obama's a creep, a front-running creep,...first of all, he's not qualified to be president, that's one, and two, he's a flip-flopping weasel."(Don Imus, February 2 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning,

LIE: "he comes from a father who was a Muslim and all that. I mean, I think that, given that we're at war with Muslim extremists, that presents a problem."(Juan Williams, Fox News Sunday, January 21, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama's father was not a Muslim, and it's not a problem.

LIE: "The sources said the background check concerned Mr. Obama's years in Jakarta. In Indonesia, the young Obama was enrolled in a Madrassa and was raised and educated as a Muslim. Although Indonesia is regarded as a moderate Muslim state, the U.S. intelligence community has determined that today most of these schools are financed by the Saudi Arabian government and they teach a Wahhabi doctrine that denies the rights of non-Muslims.
Although the background check has not confirmed that the specific Madrassa Mr. Obama attended was espousing Wahhabism, the sources said his Democratic opponents believe this to be the case -- and are seeking to prove it. The sources said the opponents are searching for evidence that Mr. Obama is still a Muslim or has ties to Islam."(, January 17, 2007,

SMEAR: "Would Americans elect an African-American, and one whose name rhymes with the terrorist they most revile?"(Wall Street Journal, January 11, 2007,

SMEAR: "He's an empty vessel. "(Mary Matalin, December 14 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes,

LIE: "I think he's deliberately distorting the traditional understanding of the Bible to fit his own worldview, his own confused theology."(James Dobson, June 24, 2008 radio show,
TRUTH: Dobson attacked Obama for discussing Biblical passages that defend slavery, ban eating shellfish, and urge stoning of a misbehaving son. Obama was simply pointing out how ridiculous Biblical literalism is, and why it cannot be used the sole basis of political decision-making.(

LIE: "He's taking a direct shot at the Defense Department."(James Dobson, June 24, 2008 radio show,
TRUTH: Obama noted about Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, that it "a passage that is so radical that it's doubtful that our own Defense Department would survive its application." Obama was not attacking the Defense Department; he was arguing against literal interpretations of the Bible.

LIE: Obama has "a fruitcake interpretation of the Constitution."(James Dobson, June 24, 2008 radio show,
TRUTH: Obama made a statement in his 2006 speech about how, in arguing for legislation, we shouldn't invoke God's will but instead make an argument on principles that transcend a particular faith. Dobson bizarrely claims that this means "he's trying to make the case that it is anti-democratic to fight for moral principles." All that Obama was saying is that in the political realm, we should make arguments that appeal to reason and people of all faiths, rather than simply invoking the Bible to prove our claims. It's a perfectly reasonable position to take. More importantly, it has absolutely nothing to do with interpreting the Constitution, and Obama was in no way talking about government restrictions on how people argue about politics.

LIE: "Obama's stark abandonment of a pledge he repeatedly made during the Democratic primaries has dinged his reputation as a government reformer, and it clearly gave his critics ammunition to attack his character and paint him as a Democratic flip-flopper."(Jake Tapper, ABC News)
TRUTH: Obama never made an unconditional pledge to take public financing.(

LIE: "Obama's advance troops have already taken over our college campuses, have bound and gagged our conservative professors, have ravished our virgins, have pillaged our stores of wisdom, and have ensconced themselves in the thrones of power in deans', presidents' and department heads' offices."(Mary Grabar,, June 9, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's "troops" have not taken over college campuses, and are not ravishing any virgins.(

LIE: "Obama's support for a grotesque 'infanticide' law that was too extreme even for Nancy Pelosi."(Email from Tom Winter, president of Human Events, October 1, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has never supported any law legalizing infanticide.

LIE: "Obama can call himself anything he likes, but there is a clear requirement for one to qualify as a Christian and Obama doesn't meet that requirement. One cannot deny central tenets of the Christian faith, including the deity and uniqueness of Christ as the sole mediator between God and man, and be a Christian. Such people do have a label applied to them in Scripture. They are called "false prophets.""(Cal Thomas, Sacramento Bee, June 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's uncertainty about heaven and hell does not change Obama's Christianity, nor does it make him a "false prophet" because Obama has never presumed to be a prophet.

LIE: "during his first major Iowa farm visit earlier this summer, he made it clear that he sometimes forgets he is not in his intellectually and financially affluent section of Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood. 'Anybody gone into Whole Foods lately and see what they charge for arugula?' he asked. 'I mean, they're charging a lot of money for this stuff.' That comment came despite the fact that Iowa does not have any Whole Foods stores, nor do its farmers typically grow the leafy green."(John McCormick, Chicago Tribune, September 24, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama was talking about the plight of farmers, and arugula is grown in Iowa.

LIE: the biblical book of Revelation says the Antichrist will be in his 40s and of Muslim ancestry.(email forwarded by mayor of Fort Hill, SC, September 2008,
TRUTH: This scripture doesn't exist, and Obama isn't a Muslim.

SMEAR: "Is Obama the antichrist?"(Glenn Beck, CNN, March 2008,

LIE: Ayers is "the man who almost single-handedly launched Barack Obama's political career."(October 3, 2008 email from Gary Kreep, Executive Director, Republican Majority Campaign PAC
TRUTH: Ayers had nothing to do with Obama's political success.

LIE: "We actually do have at least some evidence of Obama's personal participation in classic Alinskyite intimidation tactics."(Stanley Kurtz, Hudson Institute, Washington DC, October 1, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never personally participated in any "intimidation tactics." Kurtz offers no evidence.

LIE: "Recognizing Barack Obama's intimate involvement with, and extensive record of directing foundation support to, organizations like ACORN and Gamaliel paints a picture sharply at variance with the image of Obama as a post-ideological, post-partisan pragmatist."(Stanley Kurtz, Hudson Institute, Washington DC, October 1, 2008,
TRUTH: To the contrary, Obama's willingness to work with a range of people on the left and the right shows his pragmatic skills.

LIE: "After Obama graduated from Harvard, he went to work for ACORN in Chicago."(Ken Blackwell, National Review, September 28, 2008,
TRUTH: "ACORN was not part of Project Vote, the successful voter registration drive Barack ran in 1992."(

LIE: "Obama then became a trainer for ACORN, teaching others how to employ ACORN tactics in voter registration drives."(Ken Blackwell, National Review, September 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not teach people to use “ACORN tactics” in voter registration. He never worked for ACORN as a trainer.

LIE: “Obama knows a great deal about the mess. He is a central figure in the left-wing ACORN exploitation of financial institutions and pressuring them to make high risk loans.”(email from Alan Gottlieb, President and Founder, AmeriPac, October 5, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has never been a part of ACORN, and certainly is not a “central figure.”

LIE: "The Obama campaign tried to shut down me when I went onto a radio station.
About half an hour before I got there, they had been called by seven thousand people demanding that I not be allowed on the air. So they called the Obama folks and invited them to have someone come on to debate me. They refused, demanded that I not be allowed on the radio, and then they asked for the name of the head of the station so they could call and demand that I not be allowed in the radio. They did the same thing to David Freddoso. These are Alinskyite tactics, and Obama is using them in the campaign."(Stanley Kurtz, Hudson Institute, Washington DC, October 1, 2008,
TRUTH: The Obama campaign did not try to shut down Kurtz. There were not 7,000 calls demanding that Kurtz not be allowed on the air.

LIE: “He was the attorney representing ACORN when they pushed the Clinton Administration to expand the CRA [Community Reinvestment Act].”(Jeff Lukens, Renew America, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama represented ACORN and other groups seeking to force the state of Illinois to implement the Motor Voter law. Obama had nothing to do with ACORN and CRA.

LIE: “Instead of taking the lead in writing and proposing legislation, it has been Obama's practice to join bills crafted by other people and attempt to take a partial or full measure of credit not due him.”(Warner Todd Huston, Renew America, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has written and proposing a lot of original legislation, and it is common to join with bills.

LIE: “Obama did not sponsor any legislation, did not 'reach across the aisle' to do so, and was not the originator of this legislation as his ad portrays.”(Warner Todd Huston, Renew America, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: According to a conservative media report, “Aides to Lugar tell Newsmax that Obama and his staff helped craft a key portion of the final bill that was introduced as a stand-alone measure on April 6, 2006 with broad bipartisan support.” According to the Congressional Record, “Mr. LUGAR (for himself and Mr. OBAMA) introduced the following bill.”( So Obama did co-sponsor the legislation, he did reach across the aisle, and he helped write the revised bill that was eventually incorporated into another bill and passed.

LIE: “ACORN is actually almost solely Obama's group.”(Sher Zieve, Renew America, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama had very little to do with ACORN; this claim is absurd.

LIE: “Obama’s political career was launched in the living room of the most famous terrorist in America, Bill Ayers.”(Richard A. Viguerie, Newsmax, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama’s political career wasn’t launched in Ayers’ living room, and Ayers wasn’t the most famous terrorist in America.

LIE: Ayers “handpicked Obama to distribute $50 million to ‘raise political consciousness’ under the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.”(Richard A. Viguerie, Newsmax, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers didn’t handpick Obama, and the money was used for school reform, not to “raise political consciousness.”

LIE: “the Obama campaign is employing increasingly Stalinistic techniques and practices in its march toward seizure of the United States of America....Mr. Obama has already provided us with a very firm foundation for his administration's direction. Free speech will be gone and anyone saying anything deemed negative about Obama will be subject to jail or worse.”(
TRUTH: The Obama campaign is not using any “Stalinistic” techniques.

LIE: "following Obama's plan, one such group paid a 'surprise visit' to a meeting between local officials considering a landfill expansion. The protestors surrounded the meeting table while one activist made a statement chiding the officials, after which the protestors filed out. Presto! Obama is immunized from charges of having worked exclusively with blacks — but at the cost of granting us a peek at the not-so-warm-and-fuzzy side of his community organizing. Intimidation tactics are revealed, and Obama's alliance with radical Acorn activists like Madeleine Talbot begins to make sense."(Stanley Kurtz, National Review, May 29, 2008,
TRUTH: Attending a meeting of public officials and making a statement is not even remotely “intimidation tactics,” and it has nothing to do with ACORN.

LIE: “Obama may have been able to direct substantial foundation money to his organized political supporters.”(Stanley Kurtz, National Review, May 29, 2008,
TRUTH: The foundation money wasn't decided by Obama, but by the entire board. It was granted to the non-profit work of ACORN, not to its political organizing activities.

LIE: “a bill that Barack Obama says would be his first to sign as president. The measure would make unlimited abortions a national law and overturn every abortion limit approved in all 50 states.”(
TRUTH: The Freedom of Choice Act would codify Roe v. Wade, not make “unlimited abortions” legal or overturn any abortion limits.(

LIE: “Our radio ad about the Boston Globe investigation exposes Obama as a corrupt slum lord!”(National Black Republican Association email, October 19, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama was never a slum lord (or a land lord). He was never responsible for any slum projects.

LIE: “If Obama's messianic message of "hope and change" is so powerful, why are the poor people in Chicago still poor?”(National Black Republican Association email, October 19, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never held public office in Chicago, and even if he had, it is unlikely that he would be able to end all poverty by giving speeches.

LIE: “While running for president, Obama is promising to create a fund that gives his slum lord buddies $500 million a year.”(National Black Republican Association email, October 19, 2008)
TRUTH: There is no such fund.

LIE: “Showing he just didn't care, Obama wrote letters on Illinois Senate letterhead supporting government loans for slum projects.”(National Black Republican Association email, October 19, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama wrote a letter supporting an affordable housing project for senior citizens. It wasn’t a slum project.

LIE: “Will William Ayers be secretary of education in a Barack Obama administration? All parents should ponder that possibility before making their choice for president on Nov. 4.”(Phyllis Schlafly,, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: William Ayers will not be secretary of education.

LIE: “The Kenny Gamble (also known as Luqman Abdul-Haqq) connection: Gamble, a once-prominent pop music producer, cut the ribbon to the Obama campaign headquarters housed in a south Philadelphia building he owns. Gamble is an Islamist who buys large swaths of real estate in Philadelphia to create a Muslim-only residential area.”(Daniel Pipes,, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama does not have “ties” to Gamble simply because Gamble cut the ribbon on his own building which the Obama campaign was renting.

LIE: “Obama's multiple links to anti-Americans and subversives mean he would fail the standard security clearance process for Federal employees.”(Daniel Pipes,, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: There is zero evidence that Obama would fail a standard security clearance.(

LIE: “In the October 15 debate, Obama said, 'The fact is that there was already a law on the books in Illinois that required providing lifesaving treatment.' This claim is highly misleading. The law 'on the books,' 720 ILCS 510.6, on its face, applies only where an abortionist declares before the abortion that there was 'a reasonable likelihood of sustained survival of the fetus outside the womb.'"(National Right to Life Committee, October 16, 2008,
TRUTH: That section refers to requiring another doctor to be present during an abortion. 720 ILCS 510.6(3) expressly declares, “The law of this State shall not be construed to imply that any living individual organism of the species homo sapiens who has been born alive is not an individual under the 'Criminal Code of 1961,' approved July 28, 1961, as amended.” This is an explicit ban on all infanticide.(

LIE: “the Obama campaign has received as much as $200 million almost half of his total donations, in amounts less than $200. Of the $200 million, between $30 million and $100 million are from the Mideast, Africa and other places Islamists are active.”(Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Washington Times, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: It's not even remotely true that Obama has received $100 million from the Mideast and Africa. Foreigners are not allowed to donate to American political campaigns.

LIE: “there are the various well-known Islamists with whom Barack Obama has long had ties and/or who are actively promoting his campaign. These include: a former Black Panther convert to radical Islam who calls himself Khalid al-Mansour; an aggressive promoter of Wahhabi influence operations, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal; a virulently anti-Israel and pro-suicide bomber Palestinian professor named Rashid Khalidi; and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan...the change his Islamists [sic] supporters have in mind is for global theocratic rule under Shariah, and the end of our constitutional, democratic government.”(Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Washington Times, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama doesn't have any ties with Khalid al-Mansour, Alwaleed bin Talal, or Louis Farrakhan; Rashid Khalidi does not support suicide bombers and has never called for global theocratic rule.

LIE: "Obama hopes to win the White House by relying, in part, on the Jihadist vote." (Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Washington Times, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no Jihadist vote.

LIE: “There is evidence Mr. Obama was born in Kenya rather than, as he claims, Hawaii.”(Frank J. Gaffney Jr., Washington Times, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no such evidence.

LIE: “Obama has already introduced one bill in the U.S. Senate called 'Positive Behavior for Effective Schools Act,' which would implement Ayers' social-outcome notions.”(Phyllis Schlafly,, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: This bill would not implement Ayers' ideas.

LIE: “'Project Vote' is the name ACORN’s voter registration drives are called. Obama worked for Project Vote for a period of roughly seven months in 1992.”(Amanda Carpenter,, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Project Vote in 1992 was not part of ACORN.

LIE: “we don't even know where he was born. His party won't produce his birth certificate."(Michael Savage, October 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate shows.

LIE: Obama "said, very specifically, that he would cut tens of billions of dollars in defense spending.”(Sean Hannity, October 9, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never said that he would cut tens of billions in defense spending.

SMEAR: “There were times I thought he was black and other times I thought he was white. I don't know which one it was!”(Glenn Beck, CNN Headline News,

LIE: “Obama was born at Coast Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya located in Coast Province.”(Philip Berg, October 11, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was born in Hawaii, as his birth certificate shows.

LIE: “In a predominantly black suburb of Chicago where the average teacher's salary is $83,000 and one-fourth of teachers make more than $100,000, Barack Obama noted the school day ends at 1:30 p.m.”(Thomas Sowell, October 12, 2008,,CST-EDT-sowell12.article)
TRUTH: Obama was criticizing the school day as too short, not supporting it.

LIE: “You can expect the ‘fairness doctrine’ to get another vote if Barack Obama wins.”(Michael Barone, October 11, 2008, Creators Syndicate,
TRUTH: Obama has declared his opposition to the “Fairness Doctrine.”

LIE: “In this campaign, we have seen the coming of the Obama thugocracy, suppressing free speech, and we may see its flourishing in the four or eight years ahead.”(Michael Barone, October 11, 2008, Creators Syndicate,
TRUTH: There is no Obama “thugocracy” and there has been no suppression of free speech in this campaign.

LIE: “Barack Obama paid ACORN $800,000 to register new voters, and then lied about it, falsely telling the Federal Elections Commission that the $800,000 went to a group called Citizen Services Inc. for 'advance work.'”( email, October 12, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama's campaign did not pay ACORN, but did pay a subsidiary of the group for get out the vote efforts. The category of expenses was accidentally listed incorrectly in the forms that were filed, but this was not a lie and could not have been an effort to conceal anything since the name of the company was clearly listed.

LIE: “Obama paid ACORN, which has endorsed him for president, $800,000 to register new voters, payments his campaign failed to accurately report. (They were disguised in his FEC disclosure as payments to a front group called Citizen Services Inc. for "advance work.")”(Investor’s Business Daily editorial, October 8, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not pay ACORN anything, Citizen Services is not a “front group,” and the payments were not disguised.

LIE: “Obama joined the civil-rights law firm Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland, where he sued the state of Illinois on behalf of ACORN to implement the federal 'Motor Voter' law, which the GOP governor at the time refused to do.”(Investor’s Business Daily editorial, October 8, 2008,
TRUTH: ACORN was part of a large coalition with the League of Women Voters and other groups, and the US Department of Justice joined the effort to enforce the law.(

LIE: “Proof Obama backed ruthless foreign thug: Set up direct Senate contact for Kenyan opposition leader....The links between Obama and Odinga were documented by copies of two e-mails obtained by Corsi during his meetings in Kenya with various government officials and others.”(World Net Daily, October 10, 2008,
TRUTH: The emails are obvious fakes, full of typos and odd phrasings, including the fact that Obama supposedly ends the email by writing “Faithfully, Obama.” As Ben Smith of the Politico noted, “These emails...appear not to have been written by a native English speaker.”(

SMEAR: “is Obama gonna expand Sharia law in the United States when he gets into power? Is he gonna, in fact, engage in tribal violence and other -- or other kinds of violence in order to advance his goals?”(Jerome Corsi, October 9 broadcast of Clear Channel's The Big Show with Bill Cunningham,

LIE: “Obama's political career was launched with Ayers giving him a fundraiser in his living room.”(Charles Krauthammer)
TRUTH “Barack Obama had served Chicago as a community organizer who helped to restore opportunity to a community devastated by a steel plant closing. After serving as the editor of the Harvard Law Review, he returned to Chicago to run a city-wide voter registration effort in 1992 that helped to deliver Illinois for Clinton-Gore. As the New York Times confirmed, previous coffees had been hosted for Obama's State Senate campaign. State Senator Alice Palmer, Obama's predecessor, introduced some of her longtime supporters to Obama at Ayers home. That's it. It wasn't even a fundraiser.”(

LIE: Bill Ayers recruited Obama to the Annenberg Challenge board.
FACT: “Obama met Ayers at a meeting of the Challenge Board. Deborah Leff, with whom Obama served on another board, recommended that Obama join the Annenberg Challenge. He was recruited over a dinner with board member Pat Graham. The bipartisan founding board, which included Republican Arnold Weber, elected Obama Chair.”(

LIE: “Mr. Obama knows a great deal about the mess. He is a central figure in the left-wing ACORN exploitation of financial institutions and pressuring them to make high risk loans.”(AmeriPac email, October 10, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama had nothing to do with ACORN's actions on banking, and ACORN's advocacy had nothing to do with the current financial crisis.

SMEAR: “Obama will empower the racists in this country and stir up a race war in order to seize absolute power."(Michael Savage, October 8, 2008,

LIE: “Chicago Annenberg Challenge...was really created and founded by Bill Ayers and Obama and Ayers jointly ran it.”(Stanley Kurtz, October 9, 2008,,_ayers,_and_the_politics_of_intimidation)
TRUTH: Ayers was one of three people involved in the original grant, and it was run by a board that Obama chaired, not by Obama and Ayers.

LIE: “the most important thing was not just that they interacted with each other, but that for years that Barack Obama was actually funding Bill Ayers’ radical education activities.”(Stanley Kurtz, October 9, 2008,,_ayers,_and_the_politics_of_intimidation)
TRUTH: Obama was not personally making any funding decisions.

LIE: “it's pretty dangerous to write a critical book of Barack Obama. I wouldn't advise anybody do it.”(Jerome Corsi, The War Room with Quinn & Rose. Oct. 7, 2008,
TRUTH: It's pretty profitable to write a critical book of Obama, and not dangerous at all.

SMEAR: "The difference between Obama's mama and Bristol Palin is that Obama's mama was trash. I mean, she was dirt. She was a bag of trash sitting on the sidewalk waiting there in Honolulu on one of those streets for the garbage truck to come by and pick her up and take her to the mama told me back in the '50s and the '60s, the only kind of white women that would take up with a black man back in the '50s and the '60s was a trashy white woman. The only kind of white woman that would take up with a black man in the '50s and the '60s was a sloozy, was a floozy, was a lowlife, snail-eating, white woman. That's the kind of woman that Obama's mama was."(Rev. James David Manning of ATLAH World Missionary Church,

LIE: “Obama countered with a trace of sarcasm that he didn't understand some things - like how the United States could face the challenge in [sic] does in Afghanistan after spending years and hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq.”(Associated Press, October 7, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama actually said, “I don't understand how we ended up invading a country that had nothing to do with 9-11, while Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda are setting up base camps and safe havens to train terrorists to attack us.”(

LIE: Alan Keyes accused Obama of “wrongly claiming an African American heritage.”(Don Terry, “The Skin Game.” Chicago Tribune, October 24, 2004)
TRUTH: Obama has an African-American heritage, even if his direct ancestors were not slaves.

LIE: “Barack Obama would be the great black hope in the next presidential race, if he were actually black. ‘Black,’ in our political and social reality, means those descended from West African slaves. Voluntary immigrants of African descent (even those descended from West Indian slaves) are just that, voluntary immigrants of African descent with markedly different outlooks on the role of race in their lives and in politics.”(Debra Dickerson, “Colorblind.”, January 22, 2007,
TRUTH: In this twisted analysis, a guy who looks black, who grew up black in predominantly white schools, who has a black wife and a black family, who attends a black church and lives in a substantially black neighborhood, who was a politician representing a black district, and who worked as a community organizer in black areas of Chicago, isn’t really black.

SMEAR: “the pattern so familiar in European dictatorships seems eerily present in Barak Obama’s presidential campaign.”(Shawn Akers,, October 9, 2008,

LIE: “His supporters can not tell you what he has done that qualifies him to run the most powerful nation the world has ever known....”(Shawn Akers,, October 9, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's supporters can list in detail Obama's record in the Illinois Senate and the US Senate.(

LIE: Obama “was from the very beginning of his career carefully groomed by the city’s socialist left to follow the path he’s on now in his quest for the presidency of the United States.”(Michael Reagan, Human Events, October 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was never “groomed” by the socialist left in Chicago.

LIE: “Does Obama's supposed conversion to Christianity make him an apostate 'whose blood may be shed' by the devout nutcases in Islam?”(John Perazzo,, October 10, 2008,

LIE: “Black Muslim lawyer Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour recently made news when it was revealed that he was a patron of Barack Obama and recommended him for admission to Harvard Law School in 1988.”(Investor's Business Daily editorial, October 7, 2008,
TRUTH: The story's false.

LIE: “At an education forum in Venezuela, Bill Ayers showed the real issue is not his terrorist past. It's the socialist revolutionary agenda that he and Barack Obama want to impose on the nation's schools.”(Investor's Business Daily editorial, October 7, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama does not have a socialist revolutionary agenda on schooling, and Bill Ayers is not an advisor to the Obama campaign on education.

LIE: "Chicago's Hyde Park was home to a tight, influential radical community at whose center was the charismatic Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernadine Dohrn."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: I lived in Hyde Park at the same time (1991-2001) as Obama and Ayers. As the founder of two progressive newspapers based in Hyde Park, I never visited the Ayers/Dohrn home, nor did I even meet them at the time. They were not the center of a "radical community."(John K. Wilson)

LIE: "Obama likely saw Ayers and Dohrn less as 'pals' and more as parents. Dohrn and Obama's mother, Ann Dunham, were born the same year, 1942. In fact, as young women, the two looked enough alike that I had to double check before disproving that a photo floating around the Internet of Dohrn with Ayers was not a photo of Dunham with Ayers."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: It says something about Cashill that he actually imagined that Obama's mother might have been linked with Ayers. The fact that Dohrn was Obama's mother's age cannot possibly lead to the crazed conclusion that Obama regarded Ayers and Dohrn as substitute parents.

LIE: "no one but Ayers got Obama named chair of the multi-million Chicago Annenberg Challenge months before his book was published."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers didn't get Obama named chair of the CAC. Members of the board picked Obama and recruited him.

LIE: "a surprising 2006 article by liberal publisher Peter Osnos for the American Century Foundation offers some hard evidence on what Osnos describes as the "ruthlessness" of Obama's literary ascent."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, September 18, 2008,
TRUTH: Osnos criticized Obama for saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by dumping his literary agent and instead using a lawyer paid by the hour to negotiate his latest book contract. Osnos did not question that Obama wrote the book; in fact, he noted that the writing was "all Obama's" long before anyone raised these latest conspiracy theories.

LIE: “Newly discovered documents from the Illinois state archives prove Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has lied about his opposition as an Illinois state senator to legislation requiring health officials to provide care to babies who survived abortion.”(Amanda Carpenter,, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: The documents do not show that Obama lied about the anti-abortion legislation.

LIE: “He has referred to a baby conceived inadvertently by a young woman as a 'punishment' that she should not endure.”(Robert George,, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was talking about sex education, not abortion.

LIE: “He has co-sponsored a bill-strongly opposed by McCain-that would authorize the large-scale industrial production of human embryos for use in biomedical research in which they would be killed. In fact, the bill Obama co-sponsored would effectively require the killing of human beings in the embryonic stage that were produced by cloning. It would make it a federal crime for a woman to save an embryo by agreeing to have the tiny developing human being implanted in her womb so that he or she could be brought to term.”(Robert George,, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: The bill Obama co-sponsored, S. 5, does not allow industrial production of human embryos, does not require the killing of embryos, and does not make it a federal crime to implant an embyro in the womb.(

LIE: Obama was “laughing at the Sermon on the Mount.”( ad,
TRUTH: Obama wasn't laughing at the Bible; he was commenting on how literal interpretations of the Bible are often flawed, as in his comment about how a strict interpretation of the Sermon on the Mount wouldn't allow for a Defense Department.

LIE: “Any American Jew who votes for Obama ought to be ashamed of him or herself. He is not in line with a single authentic Jewish principle.”(Ben Shapiro,, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Nothing about voting for Obama violates any Jewish principles.

LIE: “He in his own words talks about being drawn to Marxists....He would go see Marxist speakers.”(Bill Sammon, Fox News Channel's On the Record, October 21, 2008)
TRUTH: Reading Marxist books or going to hear Marxist speakers in college does not make you a Marxist.

LIE: “Barack Obama wrote a blurb for Bill Ayers' book....You don't write a book blurb for just a guy who lives in your neighborhood.”(Bill Sammon, Fox News Channel's On the Record, October 21, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama never wrote a book blurb for Ayers. He was asked by the Chicago Tribune about what books he was reading, and he responded with a positive statement about Ayers' well-regarded book on the juvenile justice system.

LIE: “Klonsky is an unabashed communist whose current mission is to spread Marxist ideology in the American classroom. Obama funded him to the tune of nearly $2 million. Obama, moreover, gave Klonsky a broad platform to broadcast his ideas: a 'social justice' blog on the official Obama campaign website.”(Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review, October 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never personally funded Klonsky; he worked for organizations that funded projects Klonsky was working for. The Obama campaign never “gave” Klonsky a “broad platform” on the “official” website; like anybody else can, Klonsky set up his own blog on the Obama site.

LIE: Obama “dined with terrorist Rashid Khalidi.”(John Gibson, Fox News Channel, October 22, 2008)
TRUTH: Khalidi is not a terrorist.

LIE: Obama served for seven years in the state senate.(Judy Keen, “The Big Question about Barack Obama,” USA Today, January 17, 2007; Dante Chinni, “Obama-mania May Backfire,” Christian Science Monitor, January 23, 2007)
TRUTH: Obama served for eight years in the state senate.

LIE: “Senator Obama has close to zero national security experience, close to zero national defense and foreign policy experience, close to zero national political experience, close to zero national legislative experience and close to zero experience being tested in the crucible of brutal national politics.”(Brent Budowsky, “Obamamania.” Huffington Post, October 23, 2006,

LIE: Obama “began his campaign facing the perception that he lacks the experience to be president especially compared to rivals with decades of work on foreign and domestic policy. So far, he’s done little to challenge it. He’s delivered no policy speeches and provided few details about how he would lead the country.”(Nedra Pickler, Associated Press, “Is Obama All Style and Little Substance?” Boston Globe, March 27, 2007,
TRUTH: As Obama noted, “The truth of the matter is I probably have a more detailed and specific record of what I think and where I stand than any candidate in this race. I’ve written two very detailed books that give people a pretty good window into my heart and soul. I’ve given policy speeches on just about every important issue that we face.”

LIE: “Obama is a ‘wigger’. He’s a remarkably exotic variety of the faux African American, but a wigger nonetheless....Even genetically, Obama, whose East African descent is apparent in his unusual features, has only a distant relationship to the West Africans who are the ancestors of almost all African Americans.”(Steve Sailer, “White Guilt, Obamania, and the Reality of Race.” blog, January 2, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama is not a “faux African American,” and racist theories about genetics have no scientific validity.

LIE: “Why was Obama so insistent upon rejecting the white race?”(Steve Sailer, “Obama’s Identity Crisis.” American Conservative, March 26, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama is not “rejecting the white race,” whatever that means.

LIE: “White people love highly accomplished blacks who speak with white accents. He wouldn’t be a serious candidate for president at age 45 if he weren’t part black.”(Steve Sailer, “Obama’s Identity Crisis.” American Conservative, March 26, 2007,
TRUTH: The notion that Obama was helped by being black flies in the face of every poll indicating that continuing significance of racism in America.

LIE: "able to independently discern the name 'Maya Kassandra Soetoro' from artifacts left behind in the process of forging a new fake document for Barack from an image of Maya's original document."
(World Net Daily, October 23, 2008,

LIE: “Senator Obama engaged in fraud in connection with a real estate purchase with Mr. Rezko.”
(Mitchell Langbert, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: There has been no fraud proven or even alleged.

LIE: “the Obama campaign has engaged in an unprecedented degree of election fraud.”
(Mitchell Langbert, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no election fraud by the Obama campaign.

LIE: “The Progressives started the nation along that path a century ago, and now the door is open for a convincing sociopath to become a dictator. Obama may be that dictator.”(Mitchell Langbert, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: Progressives did not start America on the path toward dictatorship, and Obama is not going to be a dictator.

LIE: “the criminality, corruption and cynicism that surrounds Senator Obama's presidential campaign exceeds that of President Richard M. Nixon, who resigned.”(Mitchell Langbert, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no criminality or corruption surrounding Obama's campaign.

LIE: “W Ketchup has learned that senior Republicans believe Obama may have indicated his religious status as Muslim at Columbia and Harvard, a possible reason he does not want those records public.”(W Ketchup company press release, October 16, 2008,
TRUTH: College transcripts do not reveal religious affiliation, and Obama was not a Muslim, no matter what an obscure right-wing ketchup company believes.

LIE: “We wonder, if he becomes president, how many earmarks he will direct toward other family members, such as his first cousin, Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga, and his Kenyan half-brother, George Hussein Onyango Obama.”(Dan Oliver, W Ketchup company press release, October 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Presidents don’t direct earmarks, and Obama has never directed earmarks to family members. Odinga is not Obama’s first cousin.

LIE: “What tipped me off initially about Senator Obama's sociopathy was his willingness to claim that he is for ‘change’ without offering meaning to that term. That strategy went beyond political hacks' usual lying, and was more reminiscent of totalitarian dictators like Adolf Hitler than traditional Democratic and Republican Party hacks.”(Mitchell Langbert, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Urging “change” does not make you a sociopath or reminiscent of Hitler.

LIE: “Obama says he'll strip away the FICA cap at $90,000 for every worker. That means every dollar you earn over that amount, you'll pay 7 percent!”(National Republican Trust PAC email, October 23, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has proposed removed the FICA cap on social security at $250,000, not $90,000.

LIE: “Obama says he will let the Bush tax cuts expire. That's an automatic 5 percent (maximum) tax increase on almost all taxpayers.”(National Republican Trust PAC email, October 23, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama will let the Bush tax cuts expire on the wealthiest Americans, and lower taxes further on the middle and working class.

LIE: “Obama approached Joe, not the other way around.”(David Limbaugh,, October 24, 2008,
TRUTH: Joe the Plumber approached Obama, not the other way around.

LIE: Obama supporters chanted, "The messiah! He's coming! Obama is coming!"(Oliver North,, October 24, 2008,
TRUTH: Oliver North is not a credible witness.

LIE: “what’s to stop Obama from ‘suspending’ elections? I can hear his sonorous voice now, proclaiming in the most presidential tones, that ‘we cannot afford the divisiveness and partisan bickering of national elections, when the current crisis demands that we be unified as a nation!’”(Laura Hollis,, October 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not going to suspend elections. The Constitution prohibits this.

SMEAR: “we could be facing a form of entrenched despotism the likes of which we never imagined possible.”(Laura Hollis,, October 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama will not bring “entrenched despotism.”

LIE: “the most liberal and inexperienced presidential nominee in living memory.”
Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post, October 24, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is just as experienced as the average president in American history.

LIE: “Overall, John McCain’s proposal cuts taxes more than Obama for typical families.”(Rich Lowry, New York Post, October 24, 2008,
TRUTH: All independent journalists and economists who have looked at the proposals have concluded otherwise.

LIE: “Barrack [sic] Obama gave his First cousin $70,000 of tax payer money. $70,000 of hard earned tax payer money to his first cousin.”(
TRUTH: The grants went to the Blue Gargoyle, a highly respected organization in Obama's district that happened to be run by a rabbi who is the first cousin once removed of Michelle Obama.(

LIE: “evidence of Barack Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Obama, in vintage nude photos from the 1960s....speculated that Frank Marshall Davis took the pictures “(Right Pundits, October 22, 2008,
TRUTH: There's not the slightest evidence this is her.

LIE: “In the first week after his inauguration, President Obama invited homosexual rights leaders from around the United States to join him at the White House as he signed an executive order directing all branches of the military to abandon their 'don’t ask, don’t tell' policy and to start actively recruiting homosexuals. As a result, homosexuals are now given special bonuses for enlisting in military service.”(James Dobson's Focus on the Family Action , October 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has never suggested giving gays and lesbians bonuses for enlistment.

LIE: “Barack Obama thinks terrorists just need a good talking to.”(McCain campaign mailer, Virginia,
TRUTH: Obama has never said that talking should be the response to terrorists. He has argued that we should to other countries that oppose us.

LIE: Obama “flat-out lied” about the madrassa story.(Catherine Moy, KSFO, Media Matters for America, “In Reviving Obama Smears, Morgan Guest/Coauthor Cited Reported Anti-Semite with ‘Well-Documented Ideation with a Paranoid Flavor and a Grandiose Character,'”, March 2, 2007, available at
TRUTH: Obama didn't lie.

LIE: “To whom will he be more sympathetic and loyal—his Muslim family members or you?...They hate America and would love one of their own in the White House.”(Debbie Schlussel, “Obama’s ‘Debunking’ of Islamic Background Raises More Questions,” January 25, 2007, available at

LIE: “Uh, sorry, but public schools DO NOT study the Koran. Islamic schools do.....Gee, if he wasn’t a Muslim, but a Catholic, why would a Catholic identify as a Muslim in a Catholic school? He and his parents were trying to hide his Catholic background from a Catholic school?”(Debbie Schlussel, “Obama’s ‘Debunking’ of Islamic Background Raises More Questions,” January 25, 2007, available at
TRUTH: In Indonesia, religious classes were held twice a week in public schools. Like many students, Obama went to Catholic school even though he wasn’t a Catholic, and he was listed as a Muslim because that was the background of his father.

LIE: “The media uproar over our reporting reveals a media establishment choosing not to ask the tough questions about Obama’s Muslim past: If he was raised in a secular household (as he claims), why does he have—or retain—Muslim names, Barack and Hussein?”(Editorial, Insight Magazine, January 23, 2007,
TRUTH: Obama was named after his father, who was named by Obama's grandfather, who was a Muslim. No one should be expected to change his name to prove his religious views.

LIE: “Jesus Christ would not vote for Barack Obama. Christ would not vote for Barack Obama because Barack Obama has behaved in a way that it is inconceivable for Christ to have behaved.”(Alan Keyes, “Keyes Says Christ Would Not Vote For Obama.”, September 7, 2004, available at
TRUTH: Alan Keyes does not channel Jesus or his political views.

LIE: “Podesta has been mapping out the transition so systematically that he has already written a draft Inaugural Address for Mr. Obama, which he published this summer in a book called 'The Power of Progress.'”(Peter Baker and Jackie Calmes, New York Times, October 25, 2008,
TRUTH: No one has written Obama's Inaugural Address. Podesta's “inaugural speech” was his literary device in a book written when he was still supporting Hillary Clinton. The Los Angeles Times noted in a blog about this “erroneous New York Times story.”(

LIE: “Obama’s attempt to stop me (and later David Freddoso) from appearing on the Milt Rosenberg show was not some sort of fluke or over-reach.”(Stanley Kurtz, October 24, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never tried to stop Kurtz or Freddoso from appearing on a radio show.

LIE: “Under the Obama administration there will be a calculated effort to reduce the already low number of jobs in most urban centers.”(Kevin McCullough,, October 26, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama does not have a calculated effort to reduce jobs.

LIE: “he is a member of an international socialist movement which hopes to use the United Nations as a vehicle to shake down U.S. taxpayers for trillions of dollars in slavery reparations.”(Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media, April 21, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not part of an international socialist movement, and opposes slavery reparations.

LIE: “serious questions are being raised about Obama’s initial soft line toward the Russian invasion of Georgia....Did Obama’s position reflect inexperience in foreign affairs, the influence of advisers, or an ideological tendency to take Russia’s side in global affairs against the U.S. and its allies? ...Obama’s communist and foreign connections are of serious and ongoing concern...”(Cliff Kincaid, Accuracy in Media, September 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's stand on Georgia and the Russians closely matched the Bush Administration. It is ridiculous to imagine that Obama has “communist” connections or that they had anything to do with his stand on Russia, which is not a communist country anymore.

LIE: “WHERE ARE THEY NOW? FRANKLIN RAINES? Raines works for the Obama Campaign as Chief Economic Advisor. TIM HOWARD? Howard is also a Chief Economic Advisor to Obama.”(email, October 2008,
TRUTH: Raines and Howard are not economic advisors to Obama, let alone the “Chief Economic Advisor.”

LIE: “a video of Barack Obama in an interview where he apparently slips that he is of Muslim faith then corrects himself and says Christian.”(email, September 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was talking about the false accusations of him being a Muslim.

LIE: “Obama’s Global Poverty Act is in fact a stunning and sweeping step toward socialism and one-world government.”(Jonathon Moseley, Accuracy in Media, August 14, 2008,
TRUTH: There is nothing about socialism and one-world government in the Act.

LIE: “Under the Obama administration there will also be a calculated effort to create greater poverty.”(Kevin McCullough,, October 26, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama will not try to increase poverty.

LIE: "Obama is showing a disconcerting tendency to make things up, as well as a lack of common should be obvious that no company's entire fleet of automobiles -- let alone a country's -- averages 45 mpg."(Power Line blogger John Hinderaker, May 10, 2007,
TRUTH: According to a Pew Center on Global Climate Change report, the 2002 average fleet fuel economy value in Japan was 46.3 miles per gallon

LIE: “under an Obama administration black churches would be silenced under new laws to ban the preaching of scripture--especially as it relates to sexual purity.”(Kevin McCullough,, October 26, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama will not silence any churches from preaching scripture.

LIE: “I am personally concerned by any politician that talks about the redistribution of wealth, that the Warren Court was not, quote, 'radical enough.'"(Joe Scarborough, MSNBC's Morning Joe, October 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never said the Warren Court wasn't “radical enough.”

LIE: “it's spread the wealth and then change the mission of the Supreme Court in some facet.”(Trace Gallagher, Fox News' The Live Desk, October 27, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama never suggested changing the mission of the Supreme Court.

LIE: “I'm not objecting to the fact that he's doesn't want to wear a pin in his lapel, it's his reason that floors me. His reason, as I've said, here's -- here are his words: 'As I have said about the flag pin, I don't want to be perceived as taking sides. There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression.'"(Bob Grant radio show, October 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has often worn a flag pin, and he never said this. These words are from a right-winger's satirical column.

LIE: The New York Times "published a chart and in it, it showed that the average plumber -- not somebody making $250 and above -- but the average plumber would pay less in taxes under John McCain than Barack Obama."(Gregg Jarrett, Fox News' America's Newsroom, October 24, 2008,
TRUTH: The New York Times chart was about someone making $280,000 a year. The average plumber would pay less in taxes under Obama's plan.

IV. 50 Lies About Obama

[A May 2008 email listing 50 alleged lies told by Obama is actually a series of 50 lies about Obama.(]

LIE: “1.) Selma Got Me Born - LIAR, your parents felt safe enough to have you in 1961 - Selma had no effect on your birth, as Selma was in 1965.”
TRUTH: “This criticism is based on an overly-literal interpretation of Barack Obama's 2007 speech in Selma, Alabama.”(

LIE: “2.) Father Was A Goat Herder - LIAR, he was a privileged, well educated youth, who went on to work with the Kenyan Government.”
TRUTH: "These attributes are not mutually exclusive: Barack Obama's (biological) father was all of these things at different times in his life, as Obama described in his book, Dreams from My Father."(

LIE: “3.) Father Was A Proud Freedom Fighter - L IAR, he was part of one of the most corrupt and violent governments Kenya has ever had.”
TRUTH: "We are unaware of Barack Obama's ever having claimed his father was a ‘proud freedom fighter.’ Obama has written (and spoken) at length about his father's returning to Africa from America to work for the Kenyan government, with that country's political turmoil eventually leaving him a 'bitter drunk' and 'a defeated, lonely bureaucrat.'"(

LIE: “4.) My Family Has Strong Ties To African Freedom - LIAR, your cousin Raila Odinga has created mass violence in attempting to overturn a legitimate election in 2007, in Kenya. It is the first widespread violence in decades.”
TRUTH: "Kenyan politician Raila Odinga has recently claimed to be Barack Obama's cousin, but there is no substantive evidence documenting his claim, and the two men share no meaningful familial connection."(

LIE: “5.) My Grandmother Has Always Been A Christian - LIAR, she does her daily Salat prayers at 5am according to her own interviews. According to the New York Times: "I am a strong believer of the Islamic faith," Ms. Obama, 85, said in a recent interview in Kenya.' Not to mention, Christianity wouldn't allow her to have been one of 14 wives to 1 man.”
TRUTH: "The author seems to be unaware that Barack Obama, like most people, has two sets of grandparents. Obama was speaking of his maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, not his paternal grandmother."(

LIE: “6.) My Name is African Swahili - LIAR, your name is Arabic and 'Baraka' (from which Barack came) means 'blessed' in that language. Hussein is also Arabic and so is Obama.”
TRUTH: "The author seems to be unaware that many Swahili words and names are of Arabic origin (just as many English words originated with other languages). 'Barack' is a Swahili name that entered the language via historical trade and cultural ties with Arabia."(

LIE: “7.) I Never Practiced Islam - LIAR, you practiced it daily at school, where you were registered as a Muslim and kept that faith for 31 years,until your wife made you change, so you could run for office.”
TRUTH: Obama did not practice Islam daily in school, and was not a Muslim “for 31 years.”

LIE: “8.) My School In Indonesia Was Christian - LIAR, you were registered as Muslim there and got in trouble in Koranic Studies for making faces (check your own book).”
TRUTH: "The author seems to be unaware that Barack Obama attended more than one school in Indonesia, one of which was a public school that included Islamic religious instruction among its curriculum, and one of which was a private Catholic school."(

LIE: “9.) I Was Fluent In Indonesian - LIAR, not one teacher says you could speak the language.”
TRUTH: "We are unaware of Barack Obama's ever having claimed he was 'fluent' in any Indonesian language (beyond the level of competence that could reasonably be expected of the non-native child speaker he was at the time he lived in that country). He did acquire (and apparently still has) a passable command of Bahasa, as Time magazine noted in a 2007 article."(

LIE: “10.) Because I Lived In Indonesia, I Have More Foreign Experience - LIAR, you were there from the ages of 6 to 10, and couldn't even spea k the language. What did you learn, how to study the Koran and watch cartoons.”
TRUTH: "Barack Obama did live in Indonesia for four years as a child, and he could in fact speak the local language passably well. Whether his time in that country provided him more 'foreign experience' is argumentative, but Obama himself is far from the only person to suggest that it might."(

LIE: “11.) I Am Stronger On Foreign Affairs - LIAR, except for Africa (surprise) and the Middle East (bigger surprise), you have never been anywhere else on the planet and thus have NO experience with our closest allies. You seek to disarm America while our avowed enemy, Iran, will not subject itself to a nuclear ban. Top Hamas politica l adviser Ahmed Yousef said the Hamas terrorist group 'supports Obama's foreign policy vision'.”
TRUTH: Obama has visited 17 countries while in the Senate and does not seek to disarm America.

LIE: “12.) I Blame My Early Drug Use On Ethnic Confusion - LIAR, you were quite content in high school to be Barry Obama, no mention of Kenya and no mention of struggle to identify - your classmates said you were just fine.”
TRUTH: Obama did not blame his drug use on race.

LIE: “13.) An Ebony Article Moved Me To Run For Office - LIAR, Ebony has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn't, and never did, exist.”
TRUTH: Obama never claimed that an Ebony article caused him to run for office.

LIE: “14.) A Life Magazine Article Changed My Outlook On Life - LIAR, Life has yet to find the article you mention in your book. It doesn't, and never did, exist.”
“That no matching article may yet have been found in the pages of LIFE magazine does not mean that Obama saw no such article; it may simply mean that, writing decades after the fact, he misremembered the title of the magazine he was viewing.”(

LIE: “15.) I Won't Run On A National Ticket In '08 - LIAR, here you are, despite saying, live on TV, that you would not have enough experience by then, and you are all about having experience first.”
TRUTH: "Senator Obama never stated categorically that he would not run on a national ticket in 2008. He at one time said that he had 'no plans' to run for national office in 2008, the standard response virtually all politicians give to press inquiries when they have not yet formulated (or do not wish to reveal) their plans for upcoming elections."(

LIE: “16.) Present Votes Are Common In Illinois - LIAR, they are common for YOU, but not many others have 130 NO VOTES."
TRUTH: No one has measured how many present votes were made by other senators.

LIE: “17.) Oops, I Misvoted - LIAR, only when caught by church groups and Democrats, did you beg to change your misvote.”
TRUTH: Not true.

LIE: “18.) I Was A Professor Of Law - LIAR, you were a senior lecturer ON LEAVE.”
TRUTH: "Barack Obama was indeed a professor at the University of Chicago's Law School, a fact verified by that institution itself.(

LIE: “19.) I Was A Constitutional Lawyer - LIAR, you were a senior lecturer ON LEAVE.”
TRUTH: "Between 1993 and 2002, Barack Obama worked as a civil rights lawyer with the Chicago law firm of Miner, Barnhill & Galland."(

LIE: “20.) Without Me, There Would Be No Ethics Bill - LIAR, you didn't write it,introduce it, change it, or create it.”
TRUTH: Obama was the one who pushed it forward and got it passed.

LIE: “21.) The Ethics Bill Was Hard To Pass - LIAR, it took just 14 days from start to finish.
TRUTH: The ethics bill involved a lot of preparation.

LIE: “22.) I Wrote A Tough Nuclear Bill - LIAR, your bill was rejected by your own party for its pandering and lack of all regulation - mainly because of your Nuclear Donor, Exelon, from which David Axelrod came.”
TRUTH: Axelrod did not come from Exelon.

LIE: “23.) I Have Released My State Records - LIAR, as of March, 2008, state bills you sponsored or voted for have yet to be released, exposing all the special interests pork hidden within.”
TRUTH: All state bills Obama sponsored or voted for are publicly available.

LIE: “24.) I Took On The Asbestos Altgeld Gardens Mess - LIAR, you were part of a large group of people who remedied Altgeld Gardens. You failed to mention anyone else but yourself, in your books.”
TRUTH: Obama mentions other people who helped in the work.

LIE: “25.) My Economics Bill Will Help America - LIAR, your 111 economic policies were just combined into a proposal which lost 99-0, and even YOU voted against your own bill.”
TRUTH: Not true.

LIE: “26.) I Have Been A Bold Leader In Illinois - LIAR, even your own supporters claim to have not seen BOLD action on your part.”
TRUTH: Even Republicans have praised Obama's actions in Illinois.

LIE: “27.) I Passed 26 Of My Own Bills In One Year - LIAR, they were not YOUR bills, but rather handed to you, after their creation by a fellow Senator, to assist you in a future bid for higher office.”
TRUTH: Obama did get them passed.

LIE: “28.) No One Contacted Canada About NAFTA - LIAR, the Candian Government issued the names and a memo of the conversation your campaign had with them.”
TRUTH: "It's now clear that a Canadian news report that started this flap wasn't accurate. No evidence has surfaced to show that any Obama 'staffer' telephoned the Canadian ambassador in Washington, and all concerned deny that any such conversation took place. But it is equally clear that Obama's senior economic adviser did visit Canada's consulate in Chicago on Feb. 8, and that NAFTA was one of the several topics discussed. Exactly what was said is not so clear, however. The memo says Obama's anti-NAFTA stance was described as just 'political maneuvering,' but the adviser says he said no such thing."(

LIE: “29.) I Am Tough On Terrorism - LIAR, you missed the Iran Resolution vote on terrorism and your good friend Ali Abunimah supports the destruction of Israel. You state you will open friendly communication with the Leader of Iran who is attempting to develop nuclear weapons to destroy us, but refuse to speak to FOX news. You are against provisions of the Patriot act which would all wiretapping of the phones of suspected terrorists in the USA.”
TRUTH: Ali Abunimah is not a "good friend" of Obama, and doesn't support destroying Israel. Obama doesn't refuse to speak to Fox News, and has never advocated "friendly" communication with Iran's leaders.

LIE: "30.) I Am Not Acting As President Yet - LIAR, after the NAFTA Memo, a dead terrorist in the FARC, in Colombia, was found with a letter stating how you and he were working together on getting FARC recognized officially."
TRUTH: That's absolutely false. A FARC memo was found analyzing the presidential election, but it in no way suggested any contact between Obama and the FARC.

LIE: “31.) I Didn't Run Ads In Florida - LIAR, you allowed national ads to run 8-12 times per day for two weeks - and you still lost.”
TRUTH: "In August 2007, major Democratic candidates signed a pledge to not campaign in Florida because that state had moved its primary election up to 29 January 2008, one week earlier than the Democratic national rules allowed. In January 2008, the Obama campaign launched national television advertisements on CNN and MSNBC that were also shown in Florida. Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton maintainted that they had asked CNN and MSNBC to pull Florida from the ad buy, but those networks said they could not."(

LIE: “32.) I Won Michigan - LIAR, no you didn't.”
TRUTH: "Senator Obama never claimed to have 'won' Michigan, save for an interview in which he misspoke and mentioned the wrong state name. In accordance with the agreement mentioned in the previous entry, Barack Obama's name didn't even appear on the Michigan ballot."(

LIE: “33.) I won Nevada - LIAR, no you did not.”
TRUTH: "Senator Obama didn't claim to have ‘won’ Nevada (a state that holds caucuses rather than direct-election primaries); he noted, correctly, that although Senator Hillary Clinton tallied more overall votes at the Nevada caucuses, he actually picked up more national delegates from that state."(

LIE: “34.) I Want All Votes To Count - LIAR, you said let the delegates decide.”
TRUTH: The delegates represent the voters.

LIE: “35.) I Want Americans To Decide - LIAR, you prefer caucuses that limit the vote, confuse the voters, force a public vote, and only operate during small windows of time.”
TRUTH: Caucuses are perfectly legitimate, democratic forms of choosing delegates. Obama didn't prefer them; he simply outperformed the Clinton campaign at them.

LIE: “36.) I passed 900 Bills in the State Senate - LIAR, you passed 26, most of which you didn't write yourself.”
TRUTH: Obama voted for those bills.

LIE: “37.) My Campaign Was Extorted By A Friend - LIAR, that friend is threatening to sue if you do not stop saying this. Obama has stopped saying this.”
TRUTH: This never happened.

LIE: “38.) I Believe In Fairness, Not Tactics - LIAR, you used tactics to eliminate Alice Palmer from running against you.”
TRUTH: Obama followed all the rules.

LIE: “39.) I Don't Take PAC Money - LIAR, you take loads of it.”
TRUTH: "Senator Obama didn't say that has never accepted money from political action committees. (He used PAC money in his previous U.S. Senate and Illinois state Senate races.) He pledged that he would not accept PAC money for his 2008 presidential bid, a pledge that he has upheld."(

LIE: “40.) I don't Have Lobbysists - LIAR, you have over 47 lobbyists, and counting.”
TRUTH: "Senator Obama did not claim that he doesn't ‘have lobbysists’ [sic]. He stated that he does not employ federally registered lobbyists, and that if he were elected President his administration would not include any such lobbyists."(

LIE: “41.) My Campaign Had Nothing To Do With The 1984 Ad - LIAR, your own campaign worker made the ad on his Apple in one afternoon.”
TRUTH: "A widely-circulated spoof of Apple Computer's famous 1984 television advertisement for their (then-new) Macintosh computer was not created by an Obama campaign worker. It was, as explained in a statement issued by the managing director of Blue State Digital (a firm contracted to provide technology services to the Obama Campaign), created without authorization by an employee of that company.”(

LIE: “42.) My Campaign Never Took Over MySpace - LIAR, Tom, who started MySpace issued a warning about this advertising to MySpace clients.”
TRUTH: The Obama campaign took over the MySpace page about him that a volunteer had originally created, after being unable to reach a deal with the volunteer. Under MySpace's rules, you always own the page in your own name, even if someone else creates it.

LIE: “43.) I Inspire People With My Words - LIAR, you inspire people with other people's words.”
TRUTH: Obama does inspire people with his words.

LIE: “44.) I Have Passed Bills In The U.S. Senate - LIAR, you have passed A BILL in the U.S. Senate - for Africa, which shows YOUR priorities.”
TRUTH: Obama has gotten many provisions passed in the U.S. Senate.

LIE: “45.) I Have Always Been Against Iraq - LIAR, you weren't in office to vote against it AND you have voted to fund it every single time, unlike Kucinich, who seems to be out gutting you Obama. You also seem to be stepping back from your departure date – AGAIN.”
TRUTH: "Senator Obama expressed opposition to the war in Iraq well before he gained a seat in the U.S. Senate in 2004."(

LIE: “46.) I Have Always Supported Universal Health Care - LIAR, your plan leaves us all to pay the 15,000,000 who don't have to buy it.”
TRUTH: No, it doesn't.

LIE: “47.) I Only Found Out About My Investment Conflicts Via Mail - LIAR, both companies you site [sic] as having sent you letters about this conflict have no record of any such letter ever being created or sent.”
TRUTH: Obama accidentally was sent his investment information.

LIE: “48.) I Am As Patriotic As Anyone - LIAR, you won't wear a flag pin and you don't put your hand over your heart during the Anthem. There is a Cuban Flag with Che Guevara Displayed at Barack Obama Campaign Office which you allow to be displayed. You voted against making english the official language of the United States. You voted to give illegal aliens social security benefits, which would bankrupt the social security system for Americans legally paying into it.”
TRUTH: The poster with Che Guevara wasn't displayed at a campaign office, and Obama never "allowed" it to be displayed. It was in the office of an independent left-wing group supporting Obama, and the poster was quickly removed.

LIE: “49.) My Wife Didn't Mean What She Said About Pride In Country - LIAR, your wife's words follow lock-step in the vain of Rev. Wright and Louis Farrahkan [sic], in relation to their contempt and hatred of America.”
TRUTH: Obama has no connection to Louis Farrakhan.

LIE: “50.) Wal-Mart Is A Company I Wouldn't Support - LIAR, your wife has received nearly a quarter of a million dollars through Treehouse, which is connected to Wal-Mart.”
TRUTH: Michelle Obama used to be a director of Treehouse Foods, which like many food manufacturers sold products to the biggest retailer in the country, Wal-Mart. Michelle could not have banned the company from selling to Wal-Mart, and had she done so would have been violating her duties as a director.

V. Michelle Obama
[Lies about Michelle Obama]

LIE: Michelle Obama called “African Press International” to complain that they were helping to "spread rumours created by American bloggers and other racist media outlets in their efforts to damage a black man's name.”(
TRUTH: There was no interview by Michelle Obama with this obscure (and barely literate) anti-Obama website.(Jason Linkins, Huffington Post, October 15, 2008,

LIE: Michelle Obama Recommended That The Hospital Hire David Axelrod's Firm
TRUTH: "Neither Michelle Obama nor Valerie Jarrett reached out to ask or encourage Axelrod's firm to apply for a contract....Hiring decision was made by UCMC CEO Jim Madara."(

LIE: Michelle Obama's Princeton thesis is restricted until after the election.
TRUTH: Michelle Obama's thesis is publicly available.

LIE: Michelle Obama's thesis relies on "separationism" terminology Stokely Carmichael and Charles Hamilton introduced
TRUTH: "Michelle Obama did not say she was "much influenced" by the definition of separationism offered by Carmichael and Hamilton but that she was using their definition in her study."(

LIE: Michelle Obama's thesis kept secret.(
TRUTH: Her thesis is available.(

LIE: According to Kurtz, "Just after Barack Obama effectively secured a seat in the State Senate, the University of Chicago invented a new job, for which it hired Michelle Obama. In that job, Michelle would be able to channel University of Chicago students into the radical anti-American groups that she and her husband worked with, and whose ideology has received far too little scrutiny. Some of these organizations, even if unofficially, provided campaign workers for Barack Obama on election day."(
TRUTH: This is total nonsense. It's noteworthy that Kurtz doesn't actually mention the names of any of these "radical anti-American groups." Michelle's job was to encourage students to engage in community service (which arguably channeled them away from traditional political activism).

LIE: The Michelle Obama Rant Tape was filmed between June 26th - July 1st 2004 in Chicago, IL at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference at the Sheraton Hotel in Chicago, specifically the women's panel.(
TRUTH: It didn't happen.

LIE: "did you notice in the big cover story in People magazine this week? It was revealed that the Obamas don't believe in giving their children Christmas presents or birthday gifts...we've been looking for proof that they're socialists. There it is. There's proof positive this is a socialist family. These children are going to have a lifetime of therapy to have to contend with."(Mike Gallagher, July 29, 2008, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes)
TRUTH: The Obamas do give presents to their kids. They don't get them birthday gifts beyond paying for the birthday party. because the kids already get gifts at the party. Failing to give birthday gifts does not make you a socialist.(

LIE: "The Obamas want to create a boot camp for radicals who hate the military — and stick American taxpayers with the bill."(Investor's Business Daily editorial, September 4, 2008,
TRUTH: This false attack is based on condemning the group Public Allies, which Michelle Obama was involved in. It is not a boot camp for radicals, and has nothing to do with hating the military.

LIE: ""[Obama's] wife in her thesis at Princeton said, quote, 'Blacks must join in solidarity -- the belief that blacks must join in solidarity to combat a white oppressor.' On top of -- on heels -- on the heels of the statement, "For the first time in my life, I'm proud to be an American." Does that -- do those racial issues concern people?"(Feb. 26, 2008, Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity)
TRUTH: Michelle Obama wrote, "It is possible that Black individuals either chose to or felt pressure to come together with other Blacks on campus because of the belief that Blacks must join in solidarity to combat a White oppressor." She was analyzing the feelings of Black students, not expressing her own view.(

LIE: "I don't want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there's evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels. If that's how she really feels -- that America is a bad country or a flawed nation, whatever -- then that's legit."(Bill O'Reilly, February 19, 2008, The Radio Factor with Bill O'Reilly,
TRUTH: Even if Michelle Obama were "militant," which she's not, that would be no excuse for "a lynching party."

LIE: "And what about Michelle? When she says she's obligated to put blacks before whites, is she just pandering, or is she speaking honestly?"( email, Sept. 11)
TRUTH: Michelle Obama never said she's obligated to put blacks before whites. As a college student, she wrote: "Earlier in my college career, there was no doubt in my mind that as a member of the Black community I was somehow obligated to this community and would use all of my present and future resources to benefit this community first and foremost." She was writing about helping the community rather than helping herself.(

LIE: “Michelle Obama getting lobster and caviar delivered to her room at the Waldorf-Astoria.”(New York Post, October 17, 2008)
TRUTH: It never happened, and the New York Post retracted its story.(

VI.Dreams From My Father

[Lies about Obama's memoir.]

LIE: “Did Obama Write "Dreams from My Father" ... Or Did Ayers?...when Obama speaks extemporaneously, one doesn't hear the same voice one encounters in the book.”(Andy McCarthy, National Review Online, October 11, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama wrote his own book; Ayers did not. The style of a speaker is almost always different from a writing style, and politicians rarely speak the same way that memoirs are written.

LIE: “Ayers had the means, the motive, the time, the place and the literary ability to jumpstart Obama's career. And, as Ayers had to know, a lovely memoir under Obama's belt made for a much better resume than an unfulfilled contract over his head.”(Jack Cashill, American Thinker, October 2008,
TRUTH: It's insane to imagine that Ayers would write a memoir for someone who had never been elected to public office in order to “jumpstart” their career, especially since nothing in Obama's memoir helped his political career.

LIE: “inconsistent dates and numbers appear frequently in both books and often reinforce some moment of lost innocence.”(Jack Cashill, American Thinker, October 2008,
TRUTH: Inconsistent dates appear in all memoirs, especially when dealing with childhood memories.

LIE: “To compare the two books, I selected thirty-sentence sequences from Dreams and Fugitive Days, each of which relates the author's entry into the world of ‘community organizing.’ ‘Fugitive Days’ averaged 23.13 words a sentence. ‘Dreams’ averaged 23.36 words a sentence.”(Jack Cashill, American Thinker, October 2008,
TRUTH: Similarities in sentence length (particular when the sections are chosen by a biased individual looking for similar length in passages) are completely meaningless.

LIE: “‘Memory sails out upon a murky sea,’Ayers writes at one point....Obama also has a fondness for the word ‘murky’ and its aquatic usages.”(Jack Cashill, American Thinker, October 2008,
TRUTH: By this logic, every book that uses the word “murky” four times (as Obama did) was actually written by Bill Ayers. It’s a common term, and frequently used with aquatic references.

LIE: “Ayers helped Obama, then a junior lawyer at a minor law firm, get appointed chairman of the multi-million dollar Chicago Annenberg Challenge grant.”(Jack Cashill, American Thinker, October 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers didn’t help Obama get appointed chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

LIE: "Obama didn't write 'Dreams from My Father.'"
(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did write it.

LIE: "one thread that ties Ayers to "Dreams" is the repeated use of maritime metaphors throughout both books, a testament to Ayers' anxious year as a merchant seaman."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Maritime metaphors are quite common in literature, especially in a book whose subject spans two oceans. One does not need to be a seaman to use maritime metaphors.

LIE: "The evidence strongly suggests that Ayers transformed the stumbling literalist of "Why Organize?" into the sophisticated postmodernist of "Dreams," and he did so not by tutoring Obama, but by rewriting his text."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: The fact that Ayers (in a 2008 essay about narrative) and Obama (in a 1995 book utilizing narrative techniques) both use the words "trap", "narrative", "journey", "contradict", "corrective", and "constructed" is pointless. These are common English words.

LIE: "To read "Why Organize?" in its entirety is to understand the fraud that is Obama, the literary genius. As the reader will see, one does not need forensic software to sense the limits of Obama's skills."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's 1990 essay was written by an inexperienced writer for an academic audience. By 1995, Obama had learned far more about writing, and was freed from the constraints of the academic essay. Indeed, the 1990 essay shows early signs of the very same techniques and approaches which Obama would utilize in his first book. It confirms that Obama was the author.

LIE: "My suspicion is that Ayers saw the potential in Obama, and he chose to mold it. The calculation in 'Dreams' is palpable. Nothing about the book would deny a black Democrat the White House."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, October 13, 2008,
TRUTH: "Dreams from My Father" is not a politically calculated book. In reality, many passages in the book, from drug use to race, have been used to attack Obama during his political career. Ayers did not "mold" Obama.

LIE: "inconsistent dates and numbers appear frequently in both books and often reinforce some moment of lost innocence."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, September 19, 2008,
LIE: "'Dreams' melds two styles: one, a long-winded accounting of conversations and events, polished just well enough to pass muster; the second, a fierce, succinct and tightly coiled analysis of the events that have been related."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, September 19, 2008,
TRUTH: There are not two distinct styles in Obamas's memoir.

LIE: "in ‘Dreams,’ it is on the subject of black rage that the author writes most eloquently....In ‘Fugitive Days,’ ‘rage’ rules and in high style as well."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, September 19, 2008,
TRUTH: The fact that two writers examine the topic of "rage" using distinctly different phrases does not mean that they were written by the same person. In fact, it proves the opposite.

LIE: "The public is asked to believe Obama wrote this on his own. I do not buy this canard for a minute, not at all."(Jack Cashill, World Net Daily, September 18, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama wrote his book on his own.

LIE: "I was also suspicious about his claim that publishers had sought him out, while still unknown, contract in hand. I doubted, too, that the publisher would have paid him a hefty advance." (Jack Cashill ,, August 28, 2008,
TRUTH: Cashill can doubt reality all he wants, but unquestioned evidence from Obama's agent and publishers supports this. (However, Cashill gets his facts wrong: it was a literary agent who approached Obama, and then approached various publishers.)

LIE: "while still a law student, Obama improbably received an advance to write a memoir." (Jack Cashill ,, August 28, 2008,
TRUTH: There was nothing improbable about it. The publicity Obama received from becoming the first African-American president of Harvard Law Review attracted attention from publishers for a book about race.

LIE: "From Dreams of My Father: 'I found a solace in nursing a pervasive sense of grievance and animosity against my mothers race.'"(email)
TRUTH: The quote is a fabrication.(

LIE: Misleading e-mail: From Dreams of My Father : "It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names."
TRUTH: "A real quote, but one taken out of context when Obama was criticizing this viewpoint."(

LIE: “Obama describes how he deliberately separated himself from his multiracial heritage in order to give himself a 100 percent black persona, different and alienated from the white world around him.”(Phyllis Schlafly, October 7, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama did not “give himself” a “100 percent black persona.”

LIE: “Obama rejects racial integration because it is a ‘one-way street’ with blacks being ‘assimilated into the dominant culture, not the other way around.’”(Phyllis Schlafly, October 7, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama doesn’t reject racial integration.

LIE: “There is absolutely nothing in this book that expresses pride in or love of or appreciation of America. In 442 pages of introspection extending over his life as a teen, undergraduate and law student at prestigious institutions, community organizer and working adult, he doesn't say anything positive about American government, culture, society, freedom or opportunity.”(Phyllis Schlafly, October 7, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama’s memoir is full of positive descriptions about America.

LIE: “In his autobiography, Obama accepts the view that ‘black people have reason to hate.’”(Phyllis Schlafly, October 7, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama doesn’t accept this view.

LIE: “Obama's worldview sees U.S. history as a consistent tale of oppressors and oppressed. He objects to the public schools because black kids are learning ‘someone else's history. Someone else's culture.’”(Phyllis Schlafly, October 7, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama doesn’t see US history as nothing but oppression.

LIE: “Obama described his happiness in going to Kenya: ‘For the first time in my life, I felt the comfort, the firmness of identity that a name might provide.’ He felt he ‘belonged’ and had come home. Apparently, the only other place he felt at home was in Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church in Chicago.”(Phyllis Schlafly, October 7, 2008,,
TRUTH: Obama was writing about his name: “No one here in Kenya would ask how to spell my name, or mangle it with an unfamiliar tongue.” Obama felt at home in his home of Chicago, not in Kenya.

Dick Morris
[Co-author of the book Fleeced, Dick Morris is a prolific source of lies about Obama]

LIE: Obama voted against “a Senate reform banning the increasingly widespread practice of legislators hiring their family members on their campaign or PAC payrolls.”(Dick Morris, “Obama's First Blunder.”, January 17, 2007, available at
TRUTH: Obama voted for it, as Morris later admitted.

LIE: “He served as general counsel for ACORN in Illinois, channeled millions to the organization from the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (whose funds he distributed), and has lately spent $800,000 of his campaign money to subsidize the group's activities.”(Dick Morris, October 15, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was never “general counsel for ACORN in Illinois”; in fact, he never worked for ACORN. Obama never personally distributed funds to ACORN. His campaign paid $800,000 to a group linked with ACORN, not ACORN itself, and did so for real work, not to subsidize the group.

LIE: Obama "would double the capital gains tax. That means that you get far less when you sell your home, or your 401(k) or your stock plan...he would increase the limit on Social Security taxes, which means instead of paying 12 1/2 percent of the first $100,000, you pay it on everything that you're making."(Dick Morris, Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes, June 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama would not double the capital gains tax.

LIE: "if you doubled the tax on capital gains, which means anybody sells their home, the government takes twice much out of it."(Dick Morris, NBC’s Today, June 24, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama isn’t proposing doubling the tax on capital gains.

LIE: Rezko sold Sen. Barack Obama a strip of land "for an amount that was substantially below its apparent market value."(Dick Morris, Fox News Channel’s Your World with Neil Cavuto, June 4, 2008,
TRUTH: Rezko was accused of selling Obama the land for much more than an appraiser’s estimate, but the amount Obama paid was actually market value.

LIE: "there is nothing filthier than Chicago politics. And he came up in Chicago politics with this guy Rezko. And then they did this real estate deal. And hey, a losing real estate deal on Whitewater haunted the Clintons for 20 years. This is one where he made money. And it's not clear – Rezko paid market price for his property. He didn't pay market price for his. And they came from the same seller. Who's to say that that wasn't a switch?"(Dick Morris, June 5, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama didn’t make any money on the real estate deal. Obama paid the market price for his home, just not the list price.

LIE: Obama has "never introduced a bill" in Congress.(Dick Morris, Fox News Channel's The Big Story, December 18, 2006)
TRUTH: “In fact, according to the Library of Congress' THOMAS legislative database, Obama was the primary sponsor of 152 bills and resolutions introduced in the last Congress, including a bill (S.2125) that passed Congress on December 8, 2006, 'to promote relief, security, and democracy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo,' which he introduced on December 16, 2005. In addition, three nonbinding resolutions sponsored by Obama have passed the Senate, and 14 bills that he has co-sponsored have become law.”(Media Matters, December 19, 2006,

LIE: “Obama would take the country sharply, suddenly, and dangerously to the far left.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 13)
TRUTH: Obama is not a far leftist.

LIE: “He would roll back the increases in the threshold for the inheritance tax passed under Bush.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 13)
TRUTH: Obama wants to increase the threshold for the inheritance tax, and make it far above the levels before the Bush tax cut.

LIE: “He would raise taxes immediately and substantially: increasing the top bracket to at least 40 percent, lifting the cap on Social Security taxes, and doubling capital gains taxes and taxes on dividends.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 13)
TRUTH: Obama’s proposal for the richest Americans would not raise income taxes to 40 percent, and would not even come close to doubling capital gains taxes.

LIE: “Obama would open the door wide to illegal immigrants and make it easy for them to become citizens and voters.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 13)
TRUTH: Obama has never called for opening the door to illegal immigrants.

LIE: “He would socialize medicine in America–through a federal insurance program that would include illegal immigrants.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 14)
TRUTH: Obama is not proposing socialized medicine, and his plan would not include illegal immigrants.

LIE: “He one [sic] would weaken the standards Bush imposed for improved public education.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 14)
TRUTH: Obama has supported using better standards that don’t rely so much on dumbed-down standardized testing.

LIE: “He would lower penalties for some of our most dangerous drug criminals and give many a free pass to leave prison.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 14)
TRUTH: Obama has not proposed giving dangerous drug criminals a “free pass” from prison.

LIE: “Obama would pull out of Iraq unilaterally, without conditions, and leave it to its (likely bloody) fate. If it became a base for terrorists, he is likely to do little more than to wring his hands and blame President Bush.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 14)
TRUTH: Obama has not said that he would pull all troops out of Iraq, and specifically declared that he would have troops to attack any terrorist bases that might exist.

LIE: “Obama, however, is quite clear that he wants the hike to apply to those earning more than $97,500.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 17)
TRUTH: Obama has been quite clear that he only wants Social Security taxes to be paid by those earning more than $250,000 a year, not $97,500.

LIE: “Obama wants to erase Bill Clinton’s capital gains tax cut and raise the rate to 28 percent.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 17)
TRUTH: Obama has proposed raising the capital gains tax rate to 20 percent, not 28 percent, and this would not apply to lower and middle income taxpayers who pay a lower capital gains tax rate.

LIE: Obama wants to “double the tax on dividends from the current 15 percent rate to 30 percent.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 19)
TRUTH: Obama has not proposed raising the tax on dividends to 20 percent, not 30 percent.(

LIE: Obama is planning “lowering the threshold of which estates can be taxed, perhaps to as low as $1 million.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 19)
TRUTH: Obama would increase the threshold for taxing estates to $7 million: “This policy would cut the number of estates covered by the tax by 84 percent relative to 2000.”(

LIE: “The tax cuts would be just on paper. In reality, no American would experience any actual tax cut.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 24)
TRUTH: Every economist and journalist who has examined Obama’s plan has concluded that it would lower taxes on a majority of low-income and middle-class Americans.

LIE: “if illegal immigrants gain legal status, Obama wants their children to receive free health insurance, courtesy of the government.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 25)
TRUTH: Obama has never proposed that all children of immigrants would get free health insurance.

LIE: “Federal bureaucrats–or private ones empowered by federal legislation–will have a veto on any medical procedure you want, even if you are prepared to pay for it yourself.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 27)
TRUTH: Nothing in Obama’s proposal has ever suggested that seniors (or anyone else) would need to get government approval for a medical procedure.

LIE: “Obama’s advocacy of getting out of Iraq no matter what could backfire. It might force us to stand helplessly by if Hamas, Al Qaeda, and Iran take over. Imagine Iraq as a terrorist state! That’s where Obama’s ideas might lead.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 33)
TRUTH: Obama has never said that he would stand by helplessly if terrorists “take over” Iraq.

LIE: Obama will “increase FICA taxes by 14 points on all income over $100,000.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 42)
TRUTH: Obama will increase social security taxes by 6.2 points on income over $250,000.

LIE: As president, Obama will “give children of illegal immigrants in-state tuition at state universities.”(Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, Fleeced, p. 43)
TRUTH: The president doesn’t determine state tuition policies, and Obama has never promised to do so.

LIE: “it was Ayers who applied for the grant, it was Ayers who got the money, and then he chose Obama to pass the money out....What I think matters is that William Ayers hired him to distribute the $50 million that Ayers raised. And that is the only executive experience Obama's had.”(Dick Morris, October 6 edition of Fox News' Hannity & Colmes,
TRUTH: Ayers did not hire Obama. And Obama has other executive experience, such as running a voter registration drive.

VIII. Jerome Corsi's Lies

[Jerome Corsi is the author of “The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality.”]

LIE: “Sen. Barack Obama, with a donation of nearly $1 million, and a son of Libyan dictator Muammar Gadhafi were among the biggest contributors to the presidential campaign of controversial Kenyan leader Raila Odinga.”(Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily, October 14, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama did not donate a million dollars to a Kenyan campaign.

LIE: "By placing 'Unfit for Publication' as the title of the mock-book, does the Obama rebuttal mean to suggest an Obama administration might have a censorship department in which a book critical of a President Obama might be banned from publication?"(Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily, September 7, 2008,
TRUTH: The Obama campaign never urged censorship of Corsi’s book, and would never ban books.(

LIE: “Senator Obama is reacting this ballistically -- this out of control, I mean, bouncing off the walls insanity.”(Jerome Corsi, World Net Daily, September 7, 2008,
TRUTH: Criticizing the lies of the top best-selling author of a smear book against you is not reacting “ballistically” or “insanity.”

LIE: "Senator Obama might just have to create a department of hate crimes and put them in jail."(Jerome Corsi, C-SPAN's Washington Journal, August 16, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not going to create a department of hate crimes and put critics in jail.

LIE: "The campaign has a false, fake birth certificate posted on their website ... The original birth certificate of Obama has never been released, and the campaign refuses to release it...there's been good analysis of it on the Internet, and it's been shown to have watermarks from Photoshop. It's a fake document that's on the website right now."(Jerome Corsi, Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends, August 15, 2008,
TRUTH: The birth certificate is real.( Obama's birth certificate, released by his campaign to stop these loony rumors, has been proven to be authentic, but far-right conspiracy theorists claimed that the Obama campaign had taken the birth certificate of his sister, Maya Kassandra Soetoro, and changed the date of birth, place of birth, name, sex, and father's name to make it appear to be Obama's birth certificate. This conspiracy theory supported by Corsi is particularly stupid because Maya was born in Indonesia, not Hawaii, and therefore doesn't have a Hawaiian birth certificate. The fact that Corsi supports this conspiracy theory should make everyone question both his sanity and his capacity for rational thought.

LIE: “After a child's born, Obama ... in the state Senate, wanted the child killed if the mother desired an abortion."(Jerome Corsi, Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes, July 31, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has always opposed infanticide, and never said anything like this.

LIE: "Obama first presents his father as a great hero, and the truth was, his father was a polygamist and a alcoholic."(Jerome Corsi, Fox News Channel’s Hannity & Colmes, July 31, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama doesn’t present his father as a hero, and Obama is the one who revealed his father was a polygamist and an alcoholic.

LIE: "We find there is even uncertainty whether Stanley Ann and Obama Senior were ever married in a church. No marriage license for this first marriage surfaces in any of the now-growing volume of research being done...Yet even this remains murky."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 44)
TRUTH: Obama’s parents were married.(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 6,

LIE: In school in Indonesia, "his religion was listed as Islam." murky."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 53)
TRUTH: “Religion of the father was what was listed.”(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 7,

LIE: "Still, Obama has yet to answer questions whether he ever dealt drugs, or if he stopped using marijuana and cocaine completely in college, or where his drug usage extended into his law school days or beyond. Did Obama ever use drugs in his days as a community organizer in Chicago, or when he was a state senator from Illinois? How about in the US Senate?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 77)
TRUTH: Obama wrote that he stopped using drugs in college.(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 9,

LIE: "But the key role Frank Marshall Davis plays in the autobiography is not to provide Obama with words from his poems as a voice for Obama's black rage. Instead Davis is the mentor Obama seeks for wisdom and advice, for instance when he has a crisis with his grandmother that was so traumatic Obama still mentions it today."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 87)
TRUTH: “Obama memoir characterized Frank Davis Marshall as a figure from his youth who ‘fell short’ and whose view of race was ‘incurable.’”(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 9,

LIE: "Despite all they had done for him, his grandparents were still ‘white folks' and ‘white folks' are racists."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 88)
TRUTH: Obama actually wrote the opposite: "White folks. The term itself was uncomfortable in my mouth at first; I felt like a non-native speaker tripping over a difficult phrase. Sometimes I would find myself talking to Ray about white folks this or white folks that, and I would suddenly remember my mother's smile, and the words that I spoke would seem awkward and false.”(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 10,

LIE: "Senator Obama could claim to be a citizen of Kenya, as well as of the United States. Obama can trace his heritage back to his mother, who was born in the United States and was an American citizen when he was born, and to his father, who was born in Kenya and was a Kenyan citizen when Obama was born."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 103)
TRUTH: “Obama cannot claim Kenyan citizenship.”(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 11,

LIE: "No one in Obama's paternal or maternal family had ever resided in Chicago."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 123)
TRUTH: “Obama’s great uncle lived in Chicago.”(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 14,

LIE: "As we shall see, Rezko was persistent, ultimately convincing Obama to drop working for political organizing causes so he could supplement the dwindling advance he had received at Harvard to write a book with real income as a lawyer, working in the small Chicago law firm where the lead partner did much of Rezko's slumlord legal work for him....if Obama did not want to work directly for Rezko, then having Obama in Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland was possibly the next best thing for Rezko.....The likelihood is that Rezko played a role in getting Obama to join Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 158)
TRUTH: There is no evidence that Rezko had anything to do with Obama’s legal work. As president of the Harvard Law Review, Obama could have picked any job he wanted, including far more lucrative positions.

LIE: "Rezko came up with a solution. His wife, Rita, bought the vacant lot at full price, permitting Obama and Michelle to negotiate buying the house for $1.65 million, a discount of $300,000 from the asking price."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 165)
TRUTH: “The Obamas made the three offers on the house, including the highest; the price of the house was not contingent on the price of the lot.”(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 24,

LIE: "After Kellman hire him, Obama followed Alinsky's rules by moving into the Hyde Park-Kenwood area he had been assigned to organize."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 184)
TRUTH: Obama lived in Hyde Park, but he organized a different neighborhood, Altgeld Gardens.(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 26,

LIE: "He has pledged to reduce the size of the military and stop spending money on expensive new military systems, so we can redirect the savings to social welfare spending."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 257)
TRUTH: Obama has called for increasing the size of the military.(“Unfit for Publication,” p. 31,

LIE: "Another Obama advisor with decidedly anti-Israel views is General Merrill ‘Tony' McPeak, retired US Air Force chief of staff under President Clinton, who is currently a senior foreign policy advisor to Obama and co-chairman of Obama's presidential campaign committee."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 267)
TRUTH: James Fallows wrote, "That they would bless this attempt to paint Merrill McPeak as an anti-Semite is grotesque.(The Atlantic, 3/26/08, “Unfit for Publication,” p. 32,

SMEAR: “Obama’s mother chose another third world prospect for her second husband, deciding to follow Obama's Kenyan-born Muslim-raised father with an Indonesian-born Muslim, a second man of color to be her mate, this one destined to be Obama's stepfather."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 43)

LIE: "Obama, like Fanon, assumes sexual attraction involves same-race consciousness."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 82)
TRUTH: Obama never has suggested this. Obama dated women of different races before meeting his wife.

LIE: "Obama distinguishes himself from his mother's ‘pre-1967 liberalism,' implying his leftist views came from the years during which the Far Left hardened. What made 1968 a dividing line?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 125)
TRUTH: Obama is rejecting both the 1960s liberalism and the far left years.

LIE: "The staggering number of African American abortions since Roe v. Wade in 1973 would suggest the ‘abortion on demand insistence of the political left is permitting genocide to be waged against blacks in America.'"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 240)
TRUTH: There is no genocide against African Americans.

SMEAR: "a large number of e-mails were received from readers objecting that Obama was not the Messiah but rather the biblical Antichrist prefigured in Saint John's Apocalypse."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 225)

LIE: "Obama failed to discuss his father's alcoholism and polygamy in his autobiography....What is Obama trying to hide and why would he do so?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 24)
TRUTH: Nothing is hidden; it's described in depth on pages 125-126, 215-217, and 344 of Obama's memoir.

LIE: "that Obama does not present the true story about his father outright in his autobiography, in an easy-to-follow fashion, leaves the reader to discover the revelation, much as Obama claims he himself did."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 296)
TRUTH: Obama's story is true and easy to follow, and not a deception.

LIE: "Interestingly, Obama did not dedicate Dreams from My Father to his mother, or to his father, Barack Senior, or to his Indonesian stepfather. Missing from the dedication are the grandparents who raised him in Hawaii...."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation)
TRUTH: Obama wrote in the introduction to his memoir, "It is to my family, though -- my mother, my grandparents, my siblings, stretched across oceans and continents -- that I owe the deepest gratitude and to whom I dedicated this book."(Dreams from My Father, p. xvii)

LIE: "In the introduction that he wrote after, this was going with the second book. And the original book had no dedication page and this is not the typical way that you dedicate a book. So I'm making the distinction there is no dedication page in the book at all, never has been."
TRUTH: Once again, Corsi is wrong. The introduction where Obama dedicates his book to his family appears in the original edition of Obama's memoir, as well as the revised edition.

LIE: In Obama's memoir, "we find Obama caught up in half-truths" because Obama's father had turned down a full scholarship from the New School in order to attend Harvard.(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 18)
TRUTH: This was printed right there in Obama's memoir. But Corsi calls it a "half-truth" because "Obama does not make this important point chronologically."(p. 18)

LIE: Obama "never states precisely how many wives his father had, or how many half-brothers and sisters he has from different mothers...."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 21)
TRUTH: Obama doesn't know. Corsi himself interviews Obama's uncle: "Sayid Obama was not even sure how many wives his brother had....The number of children Obama Senior had is equally uncertain."(p. 26)

LIE: "Obama blames racism for breaking up his parents' marriage, not his father's polygamist ways..."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 21)
TRUTH: Corsi provides no citation for this false claim, probably because it's not true.

LIE: Obama omits his half-sister's birth in his memoir: "remarkably, he makes no reference to Maya's birth."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 48)
TRUTH: Obama mentions it on page 47 of his memoir.

LIE: Obama's work as a community organizer in New York City is "a job Obama does not mention in his autobiography."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 129)
TRUTH: Obama does discuss it on page 139.

LIE: "Obama Senior, following the prescripts of Islamic sharia law, divorced" Obama's mother in 1963.(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 44)
TRUTH: In reality, there's not any evidence, beyond the assertions of a right-wing blog, that the divorce had anything to do with sharia law. It was a perfectly normal divorce.

LIE: "Still, Obama has yet to answer questions whether he ever dealt drugs, or if he stopped using marijuana and cocaine completely in college, or whether his drug usage extended into his law school days or beyond."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 77)
TRUTH: In reality, Obama reports that after he went to college at Columbia, "I stopped getting high."(p. 120)

LIE: "Nowhere in the autobiography does Obama disclose that his wife-to-be accompanied him to Africa on the 1992 trip."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 25)
TRUTH: Obama writes on page 439, "After our engagement, I took Michelle to Kenya to meet the other half of my family."

LIE: Corsi discusses a YouTube video and declares that "What would be heard by most listeners is that Obama hates the military so much that he might leave the United States defenseless against our enemies..."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 3)
TRUTH: The video is untrue.

LIE: "Obama's Kenyan father was Muslim."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 20)
TRUTH: In reality, Obama's father was an atheist. This fact is confirmed in Corsi's own book when Sayid Obama (Barack Sr.'s brother) declared, "I did not see my brother practice Islam, especially after he came back from his studies in the United States."(p. 22)

LIE: "there is no doubt Obama Senior was a Muslim by birth and upbringing"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 22)
TRUTH: A Muslim, like a Christian, is determined by faith, not by birth and upbringing.

LIE: "I accept Obama's statement that he is a Christian, but take exception to the claim that Obama was not introduced to Islam as a child."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 51)
TRUTH: Of course, the Obama campaign never claimed that Obama did not receive instruction about Islam, as he explains in detail in his own memoir. Instead, the campaign asserted, "Barack Obama is Not and Never Has Been a Muslim," which is true. Studying the Koran doesn't make you a Muslim.

LIE: Corsi attacks Obama at length because his memoir describes a childhood Indonesian home in a "still-developing area on the outskirts of the town." Corsi complains, "that physical description does not match the Indonesia television news videos showing the house..." According to Corsi, it is "an attractive neighborhood in the center of Jakarta."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 54)
TRUTH: In 1970, when Obama lived in Indonesia, Jakarta had a population under four million; today, it's over 13 million. Urban growth is the obvious explanation.

LIE: "The entire episode suggests what psychologists call 'hypothetical lying,' in other words, imagining something that has not happened, but imagining it with so much precise detail that the made-up memory functions for the person as if it were real."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 66) Astonishingly, Corsi concluded: "Has Obama lost the ability to tell the difference between something that actually happened and something he invented?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 66)
TRUTH: It's possible that Obama had seen a July 1968 article in Esquire, titled "A Whiter Shade of Black," which dealt with blacks who used an ointment that turned their skin white. Or it's possible that as a child Obama saw advertisements for skin bleaching products and simply didn't remember it correctly two decades later. As a 1966 Time article noted, "Advertisements in the Negro magazines still hymn Nadinola skin bleach: 'Lightens and brightens skin.'" As Stephen Colbert said about Obama, "If we can't trust you to remember which magazine you read in Indonesia when you were 9, how can we possibly ever trust you to protect our country?"

LIE: Corsi offers yet another example of Obama's faulty memory: a photo that Obama recalls seeing in Life magazine when he was in Indonesia was apparently published in Life a year "after the date Obama wants us to think he left Indonesia." Corsi concludes, "the puzzle just adds to the growing list of factual discrepancies or outright fabrications that Obama manufactures, very likely on an ongoing basis. Even Indonesian television reporters can't identify with certainty the addresses where Obama lived with his family."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 67)
TRUTH: It's ridiculous to conclude that Obama is guilty of "fabrications" because he failed to remember the exact year of his childhood that he saw a photograph in a magazine.

LIE: "the race Obama embraces is not that of his mother, although he does have that choice."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 63)
TRUTH: Presumably, Corsi thinks that all Obama needed to do was shout "Caucasian" loudly enough and no one would ever notice that he's black.

LIE: "Obama wants to will all the white blood out of himself so he can become pure black."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 91)
TRUTH: Obama has never tried to “will” out his “white blood,” whatever that means. Few African-Americans are “pure black,” whatever that means.

LIE: "His race, he self-determines, is African-American. In making that determination, he rejects everyone white, including his mother and his grandparents."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 91)
TRUTH: Anyone who actually reads Obama's memoir realizes that he never rejects his family or white people.

LIE: Corsi writes, "I have pursued Obama's extensive connections with Islam"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. xv)
TRUTH: Obama doesn't have any connections with Islam.

LIE: "Obama could have an increasingly difficult time convincing U.S. voters he is anything but pro-Islam"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 298)
TRUTH: Obama is not “pro-Islam,” whatever that means.

LIE: "Obama's experience with Islam predisposes him to Islam."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 302)
TRUTH: What does this bigoted comment even mean?

LIE: Obama committed plagiarism because "many of the black-rage paragraphs Obama wrote in Dreams from My Father bear a striking resemblance to passages Frantz Fanon wrote in his first book, Black Skin, White Masks...."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 81)
TRUTH: The passages cited by Corsi bear no resemblance to one another: Obama wrote: "Ray assured me that we would never talk about whites without knowing exactly what we were doing. Without knowing that there might be a price to pay." And the "similarity" in Fanon's writing? "The black man has two dimensions. One with his fellows, the other with the white man. A Negro behaves differently with a white man and with another Negro."(81) The only similarity here is the notion that blacks speak differently around whites, which is one of the most common motifs in African-American literature, and hardly original to Fanon or anyone else.

LIE: "Frantz Fanon's revolutionary writings were instrumental in shaping Obama's own political analysis of race."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 126)
TRUTH: Nothing about Fanon's anti-colonial views are evident in Obama's ideas about race.

LIE: "We do not know if Obama Senior ever shared Fanon's writings with his son, but much of the expression of black resentment Obama offers in Dreams from My Father appears strongly influenced by Fanon's pages."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, pp. 82-83)
TRUTH: Obama last saw his father when he was 10 years old. Does Corsi really think that Obama spent that short time as a kid with his father being indoctrinated in the works of Frantz Fanon? Nothing in Obama's book appears strongly influenced by Fanon.

LIE: "Obama railed against the same forms of racial oppression his father must have felt under British colonialism."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 83)
TRUTH: Obama criticizes racism in America, but that's completely different from British colonialism.

LIE: "Obama has repeatedly used the words bamboozled and hoodwinked," with Corsi claiming that David Axelrod was stealing dialogue from a Spike Lee movie that used the same words.(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 228)
TRUTH: Bamboozled and hookwinked are common English words. Spike Lee did not invent them.

LIE: Corsi accuses Obama of plagiarism for using the common pro-labor phrases "si se puede" and "yes we can."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 228)
TRUTH: These are common political slogans.

LIE: Corsi accuses Obama of plagiarism for using the word "change," claiming that "the use of 'change' as a political slogan dates back to socialist Saul Alinsky and his desire to cause a radical redistribution of income from the haves to the have-nots in America. Does Axelrod really want his candidate identified with Saul Alinsky?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 230)
TRUTH: It's highly doubtful that Alinsky invented the word "change."

LIE: "Obama has borrowed phrases freely even from movies, taking 'bamboozled' from Spike Lee's movie about Malcolm X and the phrase 'He is the One' from the Matrix movie series."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 300)
TRUTH: Obama has never said he is "the One."

LIE: Corsi claimed Alice "Palmer would never have introduced Obama to the Hyde Park political community at the Ayres-Dohrn home unless she saw an affinity between Ayers and Dohrn's radical leftist history, her own history of far-leftist politics, and the politics of Barack Obama."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 137)
TRUTH: Obama was there as Palmer's endorsed successor for her Senate seat, but there's no evidence that he had any role in deciding to hold it at Ayers' home or that “affinity” of ideas had anything to do with it.

LIE: Corsi claims about Obama: "either he did not know Ayers and Dohrn are still radical leftists—in which case he is implausibly naive—or Obama did know, which would confirm he joined with Ayers and Dohrn because Obama too continues to believe, albeit silently and secretly, in the Far Left's radical agenda."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 140)
TRUTH: Obama knew Ayers was a leftist, but he didn't care. Obama believes in the notion of a free society, where you work with people you disagree with.

LIE: "Even today, Ayers appears to hold the same radical political beliefs he did in the Weather Underground, and Obama had to know that was also the case when he first met Ayers in 1995."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 147)
TRUTH: Corsi doesn't explain how Obama "had to know" Ayers' views on politics when he first met him. Telepathy? Mind-reading?

LIE: Ayers was "Obama's boss."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 147)
TRUTH: The chair of a foundation board is not the "boss" of the members.

LIE: Obama knew Frank Marshall Davis, a communist, and read books by Langston Hughes and Richard Wright, who "both had communist connections as well."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 86)
TRUTH: Davis was a friend of Obama’s grandfather, and Hughes and Wright are the authors of classic works read by nearly every educated American.

LIE: "When Obama tells audiences that his community organizing experience 'taught me a lot about listening to people as opposed to coming with a premeditated agenda,' he is reciting pure Alinsky dogma."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 135)
TRUTH: Listening is not "pure Alinsky dogma." It’s something every organizer and every politician should do.

LIE: Columbia University professor Rashid "Khalidi's views are clearly anti-American" because he criticizes US support for Israeli settlements in Palestine.(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 142)
TRUTH: Khalidi's views are not anti-American, and there's nothing wrong with Obama's distant connection to a prominent and brilliant professor.

LIE: Corsi even condemns Obama for attending a 1998 Arab community fundraiser featuring the scholar Edward Said: "Obama engages in what appears to be animated conversation with the professor. A second photograph shows Obama and Michelle paying close attention to Said as the professor delivers the evening's keynote address."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 142)
TRUTH: What a shocking revelation! Barack Obama actually listened to a world-renowned professor and then had a conversation with him.

LIE: Michelle Obama "made herself look like a black racist."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 233)
TRUTH: Michelle's senior thesis at Princeton on race included an analysis of "black separatism" and she helped define that term by using a 1967 book, Black Power, which was co-written by Stokely Carmichael, who has since often made crazy speeches insulting whites and Jews. Michelle never embraced black separatism, and she is not a black racist for reading controversial books in college.

LIE: Corsi smears Sam Graham-Felsen, one of Obama's official bloggers, because "Graham-Felsen's bookcase in the Quincy House dorm included titles by Karl Marx and Howard Zinn..."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 149)
TRUTH: Imagine that: a college student who has books!

LIE: Corsi claims Graham-Felsen wrote for the Nation as being written for the magazine "Socialist Viewpoint": "The Socialist Viewpoint is a magazine published by the Socialist Workers Organization, a group that describes itself as 'formed to advance the revolutionary Marxist political program in the United States.'"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 150)
TRUTH: In reality, that magazine reprinted it from the Nation, as it reprints many mainstream publications.

LIE: "How possibly can Obama argue his association with radicals such as Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn was a long time ago, when he continues to recruit a Marxist sympathizer such as Sam Graham-Felsen to be an official blogger of his 2008 presidential campaign?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 151)
TRUTH: Graham-Felsen has no connection to Ayers, and owning books by Karl Marx or Howard Zinn is not a crime.

LIE: Corsi attacks Wright's sermon after 9/11 that mentioned America's "chickens coming home to roost." According to Corsi, "Reverend Wright adapted the phrase to imply that the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were divine retribution for white America's continuing racial injustice."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 181)
TRUTH: Wright never said that 9/11 was due to "divine retribution" (that was Pat Robertson's theory) or "racial injustice." Wright was making the argument that America's foreign policy had bred resentment in the world, and "violence begets violence."

LIE: When Obama said that he hadn't heard the most outrageous comments of Rev. Wright being shown over and over again in the press, Corsi wrote: "Obama's denial spurred investigators to prove the contrary. On March 16, two days after Obama's denial appeared on the Huffington Post, new evidence emerged. NewsMax's Ronald Kessler reported that Obama had been in Trinity United Church of Christ on July 22, when Kessler was present. Kessler claimed he and Obama both heard Wright preach a sermon that day in which the preacher blamed the 'white arrogance' of America's Caucasian majority for the world's suffering, especially the oppression of blacks."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 196)
TRUTH: Obama was actually in Miami giving a speech at 1:30pm that day. It was Jim Davis, not Kessler, who falsely claimed to be in church with Obama that day.

LIE: Corsi recounts how Obama criticized Wright's "distorted view" of racism and America and accuses him of "clearly contradicting" himself, writing about this gotcha moment: "How could Obama know these were the subjects of Wright's sermons unless he had heard them?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 197)
TRUTH: Maybe it could have been the round-the-clock news coverage showing Wright's speeches over and over again.

LIE: Corsi writes, "before Obama's baptism at Trinity, when he was nearly thirty years old, there is no other life incident evidencing he is a Christian."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 187)
TRUTH: Before Obama became a Christian, there was no "life incident" showing he was a Christian. But that's really the definition of what it means to become a Christian. Corsi seems to think that a Christian must prove that he was a Christian before he became a Christian in order to be called a real Christian.

LIE: Corsi also makes another baseless attack on Obama's faith, claiming that Obama felt that he "did not necessarily have to be a believer" to join his church. Corsi tries to prove this by quoting what Obama writes in The Audacity of Hope: "faith doesn't mean you don't have doubts....religious commitment did not require me to suspend critical thinking...."(188) Corsi compares Obama to Machiavelli for this, calling Obama's faith "a calculated decision to position yourself favorably in the eyes of those you want to lead, whether you believe in the decision or not."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 188)
TRUTH: Christians are capable of critical thinking and doubt.

LIE: "along with other prominent black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, Farrakhan helped lead the Million Man March on Washington."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 191)
TRUTH: Obama attended the event, but he never had a leadership role (in fact, he criticized the march organizers).

LIE: According to Corsi, "Obama's 2006 trip to Kenya evidenced his continued ties to a Raila Odinga, a fellow Luo tribesman, who was running for president of Kenya as a Muslim sympathizer with well-known communist political roots."(93) Corsi claims that Obama was "supporting Odinga openly in Kenya."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 93)
TRUTH: When Obama spoke publicly to a crowd, Odinga was nearby. That's it. No endorsement. No mention of Odinga by Obama.

LIE: "Senator Obama has continued to insert himself into Kenyan politics."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 104)
TRUTH: After a disputed election, when violence broke out between supporters of each candidate, Obama recorded a message urging peace at the request of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

LIE: Obama as president would overthrow the Kenyan government "by means either military or political" to install Odinga.(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 106)
TRUTH: This nutty conspiracy theory is pure nonsense.

LIE: According to Corsi, political consultant Dick "Morris's showing up in Kenya makes no sense outside the Obama-Odinga connection. Odinga critics speculated that Morris had been recommended by former Clinton associates working for Obama."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 115)
TRUTH: Morris is a conservative who hates Obama and has no connection to Obama's campaign.

LIE: "Rezko was persistent, ultimately convincing Obama to drop working for political organizing causes so he could supplement the dwindling advance he had received at Harvard to write a book with real income as a lawyer, working the small Chicago law firm where the lead partner did much of Rezko's slumlord legal work for him."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 157)
TRUTH: No one has ever alleged that Rezko had any role in Obama's work decisions, and there is zero evidence of Obama gaining financially from Rezko.

LIE: "Obama could work for Rezko indirectly and benefit from Rezko's connections."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 158)
TRUTH: It's utterly false. Obama never worked for Rezko. He did a few hours of legal work for a nonprofit group involved with a Rezko project. That's it.

LIE: Corsi proclaims: "The likelihood is that Rezko played a role in getting Obama to join Davis Miner Barnhill & Galland."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 158)
TRUTH: Likelihood? That's a strong word for a completely baseless accusation.

LIE: "Whatever Obama and Rezko talked about in their first meeting, the record shows Obama ended up working for the lawyer Allison Davis, who was one of Rezko's business partners."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 159)
TRUTH: After law school, Obama could have worked almost anywhere and made a lot of money. Obama gave that up to work for a civil rights firm, not because Rezko made him some kind of a deal to promise him work at the law firm when he could have gotten a job anywhere.

LIE: Obama "took steps that helped Davis and Rezko in their business relationship."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 159)
TRUTH: In reality, all Obama did was his job. He did about five hours of routine legal work on behalf of community groups doing affordable housing projects with Davis and Rezko, since it's not surprising that Davis would choose his former law firm to do the work.

LIE: Corsi wonders why Obama "continued to work for a law firm that had Rezko as a client."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 164)
TRUTH: When Obama worked at the law firm, Rezko had not been convicted or indicted or even investigated for any crime. Even if Rezko had been a criminal, why would anyone quit a law firm because they might be doing work for a possible criminal. Every law firm does that.

LIE: Corsi declares, "There is no record that Illinois state senator Obama ever so much as placed a speech in the record objecting to the public-housing practices perpetuated in his district by Tony Rezko, let alone calling for investigation of Rezko and his business practices."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 164)
TRUTH: That's because there's no record that Obama ever knew about the problems with Rezko's business. The newspapers never reported on it until long after Obama left the state senate, and complaints from tenants would go to local aldermen and city officials, not to a state senator.

LIE: Corsi repeatedly tries to claim that Rezko overpaid for the lot he bought alongside Obama's house, but it's not true. Corsi admits that Rezko's wife sold the lot for a profit to Rezko's former attorney, Michael Sreenan, but treats this as part of the conspiracy: "in an article titled 'Obama is one lucky fellow,' Rezko Watch found it was unlikely that Sreenan would actually construct any condos on the lot he had bought from Rita Rezko."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 167)
TRUTH: Corsi omits the fact (revealed in a article Corsi cites) that Sreenan currently has the lot for sale at $950,000, $375,000 more than he paid for it. As numerous reports have found, the price Obama and Rezko paid for their properties was perfectly legitimate.

LIE: "Even if no illegality is ever identified, Obama's continued willingness to take campaign contributions from his 'friend' Rezko, even after serious allegations about Rezko's low-income housing empire began to be raised, have the feel of impropriety."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 170)
TRUTH: According to, Rezko's last donation to Obama came on October 3, 2003, long before any scandal about Rezko appeared—and two months before Rezko gave $4,000 to George W. Bush's campaign. Would Corsi blame Bush for the "feel of impropriety" of taking money from Rezko?

LIE: Corsi declares, "investigative reporters have drawn a line from Obama to Rezko to Saddam Hussein's Oil for Food scandal, with the key connecting point being billionaire Nadhmi Auchi."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 173)
TRUTH: But that same line could be drawn from George W. Bush or any other politician Rezko knew, since it's pure guilt by association.

LIE: Obama "overlooked Rezko's questionable activities to take money not just to finance his campaigns but to buy the mansion he feels his family deserves."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 175)
TRUTH: Corsi's claim that Obama somehow took money from Rezko to buy Obama's house is a total fabrication. There is not even the slightest bit of evidence to support it. Obama had a bank loan and a $1.2 million book advance to buy his $1.65 million home. It's insane to imagine that Obama, after winning a seat in the US Senate, took a massive cash bribe he didn't need from Rezko and somehow concealed all the money.

LIE: Obama "pledged to reduce the size of the military,"(257) and claims that there are "video clips that show his saying he wants to reduce the military."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 279)
TRUTH: In reality, Obama has pledged to increase the size of the military by 92,000 troops.

LIE: "he gave his famous antiwar speech in October 2002 but didn't officially declare his candidacy for the U.S. Senate until January 2003."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 258)
TRUTH: Of course, anyone familiar with politics understands that candidates are running for office long before an official announcement is made.

LIE: "Obama has consistently refused to support legislation that would define an infant who survives a late-term induced-labor abortion as a human being with the right to live."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 238)
TRUTH: Obama has said he supported a US Senate bill that protects the life of any infant surviving an abortion of any kind at any time.

LIE: "He insists that no restriction must ever be placed on the right of a mother to decide to abort her child."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 238)
TRUTH: Obama has endorsed the standard of Roe v. Wade, which allows for state restrictions on late-term abortions so long as the health and life of the mother is protected. In fact, Obama drew some criticism from abortion rights supporters because he said that a mother's "mental distress" alone should not qualify for the health exception.

LIE: "Obama on the floor of the Illinois state senate said that woman had an absolute right to abortion, to kill the baby even if it survived that abortion." When he was challenged, Corsi declared: "You haven't looked at the tapes, I'm sorry."(Jerome Corsi, Fox News Channel’s Fox and Friends)
TRUTH: In reality, the transcript of the 2001 senate session cited by Corsi shows that Obama says nothing close to what Corsi claims. Obama expresses support for caring for fetuses after botched abortions. He only objects to the wording of the bill out of fear that it might be used to "essentially bar abortions" by defining the fetus as a person entitled to Constitutional protections.

LIE: "Obama quietly steered his Global Poverty Act, known as S. 2433, through the Senate."(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 250) Corsi cites right-wing critics who declare that the legislation "would commit the U.S. To spending 0.7 percent of Gross Domestic Product on foreign aid, which amounts to a phenomenal total of $845 billion over and above what the U.S. already spends."(250)
TRUTH: The $845 billion figure is entirely fictional, although the Republican National Committee continues to push it for fundraising purposes. Nothing in the bill commits the US to any level of spending, as merely reading the text of the bill would show.

LIE: "If Obama takes pains to hide his smoking from us, what else does he take pains to hide?"(Jerome Corsi, The Obama Nation, p. 235)
TRUTH: Smokers who are trying to quit are not automatically liars on public policy issues.

LIE: "Corsi claims that despite Obama's 'rhetorically uplifting' speeches, the candidate has never detailed any specific plans."(
TRUTH: "Contrary to Corsi's claim, Obama's Web site is packed with details of what he proposes to do if elected. He lays out descriptions of his policy proposals, including tax cuts for most families and increases for those making more than $250,000 per year; a $150 billion, 10-year program to develop alternative energy sources and more efficient vehicles; a proposal to increase the size of the Army by 65,000 troops and another to create a public health insurance plan for those whose employers don't offer health coverage. Whether or not one agrees with them, Obama has indeed presented detailed plans for dozens of policies. It's hard to see how anyone writing a book on Obama could fail to acknowledge their existence."(, September 15, 2008,

IX. David Freddoso's Lies

David Freddoso is the author of the best-selling new book, “The Case Against Barack Obama: The Unlikely Rise and Unexamined Agenda of the Media's Favorite Candidate.”

LIE: Obama is "the least experienced politician in at least one hundred years to obtain a major party nomination for President...."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. ix)
TRUTH: George W. Bush in 2000 had served only six years as governor, far fewer years of experience as an elected public official than Obama's 12 years of experience (eight as state senator, four as US senator). Obama's experience in politics also exceeds that of Ronald Reagan (eight years as governor), Jimmy Carter (four years in state senate, four years as governor), Dwight Eisenhower (no political experience), Harry Truman (10 years as US senator, one year as vice president), Herbert Hoover (eight years as Secretary of Commerce), Woodrow Wilson (two years as governor), and William Howard Taft (four years as Secretary of War, two years as Solicitor General). Compared to 17 presidents in the past century, Obama has more political experience than eight of them, and less experience than eight of them (he's tied with Warren Harding).

LIE: "There's no evidence Obama's campaign was the force behind dragging down Blair Hull, but there is this set of facts: Axelrod knew about Hull's marital problems; Axelrod's former employer, the Chicago Tribune, unearthed Hull's marital problems just weeks before the primary, and not until Hull had already sucked the wind out of Hynes's sails; Obama benefited—immensely--from these revelations.(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 48)
TRUTH: Chicago Tribune reporter David Mendell recounts in his book Obama: From Promise to Power that he was the first to report on the court order sealing Hull's divorce file, and he also reports on how it happened: "I met with a Hynes operative for lunch....I was handed a folder of opposition research on Hull. Among the papers was a copy of the outside sheet of the filing of one of Hull's two divorces in Illinois....The order contained only one salient fact: Hull's second wife, Brenda Sexton, had once been granted an order of protection against him."(212-3)

LIE: Chicago Mayor Richard "Daley considered Palmer a serious threat, a potential mayoral rival."(5) According to Freddoso, "By clearing the ballot, Obama had done more than just elbow his way into power without a real election--he had also erased any doubt of Daley's path to his next term."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 5)
TRUTH: It's laughable to imagine that Palmer, after she failed miserably in her race for Congress, could take on Daley. Indeed, the last thing Daley would have wanted is an appealing black politician like Obama winning an election in Chicago, since Obama was probably the only threat to Daley's permanent occupation of the mayoral position. Yet Freddoso compares Obama to Karl Rove and Machiavelli, imagining some kind of conspiracy where Obama was secretly doing Daley's bidding.(p. 6)

LIE: Freddoso devotes 14 pages of his book to the Stroger family's corruption in Cook County politics, and links it to Obama because Obama didn't endorse anybody in a primary and endorsed the Democrat over the Republican in the general election.(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 14)
TRUTH: As Freddoso admits about Obama, "He did not campaign for John Stroger or even endorse him...."(14)

LIE: Illinois state senator Rickey Hendon "had been the original sponsor of two bills that Obama often writes and speaks about as if they had been his own. One required the taping of murder interrogations to help eliminate mistakes in the [sic] Illinois's death penalty system, and the other was designed to reduce the incidence of racial profiling by the police." According to Freddoso, "Obama had the privilege of stealing important bills. Other senators had a name for this practice: 'bill-jacking.'" (David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 30)
TRUTH: Freddoso stole that phrase from Hendon, who had told another reporter exactly the opposite about this particular bill, "I don't consider it bill jacking."

LIE: According to Freddoso, "The murder interrogation bill—requiring videotaping of interrogations in all capital cases—was an excellent example of something with a broad bipartisan consensus in all but the minutest details, coming as it did after thirteen death row inmates were found to have been falsely convicted in Illinois."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 31)
TRUTH: But the citation Freddoso offers to support this claim is an unrelated 2000 press release from then Gov. George Ryan announcing a moratorium on executions. In reality, there was strong opposition to the bill before Obama took charge. When Obama began, the idea was opposed by police, prosecutors, most of the Senate, and Democratic governor Rod Blagojevich, who promised to veto any proposal for mandatory tapings. Obama worked with all of these groups, made some compromises, and it passed in the Illinois Senate by a 58-0 vote. Blagojevich reversed himself and signed the bill, making Illinois the first state in the country to undertake this reform.

LIE: Senate President Emil Jones did Obama the "favor" of having him handle ethics reform to make "Obama look like a reformer."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 31)
TRUTH: It wasn't a favor—few other legislators wanted to deal with it and as Jones noted, "He caught pure hell." Freddoso doesn't mention what Republican state senator Kirk Dillard recalled: "Barack was literally hooted and catcalled in his caucus." And Republicans on the Senate floor "would bark their displeasure at me, and then they'd unload on Obama."

LIE: "If Barack Obama is a reformer, he may be the first reformer ever to become president of the United States before doing anything serious in the name of reform."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 26)
TRUTH: In fact, Freddoso contradicts himself later in the book, admitting that Obama's co-sponsorship of The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 "was a real accomplishment for Obama in the name of reform,"(p. 94) along with his ethics legislation on the state level.

LIE: "There's never been a single time in Senator Obama's political career where he did something that was difficult and would cost him politically for the sake of needed reforms and change.”(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama)
TRUTH: In fact, there is: when Obama spoke out in 2002 against the war in Iraq. As Freddoso himself admits, "He deserves full credit for opposing the war at a time when his position was not necessarily popular."(p. 177)

LIE: Obama won his US Senate seat in 2004 solely due to "two men and their messy divorces."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 44)
TRUTH: In a large field, Obama's main competitors were Dan Hynes, whom Freddoso calls "the clear favorite" backed by the Democratic establishment, and millionaire Blair Hull, who spent $28.7 million of his personal fortune to build a small lead a month before the election. According to Freddoso, "In the final weeks, everything was pointing toward a Hull victory."(47) Not at all. Hull's 10-point lead in the polls was shaky at best, since Obama had saved his money until the end of the race. Voters began paying more attention to the election, Obama started running commercials, and most of the state's newspapers endorsed Obama (almost none supported Hull, and most expressed disdain at his effort to buy a Senate seat). In the end, Obama won 53% of the votes, beating Hynes by 29 points and Hull by more than 40 points. Then in the general election, Obama held a large lead in the polls over Republican Jack Ryan. But Ryan dropped out when his divorce papers were leaked, revealing that he had tried to convince his ex-wife to go to sex clubs with him.

LIE: "any criticism of Obama is a 'smear,' ipso facto."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 71)
TRUTH: That would be odd considering that Obama has received more negative coverage than any presidential candidate in American history (he's also gotten more positive coverage than anyone else). No one thinks that every criticism is a smear. But any criticism of Obama based on lies, factual errors, and distortions of reality actually is a "smear."

LIE: "hidden in Obama's shapeless rhetoric about 'Change' and 'Hope' is a dangerous agenda that will take on real substance if he is given power."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. xiv)
TRUTH: Freddoso says almost nothing about Obama's policy work in the past or his proposals for the presidency. Perhaps that's because Freddoso recognizes that Obama's ideas for reforming health care and improving government are very popular.

LIE: Freddoso condemns the Freedom of Choice Act, which Obama co-sponsored along with 13 other senators, including Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman: "This bill would effectively cancel every state, federal, and local regulation of abortion, no matter how modest or reasonable."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 204)
TRUTH: To the contrary, the bill would simply codify Roe v. Wade and assure abortion rights before viability and allow for a health of mother exception at any time. It's an outright lie to claim that there could be no restrictions at all on abortion under this bill.

LIE: "Obama is one of the very few pro-choice advocates who accepts no restrictions on late-term abortions, or any kind of abortions."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 203)
TRUTH: Obama has never said there should be no restrictions at all on abortion.

LIE: Freddoso accuses Obama of "smearing pro-lifers" in this quote from Obama's book: "Most antiabortion activists, for example, have openly discouraged legislative allies from even pursuing those compromise measures that would have significantly reduced the incidence of the procedure popularly known as partial-birth abortion, because the image the procedure evokes in the mind of the public has helped them win converts to their position."(208) According to Freddoso, "This questions not only the sincerity of pro-lifers but also their dedication to their own cause."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 209)
TRUTH: Obama simply said that the antiabortion activists wanted a total ban on "partial-birth" abortion rather than compromise legislation to reduce the most objectionable abortions. That's factually true and doesn't question anyone's sincerity. The fact is, anti-abortion activists want to ban all abortions, and so they are happy to use the so-called "partial-birth" abortion as a tool to do that. Obama was making a point about how he prefers political compromise to ideological purity, but Freddoso is so determined to smear Obama as a radical that he misreads these clearly stated views.

LIE: Obama "avoided many controversial votes" by voting present in the Illinois Senate, which counts the same as a "no" vote.(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 116)
TRUTH: If Obama had wanted to avoid controversy, he could have easily voted for popular bills as most of his colleagues did. Instead, he voted present when he wanted to express constitutional concerns about legislation, or objected to the process used to pass a bill.

LIE: Obama voted present "about 130 times over his eight-year career there, which other Illinois senators say is unusually high."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 116)
TRUTH: The New York Times article cited by Freddoso to prove this doesn't say anything about whether Obama's present votes (130 out of more than 4,000 votes) were unusually high, and quotes no senators who say this; in fact, the article noted at least 50 cases where Obama's vote was part of a Democratic Party strategy with many other legislators, and only 36 cases where fewer than five senators had voted present with Obama.

LIE: On Obama's decision to reject public financing: "A few months earlier, Obama had supported the system. He had praised it repeatedly. He had promised to stick to it."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 86) Freddoso quotes Obama's statement to the Midwest Democracy Network: "If I am the Democratic nominee, I will aggressively pursue an agreement with the Republican nominee to preserve a publicly financed general election." Freddoso even quotes Obama again from the same questionnaire. Yet he somehow misses this part of Obama answer: "My plan requires both major party candidates to agree on a fundraising truce, return excess money from donors, and stay within the public financing system for the general election." As this makes clear, Freddoso is wrong: Obama never made an unconditional promise to take public financing, and his plan required McCain to "agree on a fundraising truce" that included party funding, something that Obama's campaign says McCain refused to do.

LIE: In voting against the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA), Obama "was simply voting the party line—the union line."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 111)
TRUTH: Obama supported free trade agreements with Oman and Peru.

LIE: Obama's distant connection with Bill Ayers "a remarkable relationship for a presidential nominee to have."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 122)
TRUTH: In reality, it's not remarkable at all. The notion that people should resign from foundations and refuse to speak in public in order to avoid any connection to a former radical never convicted of a crime is absurd.

LIE: Obama has read Native Son author Richard Wright ("a communist") and W.E.B. DuBois ("a fellow traveler") as well as "other black authors."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 128)
TRUTH: Actually, that's true. The smear is claiming that there's something wrong with reading "black authors" who have left-wing politics.

LIE: "If Obama could understand and get along with radicals like Palmer, Ayers, and Dohrn, it is not because he agrees with everything they stand for—it is probably because they share similar ideological influences."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 139)
TRUTH: Actually, it's because Obama can get along with radicals on both the left and the right.

LIE: James "Cone's writings provide the context from within which the founding influences of Obama's former church come."(160) "Would you join a church that proclaimed itself to be grounded in the writings of a racist?"(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 158)
TRUTH: I asked Rev. Andrew Greeley (whom Freddoso quotes denouncing Cone) if he agreed with Freddoso's critique of Obama and his church. Greeley called it "nonsense!"

LIE: "Is Obama informed? He has not visited Iraq since January 2006, nor has he spoken to David Petraeus, the commanding general of the Multi-National Force in Iraq, about the situation on the ground there."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 182)
TRUTH: Obama has spoken to Petraeus, and visited Iraq, and that has nothing to do with being informed.

LIE: "Obama seems wholly unaware of liberal Democrats' opposition to the policies that helped destroy the Soviet Union, and even certain legislators' collaboration with the Soviets" (a reference to Ted Kennedy).(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 187)
TRUTH: Obama's unaware of them because they're not true.

LIE: "He is especially disdainful of the so-called 'Star Wars' program, which was crucial to bankrupting the Soviets then..."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 189)
TRUTH: The failed Star Wars program, which still doesn't work 25 years and many billions of dollars after its inception, didn't bankrupt the Soviets or cause perestroika and glasnost. It was the failure of the Soviet system, and the leadership of Mikhail Gorbachev, that caused reforms.

LIE: "Obama paid twice the tax-assessed price for a ten-foot-wide strip of Rezko's lot."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 214)
TRUTH: It wasn't a tax-assessed price. It was an estimate that was deeply flawed (probably because no home could be built on such a small plot of land, making it less valuable by itself). Instead of paying that price (which would have raised questions about Rezko giving him a benefit), Obama bought the land for one-sixth of the price Rezko paid for one-sixth of his lot.

LIE: Obama said: "I've never done any favors for him." According to Freddoso, "But he has. Obama performed official acts while in office that benefited Tony Rezko."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 215)
TRUTH: But plenty of people benefit from the official acts of legislators: it's only a favor if Rezko requested it and Obama didn't do the same for others.

LIE: "Obama is surrounded by developers. Why?"(215) "the developers financed his political career. He wrote letters to get them government money and supported legislation that helped their business."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 216)
TRUTH: Freddoso cites only four Obama supporters involved in real estate development, which is hardly being "surrounded."

LIE: "Obama has three bankers involved in his campaign."(David Freddoso, The Case Against Barack Obama, p. 225)
TRUTH: Needless to say, one suspects that anyone could find three bankers involved with John McCain's campaign (or almost any senator).

LIE: "Senator Obama says that he is a reformer, an agent of positive change. And looking at his record, though, in Chicago, Springfield, and Washington, I found that he is absolutely -- there's nothing in his record to bear out that claim."(David Freddoso, Fox News' America's Election HQ, August 25, 2008,
TRUTH: Freddoso himself wrote in his book about the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006: "This was a real accomplishment for Obama in the name of reform -- the second such accomplishment of his career after the Illinois ethics law."(p. 94)

X. Brad O'Leary's Lies

[Brad O'Leary is the author of “The Audacity of Deceit: Barack Obama's War on American Values” (Los Angeles: WND Books, 2008). O'Leary is also the creator of]

LIE: "From ages six through ten, Obama attended Muslim and Indonesian schools and was exposed to the leadership style of Muslim dictator Suharto..."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 2)
TRUTH: Obama did not attend “Muslim” schools. The fact that Obama was a child in a country run by an authoritarian ruler does not mean that Obama was “exposed” to that “leadership style” or accepted it.

LIE: "It is Singer's philosophy that Barack Obama, as a state senator from Illinois, defended: 'Characteristics like rationality, autonomy, and selfconsciousness...make a difference,' according to Singer. 'Infants lack these characteristics. Killing them, therefore, cannot be equated with killing normal human beings, or any other self-conscious beings.'"(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 12)
TRUTH: Obama has never defended Peter Singer or his philosophy.

LIE: "during his tenure as a state senator, Obama fought successfully to keep blatant infanticide legal in Illinois."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 14)
TRUTH: Infanticide has always been illegal in Illinois, and Obama always supported that law.

LIE: "Obama will not only force us to accept gay marriage, but will also assert that gay lifestyles are morally equivalent to Christian lifestyles."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 18)
TRUTH: Obama opposes federal intervention in the issue of gay marriage, has opposed gay marriage personally, and will not force anyone to accept gay marriage.(

LIE: "Obama would like to begin indoctrinating children with his brand of extremism at the earliest stages of development....Of course, the similarities between this program and those in communist and fascist countries are evident. This is Obama's America."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, pp. 19-20)
TRUTH: Obama's proposals for voluntary early education programs bear no resemblance to fascism or communism.

LIE: Obama would "remove infants and young children from their homes, herding them into government schools where their innocents minds can be infiltrated before parents, churches, or youth groups have a chance to influence them with traditional values."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 20)
TRUTH: Obama is not proposing to infiltrate young minds.

LIE: Obama and his allies "want to install political correctness and speech 'codes' at our colleges and universities to punish students who hold traditional values."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 21)
TRUTH: Obama has never supported speech codes to punish students with traditional values.

LIE: Obama would "accept vulgar and violent lyrics in popular music that belittle women, demonize police and glorify the street gang culture. Obama himself listens to such songs—with reprehensible lyrics—on his personal iPod. For example, on his iPod, Obama listens to "artist" Jay-Z.(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 21)
TRUTH: Obama has been critical of popular cultural, and the artists on his personal iPod are irrelevant.

LIE: "With an Obama victory in 2008, Big Brother government, not the people, will be in charge...."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 22)
TRUTH: There is no Big Brother government under Obama.

LIE: "Barack Obama would not have been invited to sit on the board of the Joyce Foundation had he not held similar views on private firearm ownership."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 28)
TRUTH: There is no evidence of an anti-gun litmus test for board members of the Joyce Foundation.

LIE: "servicemembers from Iowa and nine other caucus states were denied their right to participate in choosing our next president....the state's felons who had completed their prison and parole terms were warmly welcomed to the caucuses. Not surprisingly, Obama won all but one of these states' caucuses."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 36)
TRUTH: Obama won most caucuses because of his organizing abilities. No one imagines that a small number of overseas votes or allowing ex-felons to vote would have affected the outcome.

LIE: "Although other U.S. Senators disagreed with President Bush's decision to pursue the war in Iraq, even some of the staunchest opponents of the war have spent a great deal of time visiting the troops, listening to their views, and making sure that they and their families get the support they need, overseas and here at home. The same cannot be said for Barack Obama."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 37)
TRUTH: Obama has visited the troops in Iraq twice, and has spoken to many soldiers, veterans, and their families.

LIE: "An aspiring commander-in-chief should be concerned about the issues facing wounded veterans, but sadly, Obama hasn't shown the desire to meet with returning troops, either."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 38)
TRUTH: The fact that Obama didn't have time to meet with a small group of veterans in 2005, as O'Leary claims, does not matter. No senator can say that they have met with every single veteran on demand.

LIE: "he has so far refused to meet with America's soldiers and veterans."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 39)
TRUTH: Obama has frequently met with soldiers and veterans, both in America and overseas.

LIE: "Obama will raise the capital gains tax rate from 15 percent to 28 percent."(Brad O'Leary,
TRUTH: Obama will raise the capital gains tax rate to 20 percent, not 28 percent, and only for the wealthiest Americans.

LIE: "Obama will increase the stock dividends rate from 15 percent to 39.6 percent."(Brad O'Leary,
TRUTH: Obama will increase the dividends tax rate to 20 percent, not 39.6 percent.

LIE: “Obama will impose a 10 percent surtax on all incomes above $250,000 per year.”(Brad O'Leary,
TRUTH: There is no surtax.

LIE: "Obama will raise the death tax rate to 55 percent for any income past the first $1 million exemption."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 47)
TRUTH: "Obama proposes freezing the estate tax at 2009 levels: a 45% tax rate on estates valued at more than $3.5 million. Married couples can combine their exemptions for a total of $7 million."(Fortune Small Business, August 6, 2008,

LIE: "Obama's plan is not only confiscatory and authoritarian, but regressive."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 48)
TRUTH: Obama's tax plan is not confiscatory or authoritarian, and it's certainly not regressive because it lowers taxes on the poor and the middle class.

LIE: "it won't be just labor and the 'rich' who are hurt by a capital gains tax hike. Fifty percent of households earning less than $50,000 report capital gains on their income tax returns, and 79 percent of those earning $100,000 or less take a capital gains discount."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 50)
TRUTH: Obama's plan won't increase capital gains taxes on the middle-class, who pay a lower rate.

LIE: "Obama proposes to tax seven-tenths of a percent of GDP in order to fund his $845 billion giveaway to the poor nations of the world. This is equal to all the federal taxes collected in the U.S. For a period of four months."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 67)
TRUTH: There is no tax, and no $845 billion.

LIE: "Obama's legislation does not reveal specifics on which countries would receive this aid, nor how much they would receive, because he turns that decision making over to the United Nations (U.N.)."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 67)
TRUTH: Obama's legislation does not turn any decision making over to the UN.

LIE: "If Obama is elected president, he will be so beholden to environmental lobbyists that he will not be able to change the doomed energy policies of the past."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 68)
TRUTH: Obama is not beholden to environmental lobbyists just because they endorse him.

LIE: "While Obama works to ensure that Americans can't touch this much-needed energy, Cuba and China are preparing to drill for oil and gas just off the coast of Florida."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 70)
TRUTH: It's a fake story. China is not preparing to drill for oil off the coast of Florida.

LIE: "Soon after he was elected to the U.S. Senate, he drew controversy for flying at subsidized rates on corporate planes...."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 71)
TRUTH: There was no controversy. This was common and legal practice in the Senate, and Obama writes in his book about how he decided to stop taking corporate jets.

LIE: "while nuclear energy may be a bogeyman to Barack Obama and the anti-energy environmental crowd, most other Americans are now hungry for the plentiful energy that nuclear power can provide."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 74)
TRUTH: Nuclear energy is not a bogeyman to Obama.

LIE: "Barack Obama voted in favor of a $32 billion tax on oil producers. This tax would have raised the cost of gasoline an estimated $3.26 per gallon over eight years."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 81)
TRUTH: Taxing oil profits does not lead to massive increases in gas prices.

LIE: "in Obama's America, one of the terrorists' best weapons could be our own Supreme Court."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 107)
TRUTH: Defending the Bill of Rights helps America in the war on terrorism.

LIE: If Obama is elected and selects Supreme Court justices, America will "become some left-wing, social, cultural, hedonistic experiment that more closely resembles the declining days of the Roman Empire by giving absolute power to Barack Obama."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 109)
TRUTH: Obama is not, like the Bush Administration, seeking absolute executive power.

LIE: "Imagine that one night you become violently ill, so ill that your spouse must drive you to the hospital emergency room. Eight hours later, you finally see a doctor for the first time. When you complain about the agonizingly long wait, the doctor apologies, explaining that there were thirty people ahead of you, most of whom were non-English speaking, illegal aliens who were all eligible for taxpayer-funded healthcare under Barack Obama's Universal Health Insurance Program."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 111)
TRUTH: Obama's plan doesn't cover illegal aliens. More importantly, emergency rooms would be filled by illegal aliens because they don't have health insurance, not because they do.

LIE: "As in the U.K. and Canada, you will not be permitted certain medical procedures if the bureaucrats decide you are not worth it."(Dick Morris, quoted in Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 113)
TRUTH: In the U.S. managed care bureaucrats make the same decisions. Of course, no one will actually outlaw medical procedures.

LIE: "to help illegal aliens get access to taxpayer-funded healthcare, Obama wants to create new generations of Spanish-speaking Americans. Specifically, he wants all American children to be fluent in Spanish."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 113)
TRUTH: Obama wants Americans to learn foreign languages, but it's not limited to Spanish, and it has nothing to do with providing healthcare.

LIE: "experts agree that the free market—not Obama's big government solution—is the only thing that will save the U.S. healthcare system."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 121)
TRUTH: Many experts criticize Obama for not having a big government solution, since he doesn't propose a single-payer system.

LIE: "Obama and his fellow Democrats are depending on failure in Iraq in advance of the 2008 general election....Obama focuses on failure, and nothing else."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 131)
TRUTH: The Democrats do not want failure, and do not depend on failure. Most Americans agree with Obama about removing US troops from Iraq, even though the situation there has improved.

LIE: "It would be a 'disgrace,' however, to allow a lesser power to dictate terms to the most powrful country on the planet."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 137)
TRUTH: Obama has never suggested that meeting with foreign leaders would allow them to dictate terms.

LIE: "In diplomatic speak, Obama's approach is called 'appeasement.' And as history has demonstrated, it doesn't work."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 137)
TRUTH: Obama has never advocated appeasement, and meeting without preconditions does not change the demands for a negotiation.

LIE: "according to Obama, our most visible terrorist enemy—al Qaeda—is more powerful now than in the days when its extremist minions were hijacking U.S. airliners, attacking American warships, and detonating car bombs in the middle of New York City."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 139)
TRUTH: Obama actually said this: "We are seeing al-Qaeda stronger now than at any time since 2001." That means because of the war in Iraq, al-Qaeda is stronger in 2008 than in 2002. Obama was specifically excluding the period before 9-11.

LIE: "why has Obama consistently been calling for a 'precipitous withdrawal' throughout his campaign?"(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 140)
TRUTH: Obama has never called for "precipitous withdrawal" or immediate withdrawal of all troops from Iraq.

LIE: Obama "changes his position on almost every single issue, solely to improve his chances of winning the presidential election."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 164)
TRUTH: Obama has been far more consistent in his positions than John McCain or almost any other major candidate for president.

LIE: "In September 2007, asked if he would agree to public financing of the presidential election if his GOP opponent did the same, Obama replied 'yes.' Obama later attached several conditions to such an agreement, including regulating spending by outside groups...."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 165)
TRUTH: Obama's conditions were part of that response, and his earlier responses, not something he attached later.
LIE: "in 2005, Obama voted to ban almost all center-fire rifle ammunition commonly used for hunting and sport shooting."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 165)

LIE: "On the campaign trail, Senator Obama planned to slam President Bush's faith-based program as 'a photo op' and a failure, saying he would scrap the office and create a new Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships that would be a 'critical' part of his administration. Yet, the very same day, Obama reached out to evangelical voters, announcing plans to expand President Bush's program steering federal social service dollars to religious groups and—in a move sure to cause controversy—support their ability to hire and fire based on faith."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 165)
TRUTH: This is no change in position. Obama was attacking a failed Bush policy and proposing to do it right. Obama would not allow religious groups to discriminate in their hiring for these programs.

LIE: "Not many, if any, state legislators have 130 'present' votes."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 169)
TRUTH: No one knows how many legislators in Illinois had 130 present votes.

LIE: Obama "misdirected the media into focusing only on his political career and, in the process, gave himself a free pass on the discussion of his lengthy history of connections to radical leftists."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 169)
TRUTH: No presidential candidate has ever faced more guilt-by-association smears in the press than Obama.

LIE: "this is the greatest secret Obama has kept from the voters: his lifelong association with socialism."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 169)
TRUTH: Obama has no association with socialism, and never has.

LIE: "Obama's connections to radical leftists grew to include unabashed former terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Marxist Cornel West, Maoist Carl Davidson....these connections explain the presence of these individuals in and around his campaign and reveal why, for instance, Obama's official campaign Web site features a 'Marxists/Socialists/Communists for Obama' community blog...."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 170)
TRUTH: None of these leftists has any official role in Obama's campaign. The community blogs on Obama's site are not endorsed by Obama or his campaign, which gives people freedom to start up any groups they want to.

LIE: "Law Professor Steve Diamond speculates that Obama could have met Ayers early as 1986 to 1988, before he left for Harvard Law School. This would completely dispel Obama's claim that Ayers was 'just a guy who lived in my neighborhood.'"(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 173)
TRUTH: There's no evidence that this happened, but if Obama had met Ayers that early, it would be because they both lived in the same neighborhood.

LIE: "The LSCs [local school councils] look 'eerily similar to efforts by regimes like those in Nicaragua under the Sandinistas and Venezuela under Chavez to impose control over teachers and their independent unions by an authoritarian regime," notes law professor Steve Diamond.(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 176)
TRUTH: LSCs in Chicago were an effort to promote more local control of schools by democratically-elected citizens, and no sane person would ever compare them to totalitarian regimes.

LIE: "Ayers and his wife, Bernardine, hosted a meet-and-greet at their house to introduce Obama to their neighbors during his first run for the Illinois Senate."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 177)
TRUTH: The event was held for Alice Palmer's run for Congress. Obama was there because he was Palmer's endorsed successor for the Illinois Senate, not because Ayers and Dohrn hosted the event specifically for him.

LIE: "Obama sought (and received) the endorsement of a Marxist political coalition for his state Senate race in 1996."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 179)
TRUTH: The New Party was a progressive coalition, not a Marxist party.

LIE: "AAN co-founder Rashid Khalidi was reportedly a director of the official PLO press agency WAFA in Beirut from 1976 to 1982 while the PLO committed scores of anti-Western attacks and was labeled by the U.S. as a terror group."(Aaron Klein, quoted in Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 185)
TRUTH: Khalidi did not work for the PLO, and has no connection to any terrorism.

LIE: "Rashid Khalidi has repeatedly suggested his support for Palestinian terror, calling Palestinian suicide bombings a response to 'Israeli aggression.'"(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 186)
TRUTH: Khalidi has never supported terrorism, and explaining its origins is not an endorsement.

LIE: "the Illinois senator reportedly received a home loan of $1.32 million at a rate of 5.625 percent, although the average going rate on that day according to two different surveys was between 5.93 and 6 percent."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 192)
TRUTH: It is normal for home buyers with good credit and a high-paying job to receive a lower interest rate than the average buyer.

LIE: "Obama's mother was only one part of the sphere of socialist thinking in which young Barack was raised."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 195)
TRUTH: Having a high-school teacher who people tried to get fired for having students read The Communist Manifesto doesn't make you a socialist. Asking questions like, "What's so good about capitalism? What's wrong with communism? What's good about communism?" doesn't make you a socialist.

LIE: "Obama assumed his father's persona and ideals, which became a driving force in his life."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 195)
TRUTH: Idolizing his absent father doesn't mean that Obama espoused the socialist views of his father expressed in a 1965 academic paper, which Obama probably didn't read at the age of four.

LIE: "Some bloggers feel the published birth certificate has been altered, but the Obama campaign refuses to provide the original for press verification."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 197)
TRUTH: The Obama campaign has put the birth certificate online, and it has been verified to be real.

LIE: "it is clear that [Frank Marshall] Davis appears to be the only link that led Obama to the Windy City."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 201)
TRUTH: Obama went to Chicago because he was hired by a community organization to work in Chicago.

LIE: "It is far past time for Obama to come clean about his obvious close relationship with Bill Ayers and his friends."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, p. 202)
TRUTH: Obama did not have a close relationship with Bill Ayers.

LIE: "His 'healthcare reform' package that would establish a government agency to approve what types of medical procedures and operations senior citizens can have."(Brad O'Leary, The Audacity of Deceit, promotional news alert)
TRUTH: Obama's healthcare plan includes no agency banning senior citizens from having medical procedures.

LIE: "That Barack Obama's handlers would tacitly encourage supporters to censor criticism is no surprise."(Brad O'Leary, World Net Daily, September 23, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama’s campaign has never encouraged censorship.

XI. The Lies of "Hype": Exposing the Anti-Obama Movie's Deceptions

["Hype: The Obama Effect" is a new movie attacking the Democratic candidate from David Bossie and Citizens United, a far-right group which was started in 1988 to run the infamous racist "Willie Horton" ads against Michael Dukakis. Claiming "to peel back the layers of hype," the movie simply adds layers of lies.]

LIE: "Barack Obama has his roots in the Cook County machine."(Bob Barr, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama is not rooted in the Chicago political machine.

LIE: "You can't tell me he spent 18 years there [in Chicago], or however long he spent there, and no stories have resulted from that time."(Tucker Carlson, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Proving that Carlson doesn't bother to read, there is in reality a massive literature about Obama's time in Chicago.

LIE: Obama is blamed for failing as a community organizer because "there's still asbestos in that housing project," "the neighborhood is still a very rough area, jobs are hard to come by," and "there's not a lot of long-term improvement."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: It's absurd to blame Obama, who had no political power, because he didn't magically transform an impoverished area. Byron York of the right-wing National Review admitted, "a movement started to get the city to clean up the asbestos. It took much longer than Obama's tenure there to do that, but he did play a role in getting that done."(Hudson Institute, Washington DC, October 1, 2008,

LIE: Patrick O'Malley, a Republican state senator in Illinois, attacks Obama's claims of bipartisanship: "I can't recall him ever coming over to my desk."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: But it's hardly surprising that Obama would ignore some of the far-right-wing legislators who would never compromise with him, preferring instead to work with moderate Republicans.

LIE: Obama is "to the left of the only proclaimed socialist in the senate."(Ken Blackwell, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama is not to the left of Bernie Sanders.

LIE: "National Journal rankings are done on the basis of just about every vote in the Senate."(Michael Barone, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: National Journal rankings are based on a select group of votes.

LIE: "it's very likely that President Obama will mean higher taxes for many Americans."(Michael Barone, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Actually, exactly the opposite is true. Obama has proposed lowering taxes on 95% of Americans.

LIE: "If you want to have more taxes taken out of your check, Obama's your choice."(Mike Huckabee, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: For most Americans, the opposite is true.

LIE: "critics expect that every family that earns more than $100,000 per year will face a potentially irrevocable change in their tax burden."
TRUTH: In fact, most Americans earning more than $100,000 will face reduced taxes under Obama. Moreover, how can any change in the tax burden ever be "potentially irrevocable"?

LIE: "he wants to impose social security taxes on income above $100,000."(Dick Morris, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: In fact, Obama proposes social security taxes only on income about $250,000.

LIE: "79% of all 2005 tax returns reported capital gains. So, under President Obama, three-quarters of all American households would have their capital gains taxes double."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama hasn't proposed to double anyone's capital gains taxes. He has proposed that households earning over $250,000 would have an increase in capital gains tax rates from 15% to 20%. Those earning less would not face increased capital gains taxes. (

LIE: "2/3rds of America's small business income may be taxed at 50%."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: No, they won’t.

LIE: When Obama called for Americans to learn foreign languages, noting that it is embarrassing when Americans visit Europe and are unable to speak the native language. William Bennett proclaims "this is not a problem" and attacks Obama's patriotism: "his use of the term 'embarassment'...suggests to me that there's a little embarassment and not total pride in being an American."
TRUTH: Bennett may be the first former Secretary of Education to ever denounce someone for urging Americans to learn more foreign languages.

LIE: Under Obama's health care plan, there will be "rationing" and doctors will be banned from providing health care: "it's okay for him to perform an abortion, but if he gives you that bypass, he's going to lose his license."(Dick Morris, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Dick Morris is a toe-sucking idiot. Obama has never proposed rationing, and no one suggests banning doctors from performing medical procedures.

LIE: Obama has "a plan that gives illegal immigrants the same health care that US senators have."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama’s health care plan does not cover illegal immigrants. As Obama explained during a Jan. 21 debate, illegal immigrants are excluded "because I think we've got limited resources. And it is important for us that, when we've got millions of U.S. citizens that aren't yet covered, it's important for us to make sure that they are provided coverage."(

LIE: "the senator has taken money from many special interest groups and employees of lobbying firms."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama doesn't take any PAC funding, so there's no money he's received from special interest groups.

LIE: For Obama's fundraising, "however, not all the donations are coming in $20 at a time."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: No one has ever claimed that Obama's donations are exclusively in $20 increments.

LIE: "according to the Washington Post...Bundlers and big money donors abound in the Obama campaign network."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: The Washington Post article never said that. It also noted, "Donations of less than $200 account for nearly half of Obama's contributions, compared with a third of Clinton's and a quarter of Sen. John McCain's." And that article also noted how Obama had publicly opposed a tax loophole sought by one of his major bundlers.

LIE: "contrary to the statements Senator Obama made....according to documents filed by his campaign, 40 federally registered lobbyists have contributed to his presidential run."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: In reality, the lobbyists gave money despite the campaign's ban on it, and the Obama campaign reported that "any contributions from lobbyists that weren't already returned will be soon."(

LIE: "Obama is so extremely radically supportive of abortion that he thinks infanticide is acceptable..."(Jill Stanek, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama objected to an Illinois bill banning infanticide after botched abortions (which was already illegal) because it might endanger abortion rights. When provisions to protect existing abortion rights were finally added in 2005 (after Obama left the state senate), the bill was passed. Obama has never regarded infanticide as acceptable.

LIE: Obama "voted to essentially give Osama bin Laden the same rights that Americans have when it comes to intercepting his calls and email...and if his vote had prevailed, the whole war on terror would come to a halt."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: The whole war on terror would come to a halt? What, the entire war on terror consists of trying to find Osama bin Laden's emails and phone calls? Of course, Obama never voted for any bill that would give bin Laden the "same rights" as Americans.

LIE: Obama is attacked for saying that the threat posed to the United States by Iran is "tiny compared to the Soviet Union." They claim that "Obama reversed himself" a few days later by saying, "Iran is a great threat." Bill Bennett demands to know: "Which is it?"("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: The answer is obvious: Iran is a tiny threat to the United States, especially compared with the Soviet Union. Iran is a great threat to Israel and stability in the Middle East. There's no contradiction, and no reversal.

LIE: After declaring that he would be willing to meet with our enemies "without preconditions," Obama tried to "redefine 'without preconditions' to now mean 'with preparation.'"("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama always said that; "preconditions" refers to the Bush Administration approach of requiring major policy changes before having any meetings.

LIE: Obama had "only 143 days of national experience before beginning the campaign."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama actually had two years of experience as a U.S. Senator before he announced his campaign.

LIE: On Iraq, "his position is, perhaps, as fluid as the polls that it follows."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: In reality, Obama has had a completely consistent position from the start: it was a mistake to invade Iraq, and we need to withdraw, but we must do so with great care.

LIE: Listening to Rev. Wright, Obama "either he was asleep...or he embraced the theology in its totality."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: The notion that you could listen to a preacher without agreeing completely is so totally anathema to the far right that they can't even imagine it was possible for Obama to disagree with his pastor without walking out of church.

LIE: "Obama and Minister Farrakhan live within walking distance of one another."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: This may be the first case of geographical guilt by association.

LIE: About Bill Ayers, "Barack Obama really couldn't bring himself to say 'you know, I really don't like that guy.' That was too much for him to say. He had to talk about what a decent guy he is and what a good professor."(Jim Geraghty, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: There is no record of Obama during the campaign calling Ayers "decent" and "a good professor." In fact, Obama really did bring himself to criticize Ayers, denouncing him during a Democratic debate as "somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago."

LIE: "Obama was feted at a fundraising event" at Ayers' home.("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Obama never had a fundraising event at Ayers' home.

LIE: "He goes on a talk show like Ellen DeGeneris and he starts to dance. He's not treated like other politicians."(David Freddoso, "Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: Actually, John McCain also went on Ellen's show. Overall, it's McCain, not Obama, who has gotten a free ride from the media.

LIE: "Is there a smoking gun hidden in Senator Obama's history? That's a question we can leave to the blogosphere."("Hype: The Obama Effect")
TRUTH: There is no smoking gun, so the far right is blowing smoke, hoping that American voters will ignore the truth and the real issues facing this country, and instead be fooled by the conservative smokescreen of lies and smears.

XII. Leftist Lies

[Conservatives and the media aren't the only ones lying about Obama. Many on the left have falsely attacked him, most notably Webster G. Tarpley's book, “Obama, The Postmodern Coup: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate,” Joshua Tree, CA: Progressive Press, 2008.]

LIE: "Obama's agitation is not a traditional political campaign, but far more essentially represents a carefully planned domestic covert operation of the intelligence community."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 11)
TRUTH: Obama's campaign has no connection with the CIA or the Trilateral Commission.

LIE: "Compulsory national service and related forced labor schemes like the Green Corps will be set up to give concrete expression to the delirious youthful enthusiasm for Obama."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 35)
TRUTH: Obama has never suggested compulsory national service.

LIE: "Obama, with his 2004 call for the bombing of Iran and Pakistan, his refusal to vote for the Kerry amendment calling for an immediate departure of US forces from Iraq, and his July 2007 call for the bombing of Pakistan, has represented by far the most aggressive, bellicose, and adventurous voice in the entire Democratic field, although his deluded followers appear ironically incapable of grasping this plain fact."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 36)
TRUTH: Obama has never called for bombing Iran or Pakistan.

LIE: "Zbigniew Brzezinski… is trying to conceal his involvement with Barack Obama's team." (Moscow News, April 3, 2008, quoted in Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 52)
TRUTH: Brzezinski has never concealed his role as an advisor to Obama.

LIE: "there is good reason to believe that Obama was identified and recruited by Brzezinski at Columbia University between 1981 and 1983."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 62)
TRUTH: There is no evidence that Obama ever met Brzezinski at Columbia, and there was nothing for him to be "recruited" for.

LIE: "Obama has been undergoing indoctrination from the Brzezinski intelligence faction and its allies for approximately a quarter century, making him a Manchurian candidate in the fullest sense of the word."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 63)
TRUTH: Obama is not a Manchurian candidate.

LIE: "Obama has never been elected to public office by way of a contested election."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 64-65)
TRUTH: Obama's 2004 Senate primary was heavily contested, and Obama was the underdog in the race.

LIE: "Obama has been hard-wired by his financier masters to destroy himself."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 71)
TRUTH: Obama has no financier masters, and isn't destroying himself.

LIE: "Impeachment is being sabotaged by left-wing Democrats now moving to support Obama so as to spare the messianic Illinois senator the political embarrassment of having to comment on a serious impeachment effort, which his craven rejection of political struggle makes a taboo....Every vote for Obama is a vote to take impeachment off the agenda – forever."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 117)
TRUTH: The impeachment of Bush and Cheney has been going nowhere for a long time, and Obama has nothing to do with it.

LIE: "The Super-Tuesday results show conclusively that Obama could never win the general election in November...Any Democratic candidate who cannot win California and New York should probably call it a day. That applies to Obama, but his situation is even worse."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 125)
TRUTH: Losing a particular state in the Democratic primary does not mean the candidate will lose in the general election, and polls show Obama has double-digit leads in both California and New York.

LIE: "Hispanics distrust Obama. Asians also distrust Obama. As we will see, we all have good reason to distrust Obama. If Obama is the Democratic nominee, Latinos and Asians may be tempted to vote for McCain."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 129)
TRUTH: Polls indicate strong support for Obama among both Asians and Latinos.

LIE: "In the area of economics, Obama's handlers and advisers are a group of right-wing thinkers."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 131)
TRUTH: Obama's advisers represent a range of centrist and liberal economists, but none of them are "right-wing thinkers."

LIE: "Obama may be fairly said to owe his entire existence to his Brzezinski-Goulsbee Trilateral/Skull and Bones handlers and backers."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 136)
TRUTH: Obama is not controlled by the Trilateral Commission, nor by a secret conspiracy of Yale alumni.

LIE: "This is not the first time that the intelligence community-police state apparatus has had to intervene decisively to provide assistance to the faltering ambitions of their puppet, Obama. During his quest for a seat in the United States Senate from Illinois in 2004, Obama received a scandal boost not once but twice."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 151)
TRUTH: The intelligence community and law enforcement had absolutely nothing to do with the scandals uncovered by journalists from legal documents.

LIE: "The Weather Underground terrorist cult was a largely successful operation of the left CIA to wreck the peace and student movements (SDS) after 1969. The cult's logo featured a rainbow with a lightning bolt. Does Obama's campaign logo bear a strange resemblance?"(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 301)
TRUTH: No, it doesn't.

LIE: "Obama worked for Ayers for eight years: Ayers was co-founder, organizer, and dominant personality of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, a project for social engineering in the Chicago schools, where Obama served as Ayers' hand-picked chairman of the board from 1995-2003."(Tarpley, Obama, The Postmodern Coup, p. 301)
TRUTH: Obama was not "hand-picked" by Ayers, and never worked for Ayers.

LIE: “Barack Obama has pledged to increase military spending.”(Amy Goodman, Democracy Now, October 20, 2008)
TRUTH: Obama has pledged to increase the size of the military, but that doesn’t necessarily mean more military spending, especially considering the cost of the war in Iraq. Replacing private mercenaries with soldiers actually saves money.

LIE: "not everyone could get slated by the Cook County Democratic machine the way Barack Obama was on several occasions when he was an Illinois politician."(Rick MacArthur, Democracy Now, August 25, 2008,
TRUTH: This is absolutely false. Obama was never "slated" by the Democratic machine for any office. When Obama ran for US Senate in the 2004 primary, he beat Dan Hynes, the candidate of the Democratic machine and the son of a powerful Cook County politician.

LIE: Obama "is sponsored by the political organization that epitomizes one-party rule in this country, the Cook County Democratic machine run by Richard Daley."(Rick MacArthur, Democracy Now, August 25, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has never been "sponsored" by Daley. After Obama won the 2004 primary, Daley endorsed Obama for US Senate, and Daley endorsed his presidential run, but it's hardly surprising that a mayor would support a hometown candidate, and it was totally inconsequential for Obama.

LIE: "he's also getting a lot of money from News Corporation. I mean, Rupert Murdoch hedges his bets very carefully, and he was very careful to split it down the middle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama."(Rick MacArthur, Democracy Now, August 25, 2008,
TRUTH: Rupert Murdoch has hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, and twice donated her money personally. According to, Murdoch has never given any money to Obama.

LIE: “one of the Illinois senator’s biggest donors is the family that owns one of the largest defense contractors in the world, General Dynamics....What a shock, then, that Obama hasn't discussed our bloated military budget. . . . What a surprise to see Obama triangulating against potential plans to reduce funding for the Iraq War.”(David Sirota, “Hostile Takeover ’08: Democrats Gone Wild,” Huffington Post, April 3, 2007, available at
TRUTH: Obama has been critical of waste in the military budget and the money wasted in Iraq, and it is ludicrous to imagine that one family's donations are affecting his military policy.

XIII. The Lies of Andy Martin

[Martin ran for Congress in the 1980s to "exterminate Jew power in America and impeach U.S. District Court of Appeals judges in New York City." He denounced a judge as a "crooked, slimy Jew." He asked a court to bar "any Jew from having anything to do with plaintiff's property."
In another motion, Martin declared: "I am able to understand how the Holocaust took place, and with every passing day feel less and less sorry that it did, when Jew survivors are operating as a wolf pack to steal my property." Martin was the original source of the “Madrassa” myth, as I revealed a year ago in my book, Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest ( Yet despite his well-known lunacy, Martin was featured as if he were a credible journalist on Sean Hannity's “Hannity's America” show spouting all sorts of conspiracy theories about Obama.]

LIE: “If he will lie about his mother and father, what else is he lying about? Can we expect ‘bimbo eruptions?’”(Andy Martin, “Columnist Says Barack Obama ‘Lied to the American People;’ Asks Publisher to Withdraw Obama’s Book,” PR Newswire, August 10, 2004, available at
TRUTH: Obama didn't lie about his parents.

LIE: “America’s media have supinely allowed Barry Obama to pretend he has no white relatives.”(Andy Martin, “Free Barack Obama’s White Grandmother,” Contrarian Commentary, March 26, 2007, available at
TRUTH: Obama has never pretend to have no white relatives.

LIE: "Obama has raised almost a quarter of a billion dollars, almost $250 million, of clandestine campaign cash whose origins Obama has never disclosed. This amount is unbelievable and appears to reflect clear criminal intent to evade federal campaign contribution limitations."(Andy Martin, October 2, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no clandestine campaign cash, and Obama is not evading campaign laws.

LIE: "Obama relinquished his Illinois law license in early 2007" so that he "would not be prosecuted" because "Obama had lied on his IL bar application. Obama had 17 outstanding traffic violations that he had failed to take care of."(Andy Martin,
TRUTH: Obama was no longer working as a lawyer while in the US Senate, and so he probably had no reason to renew his law license. The notion that a lawyer would be prosecuted for not revealing alleged traffic tickets on his bar application is just laughable.

LIE: “Probably had met William Ayers in New York.”(Andy Martin, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Obama met Ayers in Chicago.

LIE: “he was exposed, perhaps by Louie Farrakhan, to Khalid Al-Monsour”(Andy Martin, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: He wasn’t.

LIE: “Obama has proven his reliability. He was someone who could do what was told.”(Andy Martin, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Obama was not following anyone’s orders in choosing his life and career.

LIE: "Barack Obama appears to be William Ayers' ‘front' for a national, ongoing Maoist-style revolutionary campaign structure which will endure past November 4th."
(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not a front for a Maoist-style group run by Bill Ayers or anyone else.

LIE: "why would Black Panther party revolutionary Khalid Al-Mansour start soliciting money for Obama's legal education?"(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: He didn't.

LIE: "Ayers vouched for Obama to Al-Mansour, who then began a law school fund-raising campaign among prominent African-Americans."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers did not vouch for Obama to Al-Mansour, who did not know Obama.

LIE: "Why did Obama get hired as a ‘summer associate’ in 1989 at the law firm which had hired Ayers' wife, and where Ayers' father was a prominent friend of the managing partner at Sidley & Austin? The answer is obvious. Ayers was grooming Obama as his future ‘front.’"(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Bill Ayers had nothing to do with it, and as a Harvard Law student, it was easy for Obama to find summer jobs.

LIE: "We always wondered why Obama had structured his campaign the way he did: small ‘offices' all across the United States. No other presidential campaign has ever done this. Bill Ayers is a proponent of locally based revolutionary tactics. Ayers' playbook is Mao Tse-Tung's handbook. And Obama's campaign structure follows Ayers' matrix. A nationwide network of "Camp Obamas" controlled from Chicago (i.e. Ayers)? You get the picture."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Bill Ayers has nothing to do with Obama's campaign. "Small offices" are common in campaigns of all kinds.

LIE: "William Ayers is the mastermind behind the rise to power of Barack Obama."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers had nothing to do with Obama's political career.

LIE: "1987 William Ayers meets Barack Obama."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: There's no evidence that Ayers and Obama ever met in 1987.

LIE: "1988 Ayers solicits Khalid Al-Mansour to raise money for Obama's Harvard law School education."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Al-Mansour never raised money for Obama's education. Ayers never solicited him to do so.

LIE: "1989 Tom Ayers and William Ayers get Obama a summer job at Sidley & Austin (where he meets Michelle Obama); Ayers' wife Bernadine Dohrn also worked at Sidley at about the same time as Barack and Michelle."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: There's no evidence that anyone in the Ayers family had any role in getting Obama a summer job. As a top Harvard Law School student, Obama could choose almost any law firm to work at.

LIE: "1993: Ayers places Obama on Woods Foundation."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: There's no evidence Ayers (who wasn't on the board of the Woods Fund until 1999) had any role in Obama's selection.

LIE: "1995: Ayers makes Obama Chairman of Annenberg Challenge."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers did not determine the chairman.

LIE: "1995: Ayers hosts a coffee klatch for Obama's political debut (Obama falsely claims this is when he met Ayers)."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers hosted an event for Alice Palmer, who asked Obama to attend it as her endorsed successor.

LIE: "2007-2008: The structure of Obama's presidential campaign increasingly comes to resemble an Ayers-designed national ‘community organizer matrix' straight out of Maoist theory. This is not merely a presidential "campaign." Obama's organization is the first installment of an ongoing movement being paid for with tax-exempt contributions to his campaign, approaching half a billion dollars."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Maoist theory has nothing to do with community organizing. Contributions to Obama's campaign are not tax-exempt.

LIE: "2008 Obama: In response to ABC News, Obama tells a national TV audience he was ‘six years old' when Ayers bombed federal buildings, and they are only casual neighborhood acquaintances. A lie."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama said he was eight years old. Obama never said they were “casual neighborhood acquaintances.”

LIE: "Although Barack Obama calls himself a Christian, we do not know when he officially became one, and when he ended his flirtation with the Nation of Islam."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was very clear in his memoir about when he became a Christian, and he never had a flirtation with the Nation of Islam.

LIE: "Obama has brutally attacked anyone who told the truth about his Muslim heritage, and relentlessly lied about his Islamic family."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has never brutally attacked anyone, and never lied about his family.

LIE: "at birth, by virtue of Obama's Muslim father, Barack Obama, Junior received the same Islamic faith as his Kenyan father."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama's father was not a Muslim, and religion is not inherited.

LIE: "The first time Obama left home, when he attended college at Occidental College in Los Angeles, he gravitated to a circle of Muslim friends."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 22, 2008,
TRUTH: There is no evidence to support this, and there's nothing wrong with having Muslim friends.

LIE: "Barack Obama has declared war on the First Amendment and unleashed his ‘Obamabots' on the opposition."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 18, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama has not declared war on the First Amendment, and there are no "Obamabots."

LIE: "Barack Obama is bringing Hitler's brown-shirted bully boys to American politics."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, Sept. 17, 2008,
TRUTH: There are no “Hitler's brown-shirted bully boys” in the Obama campaign.

LIE: "Barack Obama has never managed anything."(Andy Martin, Contrarian Commentary, April 26, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama managed a community organizing campaign, a voter registration campaign, and the largest and most successful presidential campaign in American history.

LIE: "There has been an iron curtain of silence imposed on Obama adolescence."(Andy Martin, Sept. 23, 2008,
TRUTH: There have been numerous stories about Obama's years in Hawaii, far more than about McCain's adolescence.

LIE: "Obama unleashes ‘telephone terrorism' on his opposition."(Andy Martin, Sept. 17, 2008,
TRUTH: Urging people to call into a talk show is not terrorism.

LIE: "Did Ayers point Obama in the direction of Chicago as a place to hone Obama's "organizing" skills?"(Andy Martin, Sept. 12, 2008,
TRUTH: Ayers had nothing to do with Obama going to Chicago.

LIE: "Is it just a coincidence that Obama and Ayers were on the Columbia campus together? Did they meet and make their initial contact at that time? Had Obama been turned on to Ayers by Frank Marshall Davis? Was there a Khalid Al-Mansour and William Ayers connection during this early period."(Andy Martin, Sept. 12, 2008,
TRUTH: No sane person could imagine such a connection with Davis or Al-Mansour.

LIE: "Obama spent two years at Columbia University yet left virtually no fingerprints of his presence there. Could that be because Columbia was where Mr. Obama first met ‘mad bomber' William Ayers?"(Andy Martin, Sept. 12, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama didn't meet Ayers at Columbia University.

LIE: "No major party nominee for the presidency has led a life with, pardon the expression, black holes at crucial points in his life. Why was Obama invisible at Columbia?"(Andy Martin, Sept. 12, 2008,
TRUTH: No nominee for the presidency has ever had his past investigated more than Obama.

LIE: "The Wall Street Journal speculated that Obama is concealing that he received racial preferences and obtained his degree through affirmative action. Why wouldn't Obama want to put that theory to rest by releasing his college records?"(Andy Martin, Sept. 12, 2008,
TRUTH: There is not the slightest evidence that Obama "obtained his degree through affirmative action" and college records would never reveal anything about affirmative action.

LIE: "Obama's law degree thus appears to have been financed through the encouragement of persons who had been violent revolutionaries and remain unrepentant to this day, the same unconventional way the purchase of Obama's Chicago mansion was party financed by an Iraqi billionaire."(Andy Martin, Sept. 10, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama paid for his own law degree and his own home with loans.

LIE: Obama "locked his granny away and refused to allow her to be seen" in order to "pretend he has no white relatives."(Andy Martin)
TRUTH: Obama has never pretended to have no white relatives.

LIE: if Obama is elected president, "we're basically going to be ... in the throes of a socialist revolution, which attempts to essentially freeze out anybody who's not part of this radical ideology."
TRUTH: There is no socialist revolution, and Obama is not going to freeze out people who disagree with him.

LIE: “he was exposed perhaps by Louis Farrakhan to Khalid al-Mansour. Because it's while he's a community organizer that Khalid al-Mansour starts raising money to promote Obama to Harvard Law School.”
TRUTH: Obama didn’t know Farrakhan or al-Mansour. Al-Mansour never raised money for Obama’s law education.

LIE: “obviously, in Ayers' mind and al-Mansour's mind, Obama had proven his reliability. He was somebody that could be trusted to do what he was told. And all of a sudden, they now are going to take him to the next level.”
TRUTH: Obama had no connection with Ayers and al-Mansour in New York City.

LIE: Obama is "one of the most racist politicians in America today."(Andy Martin, Newsmax, March 28, 2007)
TRUTH: Obama is not racist.

LIE: Obama has "locked the grandmother who actually raised him away in a closet,....the 'segregation' of Madelyn Dunham, Obama's white grandmother, and only real grandmother, has to be one of the cruelest and most mendacious political kidnappings this nation has ever seen."(Andy Martin, Newsmax, March 28, 2007)
TRUTH: Obama did not lock up his grandmother, who was ill and didn’t wish to talk to the press.

LIE: “My view is that the community organizing was actually kind of a sham event, that really Bill Ayers was testing him. Because the way these radicals work, they don't give you a big project until you've passed muster with a small project. And so they sent him out to Chicago to see what he would do. He passed the test.”(Andy Martin, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Ayers had nothing to do with Obama’s community organizing.

LIE: "I think a community organizer, in Barack Obama's case, was somebody that was in training for a radical overthrow of the government."(Andy Martin, Hannity’s America, October 5, 2008, “Obama and His Friends: History of Radicalism”)
TRUTH: Obama never plotted the radical overthrow of the government.

LIE: Obama “is really the son of Obama's controversial mentor Frank Marshall Davis....Mendacious adults 'switched' Obama at birth. That is why he has refused to allow access to the original or 'vault' birth certificate.”(Andy Martin, October 22, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama is not the child of Frank Marshall Davis. That’s just insane.

LIE: “Martin's Hawai'i investigation causes Obama to panic and suspend his presidential campaign to head off Andy's stories.”(Andy Martin, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama was visiting his sick grandmother. Nobody cares about Martin’s hallucinations.

LIE: “instead of rushing to his grandmother's bedside, Obama is waiting until I leave Honolulu before he lands.”(Andy Martin, October 21, 2008,
TRUTH: Obama’s travel schedule was not dictated by the presence of Andy Martin in Hawaii.


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